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Automate reconciliation of sales from your favourite e-commerce systems with accounting to always have your books prepared for correct reporting and hassle-free tax filing!

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Seamlessly synchronize your favourite online payment processors with the accounting platforms and get things
ready for reconciliation in a snap of your fingers! ""

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Important Note

This app is designed for desktop devices.


Send yourself a reminder to test this solution for automated bookkeeping of online transactions on your computer.

Why Synder

Let’s see if Synder is the solution you have been looking for.

Yes, if you:

Have online transactions or run an e-commerce business

Want to simplify the way you receive credit card payments online

Have one or several online payment systems in operation

Need to sync payment systems with the accounting software

Want to have an instant overview of your online sales

Expect professional instant live support at all times


No, if you:

Run a cash-only business

Do not want to work with online payment systems

Do not need to do bank account reconciliation

Do not need sophisticated reports and analytics of your sales

Do not need detailed transactions reflected in your books

Prefer to manage books in Excel without automation tools

Making an informed decision

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What payment processors do you support?

Our app supports the most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc., as well as online payment platforms. See the full list of integrations we support.

What do I need to do to connect the payment processor?

You only need the credentials of your e-commerce or payment platforms to connect them to the app. You can connect as many platforms as you want. Learn more on how to synchronize your platforms via Synder to import your sales data in detail, including fees, taxes, refunds, and other financial information automatically. Get perfect data management and error-free tax reports.

What payment options are provided for subscription?

We provide a credit card subscription option.

Will the app bring all data automatically into my QuickBooks/Xero?

You can set Synder to synchronize ongoing transactions automatically or manually, depending on your needs for Xero or QuickBooks integration.

What kinds of support are available?

The live support is available 24/5 via in-app online chat or phone. You can reach out any time with any question via email to [email protected]. Also, free weekly educational webinars and paid personal demos are available.

Can I attend a demo?

Yes, sure. We run free weekly educational webinars, where you can see how the app works and will be able to address our specialist with any questions. Sign up for the demo on the website or contact our support.
Personal demos are also available for a $199 fee per demo. To schedule a demo please contact our support team.

What rights are needed to sync payment platforms with Synder?

The app needs “read write” access in order to have invoicing functionality available for users along with the synchronization function. To synchronize PayPal and Square, the app requests “read only” access rights.

How can I get a refund?

According to our Terms and Conditions, once the purchase is made, it is final and non-refundable, as a free trial is provided to test the app with no credit card information required.

Can I invite and manage users to use the Synder app instead of me?

Based on your subscription plan, you can invite other users to sync transactions from your payment platforms to accounting systems. Manage that in the “Additional users” section. Note that your sub-users will have limited access to your account (connection/disconnection of companies or subscriptions will not be available).

Can I sync my transactions from the last year or earlier with your app?

Yes, sure. There is no limit to how far back you can go to sync historical transactions (double-check the limits according to your plan). As long as you have them in your payment processor you can sync them with QuickBooks/Xero any time while using the app.

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