11 facts about Synder — a smart finance management solution for online businesses

11 facts about Synder
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This article has been updated in October 2020.

Synder is a smart finance management app for online businesses and their accountants. With it, you can receive credit card payments online and automatically record transactions from the most popular e-commerce and payment platforms such as Stripe, Shopify, and Amazon in QuickBooks or Xero. By utilizing Synder you can automate your bookkeeping and eliminate the majority of repetitive tasks associated with e-commerce transactions. 

Let’s look at some quick facts about Synder.

  1. It has wide-ranging QuickBooks Online integrations

Every e-commerce accountant’s nightmare is having to fetch hundreds, if not thousands of transactions from completely different payment sources every month. Synder resolves this issue by providing a detailed synchronization between QuickBooks Online and Stripe, PayPal, Square, eBay, Shopify, Amazon, LawPay, Pin Payments, Ecwid by Lightspeed, and Gusto. All in one place!

  1. Synder boasts a variety of QuickBooks Desktop integrations

QuickBooks Desktop users can also utilize Synder to synchronize their accounting with Stripe, Square, Shopify, LawPay, Pin Payments, and Ecwid by Lightspeed from the comfort of a single solution that Synder represents.

  1. Xero users can integrate their e-commerce using Synder

Detailed synchronization is available to all Xero users who need to set up a seamless integration of their accounting system with Stripe, Square, Shopify, LawPay, Pin Payments, Ecwid by Lightspeed, and Gusto

  1. Synder makes connecting payroll and accounting systems a walk in the park

Did somebody say payroll? An integration with Gusto, a leading payroll and HR management solution makes it possible to import employees’ lists to QuickBooks, Xero, and otherwise, allowing you to get your employees’ data automatically updated across platforms in seconds. On top of it, a free 3 months Gusto subscription is included in every Synder plan.

  1. Categorizing income and expenses doesn’t need to be an issue 

One of the best things about Synder is how customizable it is. This is perfect for accountants who are looking for an actual solution, rather than another app that only does half the work. One such feature is categorization. You can learn more about how it works in the example of QuickBooks categorization from a helpful video guide.

  1. Your books are always secure 

Synder features 100% transparent rollback and duplicate detection features. Any transaction can be unsynced in a click, and duplicates won’t be able to go through, taking the load off accountants managing thousands of transactions for multiple clients at once. A full overview of the sync process is always available in the detail-oriented user interface of the app.

  1. It’s perfect for accountants who manage multiple e-commerce clients

Managing e-commerce transactions is not easy, because bookkeepers and accountants can be looking at ten different sources of payment to account for, and traditional synchronization solutions tend to focus on one or two. 

Synder can become an ideal solution for accountants, thanks to its wide range of integrations (see points 1-3). Another reason why it’s so useful is that you can manage different client files from different platforms on a single user interface in Synder, switching between companies in seconds. Learn more about professional Synder features.

  1. Multicurrency syncing

Synder users can easily synchronize international transactions thanks to its extensive multicurrency availability, supporting all major currencies. 

  1. There is no time limit for synchronizing historical data

Synder subscribers are able to go as far back as needed when bringing historic data into the accounting system, which is often necessary when you have to bring in months or even years of data at once.

  1.  You can get paid online using Synder

Being a real multi-faceted solution, Synder also allows you to easily get paid online. Whether you would like to receive instant credit card payments via a checkout on your website that requires no coding or would like to easily get your invoices paid – Synder has an answer for you. 

  1. You are always backed by live human support

While we love automation, we recognize the importance of having an actual human being by your side to help when you need it. That’s why Synder is proud of its live human support team, there to assist you via a number of channels. 

Synder team hopes that a free Synder trial will allow you to test the features you need, starting your journey towards seamless, background bookkeeping automation, always working for you. 

We are always here for you in case you have any questions – simply use the contact info in the footer of this page.

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