Software Advice’s FrontRunners Report 2022: Synder as a Top-Rated Product

Synder in FrontRunners report
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The holiday season has begun and look who’s already brought a present! Synder has been featured as a top-rated product in the FrontRunners report on Software Advice. With the overall rating of 4.81 out of 5, the software has been approved as one of the best Small Business Accounting Software and Top Small Business Invoicing Software in 2022.

We’re honored to be mentioned among other amazing software solutions and want to express our gratitude to all the users for their support. Our goal is to grow further and provide e-commerce business owners along with busy accountants and bookkeepers with the most efficient and powerful tools that’ll ease their workflow and create more opportunities to manage their businesses better.

Together towards new achievements! 

Synder in Top Small Business Accounting Software category, 2022

Synder in Top Small Business Invoicing Software category, 2022

About FrontRunners:

The FrontRunners report is published on Software Advice, the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. The FrontRunners report evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top-scoring products based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction ratings for small businesses.

The FrontRunners methodology on how the products are chosen is based on verified published user reviews: only products that earn top user ratings make the cut as FrontRunners. To even be eligible for consideration, a product must:

  • have at least 20 unique user reviews in the last 24 months;
  • be a stand-alone Small Business Accounting software product;
  • offer the following features:
    • For Small Businesses;
    • Accounts Payable;
    • General Ledger;
    • Accounts Receivable.

FrontRunners constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

About Synder:

Synder is a rapidly growing US-based software company focused on providing top-notch automated accounting software for e-commerce and SaaS businesses and accountants. Thanks to the creative and lively minds of our international team, we always find smart and quick solutions to customer pain points and make sure that they spend their time on things that really matter. We’re committed to implementing the most innovative ideas that optimize the efforts, level up the revenue, and make running a business error- and stress-free.

The hottest solutions which pave the way towards continued excellence in managing and simplifying accounting processes include Synder Sync, Synder Books and Synder Insights. Seamless data synchronization, flawless reporting, actionable insights, and much more – the list of features is far from being exhaustive and will continue to grow as we want to provide our users with better and faster ways to run their accounting. Join Synder for the best accounting experience!

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