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Synder Software

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1 Billion+ dollars worth of transactions for e-commerce.

100% Accountancy Automation With Just One Click

Synder is an automation product that can easily transfer, synchronize, and reconcile the data from thousands of transactions between different platforms.

Accounting by Synder

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All Data Synced and Reconciled In One Place

Synder is superior in synchronizing data correctly from multiple sources simultaneously. Feel the power of:


Multi-platform connection to accounting

Easily extract data from

various payment platforms

and get them recorded in

the accounting software


and without


Payment documentation icon
Multi-channel data synchronization

Synchronize all transactions

from diverse sales

channels connected to one

sales platform (Shopify+PayPal)

without having

to access each

actual source.

Expenses calculations icon

Multi-organization client management

Enhance your client

management with the

organization’s feature that

allows you to account for

many clients connected to

different platforms all in one


Solve Your Accounting Tasks With Synder Easily

A quick and easy setup provides you with one secure place to maintain all your financial data. 

  1. Import data from Excel spreadsheets into the right place of your accounting

  2. Synchronize product and customer information between the platforms

  3. Automatically apply received payments to unpaid invoices

  4. Set different categorization rules for different payment gateways

  5. Generate detailed P&L reports and balance sheet statements with one click

  6. Apply payments to the right customers to get accurate Income by Customer reports


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What Synder Users Say

“Accounting is not just my work, it’s my passion.

However, I can’t deny that some things cause frustration on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my job. I just felt that there’s no reason to manually repeat functions that can be digitalized. When I found Synder, I understood what kind of technology I was looking for. All I need — automatic data sync, accurate reconciliation, and detailed reporting — get with Synder. Highly recommend for accountants with all levels of experience!”
Photo of Synder user - Stephanie Nowlin

Anne Borowitz,
Accountant, 5 years experience
Used Synder for: 1+ years

5 more reasons why you should let Synder streamline your accounting

Historical payments icon

Automatic reconciliation

The best way to get any number of

online sales from different sales

channels reconciled automatically and

securely leaving no place for


Enhanced statements icon

International sales tax records

Synder has all your sales tax, VAT,

and expenses tax listed

and recorded properly

in the accounting system

with just one simple setup.

Gross and net income icon

Enhanced financial reporting

Synder ensures that all financials are

calculated correctly, allowing

you to have accurate

financial statements

with just a click.

Inventory management icon

Multi-currency conversion

The software automatically adds true

conversion rates for all international

sales applying the correct (and

adjusting the wrong)

exchange rates.

Smart rules and categorization icon

Smart categorization and itemization

Synder settings allow you to easily

apply categories, classify data,

and itemize your sales, expenses,

product, vendor, and customer



Expenses calculations

Itemize your sales, expenses,

product, vendor,

and customer data

to achieve the utmost

accounting precision.

Easy to set up. Simple to work with

Connect Synder in a few guided steps and enjoy the full accounting automation immediately
No time-limits. No credit card required.