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September 18, 2023

RevRec calculation methods, Daily Summary mapping flexibility, and more

  • RevRec: Enhanced flexibility in revenue calculation methods. Since every business recognizes revenue uniquely, Synder now offers more flexibility in calculating and automatically recording your monthly online book entries. We've introduced three basic methods: Daily, Monthly, and Monthly first/last prorated. Learn more in this guide.
  • RevRec: Added discount recognition mode. Now, Synder recognizes not just item totals for discounted products but also shows the discount totals in your P&L report. Find out more about the RevRec discount processing modes in this guide.
  • Daily Summary: Mapping by product category now available. For users syncing summarized data, you can set up mappings based on product categories (also known as product catalogs). See this guide for detailed instructions.
  • Issues with QuickBooks Desktop sync resolved. Good news: QuickBooks has fixed the syncing issues from their end that previously hindered third-party apps from syncing with the Desktop version. Synder-to-QuickBooks Desktop data flow is back, but make sure to update the Synder Desktop Connector to version 1.9.3. Enhancements in the Rules functionality also require this latest version.
  • We've made regular improvements to Synder's stability and addressed various bugs.
August 27, 2023

Electronic Waste Recycling Fees processing & minor improvements

  • Walmart: Electronic Waste Recycling Fee processing. Now Synder can properly post the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee as an adjustment in the books of our users from California (US), Ontario (Canada) and the European Union.
  • Settings improvement. QuickBooks Online and Desktop users who would like to select an Other Current Assets account as a clearing for synchronization are now able to do so. Synder has just become even more flexible for your specific accounting flow.
  • Shopify transactions import improvements. A few issues were fixed for the Shopify integration, and now the import process should work even more smoothly.
  • Ecommerce platforms: integration improvement. It’s quite common that our users have eCommerce platforms linked with various payment gateways and would like to account for all amounts, fees and order details coming through to their books. Synder can do it really well, but there have been a few minor issues with BigCommerce & Stripe, as well as PayPal. We’ve fixed them to cover some edge cases as per our users’ requests.
August 15, 2023

Shopify Orders, Amazom SAFE-T and more

  • New feature - Shopify Orders module. We’re glad to announce the release of our new functionality for proper Shopify sales orders overview. All users who have Shopify connected to their Synder account can see the new Orders tab on the left-side menu. Now it’s easy to track the life-cycle of an order right in Synder and make sure that all related transactions are synchronized to books and matched properly. It’s a Beta version for now, so we’re looking forward to your feedback.
  • Amazon SAFE-T transactions processing. As an Amazon seller, you may sometimes need to file a SAFE-T claim (Seller Assurance For E-commerce Transactions), and of course this kind of a reimbursement should be posted to your books accurately. Sydner can now do that - check it out!
  • Improved subscription invoices notifications. It hasn’t always been easy to identify which Synder subscription invoice relates to which of your organizations (if you’re managing more than one business with our app, of course). But now it is. You’ll be receiving emails with detailed information about the client/business subscribed to the Synder services, so you will be able to manage their (and your!)  bookkeeping way easier now.
  • eBay integration improvements. We’ve made the work of this integration more stable and efficient. Also, Synder can now identify and process eBay loan repayments, accurately posting those amounts to your books.
July 21, 2023

Automated Revenue Recognition & current flow improvements

  • Revenue Recognition for Stripe. A new feature has been added specifically for SaaS businesses. This update automates the process of recognizing revenue for yearly subscriptions and transferring balances from deferred revenue to income.
  • Shipstation Orders Synchronization Improvement. Synder can now handle orders with $0.00 amounts, enabling seamless synchronization to your books.
  • Pending Stripe Payouts Fix. Resolved issues related to pending Stripe payouts, ensuring proper synchronization to your books.
  • Daily Summary: COGS Bulk Update. You can now update the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) in bulk by simply importing products using a CSV file. This feature helps keep your COGS up-to-date and maintains accurate cost amounts in your books.
July 10, 2023

New features for Daily Summary & sync sales as invoices for Per Transaction

  • Daily Summary: settings interface improvement. The settings interface for the Daily Summary has been enhanced to offer a more user-friendly experience.
  • Daily Summary: generic customer feature. Based on high demand from accounting professionals, a new feature has been added to make Synder more flexible for various bookkeeping flows. Users can now apply a generic customer to daily batch transactions, including journal entries or invoices.
  • Daily Summary: mapping improvement for Clover. Clover users can now properly map their cash sales with the latest release. This functionality enables the mapping of Clover cash sales to a specific account in books when synchronizing daily batches with Synder.
  • Per Transaction Sync: synchronize all sales as invoices. Responding to multiple requests from Amazon and Square users, a new setting has been introduced for these integrations. Users can now sync all sales transactions as invoices instead of sales receipts.
June 30, 2023

Consistency and Transparency in  Reconciliation

  • Daily Summary: Enhanced Totals Calculation. We are thrilled to introduce an enhanced total calculation and reconciliation feature, designed to provide accountants with a clearer understanding of our calculation methods. With this update, we have standardized total calculations across all integrations, ensuring consistency. Additionally, we have implemented a convenient CSV file that lists per transaction totals, which can be downloaded and used for reconciliation purposes. The file includes different data based on the platform, along with calculated sums and optional net values.
  • Improved Stability for Our App. Over the past month, we have focused on enhancing the stability of our app. Through rigorous testing and optimizations, we have worked diligently to ensure a more reliable and seamless user experience. We are excited to present a more stable version of our app, allowing you to work efficiently and without interruption.
May 30, 2023

Daily Summary sync mode for Xero Accounting

  • Daily Summary sync mode available for Xero Accounting users. More and more users are willing to syncrhozine financial transactions as daily batches into accounting platforms. Now this is possible not only for QuickBooks Online, but also for Xero Accounting - check it out and let us know what you think!
  • A lot of minor improvements for multiple Synder features have been made.
May 15, 2023

Smart Rules for QuickBooks Desktop and minor improvements

  • Synder introduces Rules for QuickBooks Desktop! The long awaited Rules functionality is now available for QuickBooks Desktop users, as well as the new and improved connector 1.9.0. Customize synchronization flows to the finest!
  • Daily Summary: preview of the total amounts improved. For those who prefer to synchronize daily totals into accounting, Synder is now showing the amounts in a more intuitive way. Now, if need be, you can easily find the needed amounts across all platforms and reconcile accounts in no time.
  • BigCommerce payment method is now supported. The details about the BigCommecre payment method are recorded in a transaction’s Private note and can be later used for payment methods mapping.
  • Business Insights: report generating works in the background. Previously, if you generated a report in Business Insights (ex Sales Analytics), you couldn’t keep working with the rest of the Synder’s functionality until the report was fully generated. Now, this process is going on in the background and doesn't stand in the way of checking the rest of Synder's features.
April 21, 2023

Exciting improvements for the Daily Summary sync mode

  • Daily Summary: multicurrency sync. A lot of improvements have been made to the Daily Summary sync mode. One of them is the ability to synchronize your transactions in multiple currencies for various multicurrency setups. This means that reconciling books for the users who receive payouts to several bank accounts in several currencies becomes more automated and time-saving.
  • Daily Summary: mapping by country/region. Now you can group summaries not only by product/SKU but also by county and/or region and map them to the needed accounts. This allows for easy tracking of how much you’ve sold in various locations and can also be useful for understanding what to expect in terms of tax return.
  • Daily Summary: mapping by classes. It’s been highly requested to break down daily summary batches by classes. It is now possible with Synder’s Daily Summary sync mode, so you will get even more detailed reporting.
  • Per transaction: sync discounts as products. Normally, discounts should be posted to a Discounts given account in your books, however, quite a number of users asked if we could allow them to sync discounts as products for more flexibility in terms of the Profit&Loss report. We heard you and made it possible!
March 29, 2023

Product mapping for QuickBooks Desktop and other improvements

  • Introducing a new feature for QuickBooks Desktop - Product Mapping! With this update, QuickBooks Desktop users can now easily set up product mapping within Synder, which enables them to establish a correspondence between products in their accounting system and their online shops. This feature enhances synchronization and makes the process even more flexible.
  • We are excited to announce the latest improvements to Synder Insights, also known as our Sales Analytics tool. We’ve fine-tuned the logic and interface to enhance its functionality, so that it performs even better and calculates data flawlessly.
  • Improvements to the tax recording system for Canadian businesses. Some users were reporting that tax codes weren’t being assigned correctly during synchronization, which could lead to the wrong tax code being applied to a transaction if multiple tax codes had the same tax amount. We’ve solved this issue so that sales in Canada will now always have the right tax codes applied to transactions.
  • Amazon connection issues have been fixed and other minor improvements introduced.
March 14, 2023

Bulk actions for Daily summary sync, new QuickBooks Desktop connector version and “Suggest a feature” functionality

  • Daily Summary sync: bulk actions introduced. Synder users who prefer to synchronize daily summaries rather than individual transactions are now able to bulk select, sync, rollback and perform other bulk actions on the Summaries page.
  • Synder for QuickBooks Desktop: new connector version. If you’re a QuickBooks Desktop user and have a Synder desktop connector installed on your PC, please update it to the most recent version 1.7.1.
  • Sales analytics and Insights: improved hints within reports. Not only can you view your sales analytics on the Synder Insights dashboard, but also find useful hints on how to better understand and use those numbers to your advantage.
  • Your Synder subscription invoices in one place. As per multiple user requests, we’ve added a possibility for any user to view their Synder subscription invoices on the Manage subscription page. You can obtain your invoices for tax filing with one click now.
  • Suggest a feature in Synder to make it better for you personally. Any user can now easily suggest a new feature in the Help center or upvote an already existing request from other users. Our product team always wants to hear from you and is regularly going through all user requests to make Synder better.
February 24, 2023

Smart Rules improvements, interface changes & better COGS functionality for Daily Summary

  • Settings moved.  Our existing users will notice that the Settings look differently now. Clicking on the gear icon, one will find only the sync settings - a place to configure the synchronization flow for each connected platform. However, to manage connections, subscription details, users, etc., one needs to go to the My account tab in the top-right corner of the page.
  • Some texts on the interface changed as well. In order to make our Platform transactions page more user-friendly, we renamed the green Sync button: it is now called Actions as it contains the list of all actions one can perform with transactions on the page.
  • Smart rules: more flexibility. Our categorization rules will now allow users to automatically update the fields Service date and Description in the books. Moreover, you can now use placeholders when creating a rule: copy a placeholder in any free-form field and have it automatically replaced by real QuickBooks data.
  • Daily Summary: working with COGS gets easier. Now our Daily Summary users can import files with the list of their products and record or update cost and sales prices in bulk.
  • Walmart fees synchronization. Synder will now synchronize service fees, adjustments and commissions from Walmart into your accounting.
  • We’ve also resolved connection issues for some Amazon users outside of North America: you should be able to connect to Synder smoothly now.
February 8, 2023


  • Wix smart reconciliation with PayPal.  If Synder sees that Wix orders are paid via PayPal, it will create only one transaction with all details from both platforms without any duplicates.
  • Daily Summaries: proper split of Stripe financing paydown amounts. Synder users who prefer to sync transactions in daily batches will be able to map Stripe financing paydown amounts to correct accounts. The body of the loan taken from Stripe can now be mapped to a Loan Payable account (type Other Current Liability), and the interest paid - to an Interest paid account.
  • Daily Summaries: recording of payouts improved. The Synder team continues to perfect our Daily Summaries functionality. Now, if you receive several payouts in one day, Synder will create a separate entry line for each of the payouts for successful reconciliation of your Journal Entries.
  • Case resolved: zero amount products from PayPal. One of our users reported that Synder did not account for a line product in QuickBooks if the amount of the line with this product was 0 in the PayPal transaction. This was crucial for correct COGS accounting. We’ve fixed this issue, and now all records in our users’ books should contain all lines even if the line amount equals zero.
  • Several improvements for Smart Rules functionality. Some of the smart rules logic needed fixing and improving, so we’ve done that and stabilized the work of this functionality.
January 31, 2023


  • Shopify tags are now synced to QuickBooks. If you’re using Tags when creating a Shopify order, Synder will make sure the Tag details will be imported to QuickBooks into the Memo field of your transaction. Even more good news: these details can be further used to build any categorization rule if needed, using the Private note field in the Synder Smart Rule builder.
  • Walmart tax withheld. Now Synder can properly record tax that is collected by Walmart on your behalf. Such tax data will be synced into the sales part of your transaction as usual to increase your tax liability and then immediately decrease liability by the tax amount paid by Walmart.
  • ‍Various improvements for Daily Summary. The Synder team constantly receives feedback from users on what can be improved, including our Daily Summary functionality. We’ve now made it possible to map refunds to a separate account and introduced some improvements to the Suggested mapping and Historical import features that will save our users even more time.
  • Case resolved: the missing fee for BigCommerce-Stripe integration. One of our users reported they couldn’t see a Handling fee from BigCommerce orders paid via Stripe. Now Synder includes the base handling cost in the shipping amount.
  • Minor improvements to our website and onboarding flow should help our new users to understand Synder better.
January 19, 2023


  • Discount processing for ShipStation. We have improved the synchronization of discounts for the ShipStation integration. Now all discount details will be recorded in the proper discountDetails field in QuickBooks and Xero.
  • Shopify orders paid through PayPal will contain full sale details. Some users reported an issue that used to occur when a Shopify order was paid through PayPal: not all sale details from Shopify got through during synchronization. The issue has been resolved, and now full sale details from Shopify should be recorded in users’ books.
  • Shopify to Xero synchronization improvements. Now tax, shipping and discount on shipping details will get through  from Shopify to Xero correctly, and the correct tax and shipping details will be displayed in the accounting.
  • Minor improvements to  Synder onboarding will make signing up to our system even smoother.
January 5, 2023


  • eBay and Etsy expense categorization was added to Daily Summary. Now users can map their various Etsy and eBay fees to different expense accounts to have a detailed P&L report.
  • SOC 2 type II report is now added to our website. Synder is SOC 2-compliant, and now you can see it for yourself on our website. With Synder your data are fully secure and absolutely safe!
  • Fixed issue with lost shipping amount during sync to QuickBooks Desktop. One of the users reported an issue with Synder not syncing shipping amounts from Stripe to QuickBooks Desktop due to their specific case. Synder Team fixed this issue right away to make sure that all details are recorded correctly now.
  • Total amount of pending and included transactions is now shown for Daily Summaries. Now Synder users can see an amount of missing transactions, so they can quickly enter missing data without calculating it separately
  • Various UI fixes to improve user’s experience with Synder products and the website were implemented.
Dec 23, 2022


  • Summaries with pending transactions. Based on user’s feedback, Synder team added functionality that allows users to sync daily summaries, excluding transactions that are still not processed. It is great news for Amazon users, since you don’t need to wait for 2 weeks until all fees are processed to create a Journal Entry in your books.
    Tip: for those who want to have data synced only once everything is ready - a special sync when fully fetched mode now available.
  • WooCommerce smart reconciliation with Afterpay. When WooCommerce orders are paid via Afterpay, Synder will create only one transaction with details from both platforms, with full information and without any duplicates!
  • Company name sync for BigCommerce. Our team investigated a request from one of the users that needed to have company names synced from their BigCommerce account. Now there is a specific field “Company name” that is recorded in customer details in the books.
  • Sync adjustments for Xero users. An issue was reported by users regarding incorrect sync from Stripe to Xero because the system looked into an incorrect field while counting total amount. It was fixed by the team, the sync is working smoothly even for such ad-hock cases!
Dec 13, 2022


  • New separate onboarding for Wix marketplace. For both Synder Syncs and Business Analytics, there are now app cards with our products and the connection will be available from Wix marketplace as well as from inside Synder. So WIX will be preselected for your organization automatically
  • Amazon Expenses categorization added for Daily Summary. Previously, for Amazon, there was only 1 mapping category for fees – Platform fees. Now you will have 7 categories in mapping for the Amazon platform for different types of fees. By default, all of them are mapped to Amazon fees expense account.
  • New Quickbooks Desktop Connector. A few issues were reported by users regarding Quickbooks Desktop integration with Synder, they were successfully fixed and a new Synder Connector has been released to remedy instabilities.
  • BigCommerce smart reconciliation with Afterpay,, Amazon Pay. When BigCommerce orders are paid via Afterpay, Authorize or Amazon Pay, Synder will create only one transaction with details from both BigCommerce and sales channel, with full information and without any duplicates!
Nov 29, 2022


  • Optimized sync process! To optimize how Synder sync and import processes for you, Synder now has 5 different processing servers - all super secured. So imports and syncs will now work 5 times faster!
  • Specific use case with tax recording for non-US QuickBooks Desktop is resolved! One of our users encountered an issue with failed transactions because of how rounding worked with QuickBooks Desktop. A new flow was implemented to make sure that they have the correct amount recorded in QuickBooks. Now Synder records tax with an adjustment “Tax correct item” line to ensure that transactions are no longer failing and the correct tax amount is shown in the transaction.
  • Fixed issue Failed Application fee refunds from Stripe for Xero users. One of our users had an issue with failing Stripe application fee refund transactions (very rare ones). After investigation, the team found out a way to properly record them to Xero, so now the synchronization of Stripe application fee refunds works seamlessly with Synder!
  • Requested improvements for Daily Summary. A user reported that some payouts remain in “Pending” statuses longer than it is needed for one of the integrations. We have investigated the case and found a way to streamline the process and display summaries with correct “Ready to sync” status as soon as possible. So now the system works even smoother!
  • Minor UI fixes for onboarding. It is now easier to start working with Synder and the onboarding feels more intuitive!
Nov 15, 2022


  • Daily Summaries COGS feature is live! Now it is possible to specify costs of products with Daily Summaries too and let Synder calculate COGS during the sync! The COGS feature can be separately enabled in the settings for each payment or ecommerce platform.
  • Speed up the initial import for Daily Summaries. Now, Synder imports one day of the historical data when you create a new organization to make sure that you can check the result of sync right away without waiting for too long.
  • Service fees for Amazon are now fetched from reports. We changed the way service fees are fetched from Amazon to make sure that no fees are missing, and you have accurate results in your books. This means that the fees will remain pending for up to 14 days (usually) until Amazon finalizes them. Only after they are finalized and their amounts remain unchanged will they get to your books.
  • Improvements for BigCommerce: The team has enabled smart reconciliation for Stripe and PayPal, and more integrations are on the way. Connect BigCommerce alongside your payment providers to get the complete data about each order without duplicates!
  • Getting data from Amazon is quite an undertaking due to its strict limitations. However, our amazing dev team has streamlined it, so you’ll get all your data quicker and more efficiently.
  • We continue improving the UI for Daily Summaries to provide you with the best experience.
Oct 30, 2022


  • Wix integration is live! Wix integration has been released in beta and will soon be available to all clients for smooth connection!
  • WooCommerce and Affirm integration for skipping duplicates! Now all the WooCommerce orders paid via Affirm will be combined to a single record and sent to the books with no duplicates!
  • Clover surcharge processing! Surcharges for Clover are now supported, so they will be correctly allocated along with the transaction full amount to the Profit and Loss report. Tracking your sales results is now even more accurate for Clover!
  • Clover cash and online payments separated! Now users can allocate their cash and online payments to separate accounts in their books and reconcile different income in different ways.
  • Various technical and UI improvements for Xero discounts processing, daily summaries synchronization and other products of Synder.
Oct 15, 2022


  • Product mapping for daily summary released! Now daily summaries can be mapped by product/SKU for detailed P&L income categorization in QuickBooks.
  • Improved visibility of invoices in Synder! Synder will not only send invoices to your clients, but will also tell you once an invoice is overdue.
  • Returning customers graph improvements! Synder Insights will show you returning customers versus new ones, graphic representation has been improved based on requests from the audience.
  • Multicurrency settings for Synder Sync have been changed to work more intuitively based on points of customer confusion. 
  • The descriptions of Synder Insights reports have been improved to make it super clear what the reports are showing.
Sep 30, 2022


  • Partial refunds processing improvement! Partial refunds processing has been improved for the case when a Shopify order was paid via Stripe.
  • Enablement of multiple Square locations connection to Synder daily summary.
  • Improvement to Magento integration! Import of historical data is available and works stably for connected Magento accounts. Additionally, tax processing for Magento integration has been implemented for accurate synchronization of Magento sales to books.
  • Shopify + Affirm integration! Shopify orders paid by Affirm will now be properly imported and synced with Synder.
  • Optimization of Synder Insights performance  for quick work with bigger datasets. Your data from connected platforms will now be analyzed faster for quick and effective decision making.
  • Minor bug and UI fixes for smooth experience with Synder.
Sep 15, 2022


  • Daily summary sync is now possible! You can choose if you want Synder to sync each transaction separately or create a single summarized journal entry for each integration every day. Currently, this feature is available only for Quickbooks Online and works as a major setting per organization.
  • Magento integration has been added. Now your Magento sales can also be automatically synchronized by Synder, saving you even more time on data entry.
  • Synder can now create Credit Memo if an invoice was paid by Credit Note. Thanks to our users’ feedback, we continue improving the sync process for Credit Memo.
  • Several issues for Walmart connection were fixed so it is easier now to add it to the list of your integrations.
  • We improved the process of transaction filtering for Synder Sync, so you can find needed transactions faster than before.
  • Bugs and small edits requested by customers were implemented as well.
Aug 23, 2022

Walmart and ShipStation integrations released

  • Walmart connection is available with Synder! Now any Walmart merchant can automate their bookkeeping and automatically import their Walmart sales to their accounting platforms. Currently Synder supports US, MX and Canadian versions of Walmart.
  • ShipStation is also available for connection to Synder. If you have all your orders in one place in ShipStation, now you can connect it to Synder as well and Synder will import all the shipped orders to your books.
  • Several improvements were made to fine tune the new flow with Credit Memos creation based on our users feedback. We thank our supporters for their feedback that allows us to stay on top of your needs!
  • Several improvements were made for the Synder Insights product to improve the speed and performance of the dashboard. We are listening to your requests, so more features are coming for detailed analytics of your sales, fees and different e-com KPIs.
  • Stripe ACH payments synchronization was improved to avoid any failures in the synchronization process.
Aug 15, 2022


  • Business Insights renamed to Sales Analytics. If you’re used to synchronizing data into your online accounting in Synder, pay attention to the Sales Analytics tab in the left-side menu of your Synder account: our business insights tool can be found there under a new name.
  • Moreover, Synder Analytics can be used as a stand-alone product. If you know someone who doesn’t need to sync their sales data in accounting but would love to check out their business’s performance, profitability of products or track customers behavior patterns - forward them directly to the Synder Insights stand-alone application.
  • Gross profit and COGS information at your fingertips. Synder can now recognize the cost of the product specified in your online shop, and also lets you enter this information manually to get the correct COGS report. Knowing the cost of the product and the price you set to sell this product to customers helps you to understand the profit margin (profitability) of the product and decide on a marketing strategy.
  • Synder migrated to the new Amazon API. Our Amazon users won’t experience any issues or interruptions in using Synder with Amazon.
  • Credit memo sync added to core functionality. Synder can now synchronize credit memo transactions which are normally used when you need to compensate a customer for a certain purchase without refunding actual money.
June 3, 2022


  • Business Insights version 2.0 is out now! See the improved interface of our Business Insights feature, and check out some new reports on the dashboard: customer lifetime value, new vs returning customers ratio, products most purchased together - and more. We also added more flexibility to customize any report - enjoy more filters and breakdowns inside of each insight.
  • BigCommerce products recognition: Synder is now able to recognize SKU in the BigCommerce products details and match this information across platforms. This makes reconciliation even more automated and smooth.
  • For Clover integration, we added the possibility to sync transactions with the SPLIT type: you will see them in your accounting as an invoice partially closed with a payment.
May 10, 2022


  • Business Insights are now available to all new users. No matter what accounting system you’re on - QuickBooks, Xero or Synder in-house accounting - you can now keep track of your business’s vitals with the help of Synder. This feature will be especially valuable for those who sell on multiple eCommerce platforms and/or have several payment gateways connected.
  • With Synder, you're in control: we’ve made some improvements to the Control Panel. Now it’s more convenient, intuitive, and actionable than before.
  • Connect them all: if you haven’t finished the connection of certain platforms that were selected during your onboarding in Synder, the Control Panel will remind you to connect all platforms and get all of your online data synchronized.
May 1, 2022


  • Buy-now-pay-later payment options are all the rage these days, so we've added an integration with Affirm, a buy-now-pay-later payment solution which a lot of our users wanted. If that's what you use, try it out!
  • Added sync of buyer email addresses from Amazon, so you'll be getting more accurate Customer insights than ever before.
  • Improved the BigCommerce connection flow: now you can reconnect BigCommerce in one click and enjoy the power of smart reconciliation that blends together several data sources to offer the most comprehensive sync experience.
  • Made a few enhancements to the Synder in-house accounting platform and boosted the performance of the Smart Rules engine.
April 2022


  • Inventory management for Shopify and QuickBooks Online users: stock levels are now automatically updated on both ends thanks to Synder’s new two-way inventory sync functionality. Contact support to get early access to the Beta version of this feature.
  • Synder introduces Business Reports: get information about your sales, expenses, top- and least performing customers with a few clicks right within Synder and make data-driven marketing decisions (available for Synder in-house Accounting users only at the moment).
  • QuickBooks Online users can now set BigCommerce as a location option: a new setting has been added in Synder to make synchronization even more flexible (see “Apply storefront as location”).
March 2022


  • Synder introduces the Control Panel where you can get an overview of the app’s processes and see where your attention is needed.
  • Stock management requires regular updates of quantity on hand, so Synder is now able to sync inventory adjustments in QuickBooks and Xero.
  • eBay integration has had some fixes and works even more efficiently now.
February 2022


  • A special bonus program for accountants has been introduced - contact our support to learn more!
  • Smart Rules can be now set up for recording Marketplace Facilitator Tax and update all needed fields. There’s also more flexibility in working with transactions from the not-yet-supported payment gateways: Synder recognizes the names of the gateways and can build any smart rule for proper categorization.
  • WooCommerce users can now select how they want their transactions to be synchronized: as sales receipts or as invoices.
  • As Etsy introduces new types of transactions (refund_gross and refund_processing_fee), Synder is ready to sync them in your books the correct way.
  • Transactions list in Synder allows you to filter transactions by several types and/or statuses at a time.
January 2022


  • QuickBooks Online users can now view Profit & Loss report and Balance sheet for all connected platforms right within Synder.
  • Synder Accounting improvements: we added a possibility to assign classes and tags to your transactions (automatically or manually - it’s very flexible) and use tag groups for a deeper-level categorization.
  • Brex has been added to the list of available bank providers for our accounting - grow your business even faster connecting more platforms to Synder and accounting for all transactions automatically.
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