Retain clients with source of truth data that keeps them happy, knowing their numbers are correct

Look deeper than vanity metrics with the source of truth metrics that can’t be “explained away”

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easy accounting for ecommerce business

Future proof your agency with Synder

In today’s uncertain market, your agency needs to be seen as a strategic partner and an invaluable resource for clients. Synder can help. We give you the numbers, financial metrics, and business intelligence data that can help your clients maximize their growth and make strategic decisions.

How it works:
Connect your clients’ sales channels and payment platforms
Turn on auto-sync and let Synder generate key financial reports
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Customize your dashboard and which reports you see
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Use these reports to help clients make strategic decisions
Stabilize your agency with the one and only source of truth!
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We help agencies stay invaluable to their e-commerce clients

Be the strategic partner you know you are

Synder gives you the data you need in order to go beyond vanity metrics and give your clients real numbers they can use. Gone are the days when you could look at a media budget alone for scaling a business. Go deeper with financial metrics and help your clients scale.

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Accounting software for saas companies
Accounting for saas companies

Simplify your client onboarding

You no longer need to wait for your clients’ P&L to be organized or for reports to be sent from an accounting department. Now everything can be done from the agency side, including calculating COGS, running clients’ numbers, decreasing onboarding time and increasing your conversion of closed deals.

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Book more clients with numbers that tell the truth

When you’re running a demo for potential clients, you can quickly show them what metrics you have and what they should focus on with their own data for data-driven decisions. Wow them instantly with reports they don’t normally have instant access to.

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best saas accounting software
Accounting for saas companies

Recession proof your client retention

Times are changing, and it’s likely that your clients will be cutting unnecessary expenses during this market downturn. But, you don’t need to worry when you’re a key player in creating their crisis-resistant strategy and helping them find more revenue streams.

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Make more money

Sell this as an agency ad on, and upsell or just as part of your monthly retainer, you'll be able to help increase the lifetime value of your customer using Synder Insights.

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best saas accounting software

Synder integrates with all major platforms

We integrate with 25+ platforms to provide you with actionable insights in just a few clicks.

Synder integrations

Join 4,000+ customers who are already using Synder

Excellent system. Syncing website payments with our QB account saves a lot of time and hassle! Easy to manage dashboard, clear to see what happens, when and where.
Business owner
It has been great!
It's smooth, easy, and consistent. Customer support has been great when I've had a question. They were able to chat with me and answer all questions I had.
Kara J.
Business owner
I am currently using Synder with two clients and I am adding a third to the platform this week. This is an excellent integration app and I highly recommend it.
The Sunshine Prophecy
Business owner
Synder customer reviews

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