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Empower Your Clients'
Ecommerce Strategy With Marketing Analytics Software

Look deeper than vanity metrics with one source of truth data that can’t be 'explained away'.

easy accounting for ecommerce business

Synder integrates with all major platforms

We integrate with 30+ platforms at no additional cost.

Connect your clients’ platforms
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See the results in 3 simple steps

1. Connect

Connect your clients’ platforms in use and accounting software.

2. Import

Sync years of historical data and record ongoing transactions to books.

3. Enjoy

Get accurate results and enjoy best-in-class reconciliation.

Old Woman in bookkeeping

Differentiate your services with marketing analytics software and keep your clients coming back

We give you the numbers, financial metrics, and business intelligence data that can help your clients maximize their growth and make data-based decisions. Become a strategic business partner and an invaluable resource for clients for years to come.

How it works:
Set up each client in one click.
Gather all your clients in one place.
Customize dashboards for each client.
Use these reports to help clients make strategic decisions.
Power up your agency with one source of truth!
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We help marketers make better decisions and retain more clients with financial analytics

Simplify the way you onboard your clients

You no longer need to wait for your clients’ P&L to be organized or for their reports to be sent from an accounting department. Now everything can be done from the agency’s side, including calculating COGS, running clients’ numbers, decreasing onboarding time and increasing your conversion of closed deals.

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Accounting software for saas companies
Accounting for saas companies

Be the trusted partner for ecommerce business owners with cutting-edge marketing analytics

Synder provides you with the data you need to go beyond vanity metrics and give your clients the real numbers they can use to boost their business growth. Go deeper than a media budget with key financial metrics and help your clients empower their strategy.

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Retain clients with true numbers

Show your clients the metrics that explain what they should focus on. Use their own data to make strategic marketing decisions, and wow them with in-depth reports they don’t normally have instant access to.

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best saas accounting software
Accounting for saas companies

Build stronger relationships with your ecommerce clients through data-driven marketing analytics

Be the key player in creating your clients’ crisis-resistant strategy and helping them find additional revenue streams during this market downturn.

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Take your marketing services to the next level

Sell this as an agency ad on, upsell or use it just as part of your monthly retainer, and help your clients increase the lifetime value using powerful financial analytics.

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best saas accounting software

"We're really excited about Synder Insights and the way it's transformed our agency-client relationships. This tool has made it so easy for us to track trends, dig deep into performance metrics, and give our clients strategic advice. We've become true partners, armed with data that's making a real impact on their success. We're building strong, trust-based relationships with our clients, and they're seeing excellent ROI. It's a win-win situation that's propelling both our agency and our clients to new heights!"

Kara Johnson
Marketing director
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