Simplify accounting workflow with Shopify and QuickBooks integration

Does Shopify work with QuickBooks? The answer is yes! Connect Shopify Payments and other third-party payment providers to your Shopify store and leverage all the benefits of an automated Shopify integration with QuickBooks.

With Synder, you can sync data from Shopify Payments or other authorized payment providers to QuickBooks, import the paid out transactions, and easily manage them in the accounting software. Thanks to Synder’s features, your financial information will be neatly synchronized and categorized in the books, providing incredible accuracy and facilitating the reconciliation process.

Shopify QuickBooks integration
What is the Shopify and QuickBooks integration performance like?
Synder accounting software will perform all the necessary processes seamlessly and in the background. All you need to do is synchronize your QuickBooks and Shopify accounts.
Clear and accurate
Forget about the errors and mistakes in calculation. Synder will transfer all your Shopify payments with 100% accuracy.
Fast as lightning
Synder imports Shopify purchase history data into QuickBooks Online in detail in just a few minutes.
Safe and sound
Don’t worry about your security, as Synder needs read-only access to your Shopify account.

Learn how to sync Shopify with QuickBooks
and categorize transactions in the accounting
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Simplify your data export from Shopify to QuickBooks

Let’s see the benefits of the Shopify QuickBooks integration.

One-time setup

Invest in setting up Shopify and QuickBooks integration just once, and let Synder do the job for you in the future. The accounting software will keep bringing your Shopify transaction data into the books automatically once a transaction is paid out.

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Shopify payments

Import Shopify purchase history and transactions

With Synder, you can bring not only ongoing, but also previous Shopify transactions with almost no limits on how far back you can import from. Just choose the data you want to download, and Synder will do the rest. ""

Detailed synchronization

Sync Shopify with QuickBooks and let Synder bring all the details of your paid out transactions into your books. This will include payments, Shopify fees and taxes, discounts, shipping, and much more. Leverage the high level of granularity for smarter categorization, better financial management, and also more competent tax and sales reports.

Synder allows to set up auto-track product inventory, locations, shipping, discount settings, and more
sync accounting data

Make the most of your Shopify integration

Automatically create Customers, Vendors, and Products in QuickBooks based on your Shopify Payments transactions and much more. For more detail, please consult the Synder Help Center.


100% accurate reconciliation

Your Shopify money flow will be automatically added into your QuickBooks clearing account without any errors. Synder accounting software provides the most smooth and accurate reconciliation.

Reconciliation process
Synder smart features for automated bookkeeping

Record additional expenses

Shopify tax, fees, shipping costs will be transferred from Shopify account into QuickBooks Online via Synder.

Run your business internationally

One of Synder’s features is converting every transaction into your home currency. This conversion will be done automatically, making Shopify exchange less time-consuming.

import multi-currency transactions into QuickBooks

Detailed Shopify QuickBooks synchronization

Shopify transactions are synced with QuickBooks with all the details. Product description, Address,
Discount, Sales tax, etc. — everything goes into the right place.

Shopify Account QuickBooks Account

Customer (1)

Customer (1)

Shipping Address (2)

Shipping to (2)

Billing Address (3)

Billing Address (3)

Product/Service (4)

Product/Service (4)

Discount (5)

Discount value (5)

Tax (6)

Tax rate (6)

(Example) Here is a transaction you have in your Shopify Account:

The Shopify transaction has been correctly synced with your QuickBooks account:

The Shopify transaction has been correctly synced with your QuickBooks account:

Integrate Shopify and QuickBooks Online with the help of Synder
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