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Connect Stripe to Xero with our smart integration software that provides frictionless data transfer from your Stripe account into the Xero accounting system.


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Why is Synder the right accounting automation software for your business? It accurately imports all of your Stripe payments into Xero. All sales details, including Stripe processing fees and sales tax, are recorded and accounted for correctly. This precision ensures smooth and trouble-free Stripe Xero reconciliation.

Synder Xero verified app integration
Connect Stripe to Xero via Synder. Enjoy maximum precision
Integrate your Stripe account into Xero using Synder in just a few easy steps.
Quick and simple authorization
Link your Xero and Stripe account following a few simple guided steps.
human support
Get real human support from Synder’s professional team.
Auto-sync of Stripe payments
Start synchronizing Stripe payments into Xero right after the setup.

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The best software for error-free Stripe Xero reconciliation

You get paid. Synder does the rest.

Seamless data synchronization

Sync all your Stripe payments into Xero seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and decreasing time spent on accounting.

One time setup is needed to connect Stripe to Xero by Synder
link Stripe to Xero

Detailed sales records

Stripe sales get recorded in Xero with all the details: Stripe fees, product description, discount, sales tax, shipping — everything ends up in the right place. ""

Automatic and safe reconciliation

Stripe Xero reconciliation is not a problem anymore, as Synder reconciles your Stripe sales in the clearing account for the maximum safety of your books.

Synder smart features for automated bookkeeping
Xero syncs transactions with multicurrency

Multi-currency transactions

Accept Stripe payments in multiple currencies with peace of mind, allowing Synder to automatically add correct conversion rates to Xero invoices.


Sales tax management

Manage your Stripe sales tax in the way that will be comfortable for you: create custom tax and sales reports in Xero in a matter of a click.

link stripe payment to invoice
Synder synchronizes fees, taxes, and all other important data

Simple inventory tracking

Make full use of custom preferences in Synder and automatically track your product inventory, shipping, and Stripe discount information in Xero.

Neat and well-ordered books

With the help of smart Synder automation, create customers, vendors, and product categories based on your Stripe sales data, ensuring accurate reports in Xero.

QuickBooks integrations

Detailed Stripe Xero synchronization

Stripe transactions are synced with Xero with all the details. Product description, Discount, Sales tax,
Shipping, etc. — everything goes to the right place.

Stripe Account Xero Account

Customer (1)

Customer (1)

Address (2)

Address (2)

Description (3)

Item Code(3)

QTY (4)

Quantity (4)

Unit Price (5)

Unit Price (5)

VAT (6)

VAT (6)

(Example) Here is a transaction you have in your Stripe Account:

The Stripe transaction has been correctly synced with your Xero account:

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