4 killer Synder features every CPA should try this year

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Many CPAs are on a constant lookout for software that will completely relieve them from the burden of repetitive tasks or from having to double check the results of such work done by others, and allow them to focus on things that truly need their attention and expertise. Synder is one such tool, providing smart finance management solutions for CPAs working with online businesses.

Thousands of businesses choose Synder to connect Stripe, PayPal, and Square to QuickBooks and Xero in order to automate the bookkeeping of online transactions. Many use it to get paid, sending invoices and receiving payments in seconds. 

Today I wanted to look at four professional features within Synder that will be of great interest to CPAs looking to upskill their practice in the new financial year. 

1. Managing multiple clients

Synder allows you to manage an unlimited number of clients from one place, filtering the transactions to select only those that are needed, allowing you to seemingly do the impossible – have a general outlook and focus on the detail, all at the same time.

How does it work?

Choose the necessary accounting system here:

Tab in the Synder app to choose the necesay accounting system

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2. Having a full control of the automation process

Being a CPA comes with a lot of responsibility, that’s why when choosing automation solutions it’s so important that professional software allows accounting professionals to have a full control over the entire process. Synder prides itself on giving this opportunity to its CPA users – every transaction synced into the accounting system via Synder can be rolled back in seconds, leaving no trace behind, all in one click. 

If you have synchronized a transaction but later decide to change where or how it’s being recorded, you can do the rollback in one click, change the relevant settings in Synder, and repeat the sync. 

The combination of auto-sync and being able to undo any action is perfect for CPA practices looking for excellence in everything they do. 

How does it work?

It’s possible to rollback all transactions or only selected ones (please note that rollback doesn’t reinstate the number of transactions available to sync per subscription limit). You can rollback any transaction that hasn’t been a part of the books that have been already closed in the accounting system. If a transaction has been matched in QuickBooks, in order to roll it back it will first have to be unmatched. 

Synder Tab to rollback all transactions or only selected ones.

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 3. Setting up a complete automation for your clients

By setting up Synder for your clients, you can set it up once, test it to be absolutely confident in the way it is going to work, and forget about it after giving access to your client. The app will instantly do the bookkeeping in the background. If the business owner has any questions, they can always contact Synder’s free, instant human support available via the in-app chat, phone calls or email. They will always be assisted. 

Once the app is set up, all your client will need to do is click on “match” in the Banking feed in their accounting system. Everything will be ready for a smooth, balanced reconciliation. 

How does it work?

Reconciliation in 1 click:

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4. Categorizing income and expenses automatically

Because Synder parses information on products, it can perform a detailed categorization of income. It doesn’t simply send over all Stripe transactions to one generic category. If your clients have 10 different products, the income will go to those respective account categories. 

How does it work?

Synder finds existing product accounts in the accounting company instead of sending everything over to one generic category.

QuickBooks Online Tab with Product and Services.

Rules for auto-categorization can also be created for PayPal expenses:

Synder app “Categorization Rules” Tab to create Rules.

As a bonus, if you work with Stripe accounts, you can create rules to add classes to Stripe transactions automatically:

Create rules in Synder app.

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Synder is a multifaceted app that is used by many small businesses and their bookkeepers and accountants alike. Whether it’s automating the bookkeeping of online transactions, receiving online payments, auto-categorizing expenses and income or managing many clients from one place – Synder is the place to take care of many repetitive tasks that take a lot of valuable time. CPAs utilizing Synder can free up hours of time every week to focus on things that are relevant to the level of their expertise. 

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