SaaS accounting that gives you more than accounting

Connect all of your data channels and create a single source of truth for your startup to get access to automated accounting, always accurate P&L, up-to-date balance sheets and burn rates, and detailed customer reports. Daily stats and operations are no more a problem!

Shopify QuickBooks integration

For IT startups by IT startup

Tailored specifically for SaaS and startups, Synder contains all necessary details to make sure you need just one solution to cover all your accounting needs. No special accounting knowledge needed to get your business covered!

Daily cash flow stats at any time

Remember several payment systems always open in your browser just to understand how much you are making for the day? No need! Get your actual multi-channel cash flow at your fingertips at any time. Just one click and you see the whole data across channels to make data-driven decisions!

Shopify QuickBooks integration
Shopify QuickBooks integration
Shopify payments reconciliation

Automated accounting and easy tax filing

You receive subscriptions with several payment systems like Stripe or PayPal and struggle with reconciliation. Synder connects all processors into one ecosystem and provides you with automatically generated Profit and Loss and Balance sheets. 100% automated reconciliation is a unique advantage which allows you to save tons of hours on manual data entry, financial statements processing and bank reconciliation. SaaS accounting can now be easy!

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Burn rate, customer and subscription reports

Want to know what clients are not paying and are about to churn? Need to think about your burn rate not to exceed the budget limits? Use Synder custom reports designed for IT companies to get a full overview of your business, control your budget and understand what the best time for upselling to your users is to enhance your ARR.

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration
accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Smart rules

Zapier-like rules designed for SaaS financial and sales workflows to bring  complete automation to the accounting and user-oriented process (including accounting auto-categorization, payment due date reminders to users, or even personalized marketing emails)

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Enhanced SaaS invoicing

One-time and recurring invoices with multiple payment options to streamline the payment process. Once received, the payment will automatically be applied to the corresponding invoice in your accounting. No more manual invoice management!

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Multi-Currency support

All SaaS companies are selling globally and issues with international sales appear all the time! We take care of your multi-currency accounting, so you can grow globally and increase your conversion rates by offering the currency your customers want to pay in! 


Wow-level experience

The first ever business accounting system for IT companies with a 10-min setup and without any special accounting skills needed!

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Connect tools you use into one ecosystem

Out of the box integrations with  Synder provide you with better and faster operations. Data accuracy with no manual entry errors.

Сan’t find your integration?

Synder security and compliance

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Encryption Standards

Synder employs TLS1.2 & 1.3, Salted Password Hashing, AES at Rest & In-Transit. NIST ISO used for audit.

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA Compliant

Synder will sign BAA upon request where Healthcare PHI is handled by Synder.

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration

Independant PEN Testing

Performed regularly by Synopsys NPS (NASDAQ), an independent software security company. 

accurate accounting with Shopify QuickBooks integration


Synder is automated all the way down. This means data privacy, absolute accuracy and loads of data processed in seconds. 

A demo users love to visit

We contribute a lot to make our demos efficient and fun. So, together with the Synder insights for your SaaS company we also love to make some delicious surprises 😋 🥳

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  Synder has you covered

Synder helps us keep our Stripe subscriptions accounting in strict order. It makes record keeping much easier and more scalable. It removes all the costly services we had to use to keep up with our analytics and reporting. The support guys seem to know every tiny detail about how software companies should handle their accounting better and always answer any questions (even though they are not related to Synder sometimes:). It makes it a cost effective solution for us in the long run. Really easy to use!

Jennifer Business Owner

James K, IT Entrepreneur Trustpilot 

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Jennifer Business Owner

James K, IT Entrepreneur Trustpilot 

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