Square and QuickBooks Integration by Synder

Connect Square to QuickBooks to import detailed Square transactions into your books for perfect reconciliation and accurate tax reporting

Synder automatically imports Square transactions into QuickBook by receiving information about your payments and recording it in your QuickBooks account. Flexible custom settings, categorization, tax management, product inventory auto-tracking, and other unique features help to reconcile Square data in QuickBooks easily. Get your books ready for an error-free tax report!

import Square into QuickBooks process explainer

Learn how to download and
your Square data in
QuickBooks, and to reconcile it easily


Unique features of the perfect Square and QuickBooks Integration

One-time setup

Connect Square to QuickBooks using Synder to sync your ongoing transactions.

connect Square with QuickBooks by Synder
rollback synced transaction in seconds

Rollback and Duplicates Detector functions

Secure your books and be able to undo any sync with 100% no harm to your data while importing it from Square to QuickBooks. ""

Flexible Settings Configuration

Get all data into your Tax and Sales reports. Set up product inventory, locations, shipping, discount settings. The tax management function helps to set custom preferences to manage your taxes. Also, you can customize your Product settings to place newly created products and transactions into the correct income account.

Synder app configurations include multi-currency synchronization, location, tax, discount settings
import multi-currency transactions into QuickBooks

Multi-currency transactions import

How it works: if your transactions are in USD, but the primary currency of your QuickBooks is CAD, the app will help you export that data. We support USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, THB, and much more.


Comprehensive automation

Automatically create Customers, Vendors, and Products in QuickBooks based on the Square transaction data with the help of the Auto-Create function. Apply your Square payments to invoices with the help of the Invoice function, and much more.

Synder links Square payments to invoices explanation

Support for all of your historical data

Easily bring all of the necessary historical data from your Square invoices, Square fees, etc. to your accounting platform. There is no limit on how far back you can go to sync historical transactions. As long as you have a transaction in your Square, you can sync it with QuickBooks at any time using the app. Import old transactions from the payment system in bulk in 3 easy steps.

Detailed Square QuickBooks synchronization

Square transactions are synced with QuickBooks Online with all the details. Product description, Discount, Sales tax, Tips, Location, Class, Shipping – everything goes into the right place.

*Location and Class can be enabled in Synder for correct synchronization with QuickBooks Online

Square Account QuickBooks Online Account

Product (1)

Product/Service (1)

Discount (2)

Discount value (2)

Sales Tax (3)

Sales Tax (3)









Square transaction is imported into QuickBooks with all the details
Square transaction is imported into QuickBooks Online

(Example) Here is a transaction you have in your Square Account:

Square transaction is imported into QuickBooks with all the details

The transaction has been correctly synced with your QuickBooks account by Synder:

Square transaction is imported into QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Synder Integration
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