Enhance Accounting Operations for E-commerce Businesses with Synder Sync

Synder Sync features for e-commerce
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Managing an e-commerce business may be both a blessing and a curse. In order to develop new strategies and level up business performance, all processes need to be run attentively and correctly. Even a small mistake may cause a ton of problems and result in a penalty if the discrepancies are noticed by the IRS during the tax season.

Keeping track of the finances can be time-consuming, involve lots of numbers and terminology a  business owner might not be familiar with. Moreover, as the business grows and becomes more complex, so too do its accounting requirements. 

While you can prepare reports yourself, you might also hire a professional accountant to help you with your books. Either way, it requires maximum attention to details.

Accounting is a fundamental element of business management. When managed correctly, good accounting practices not only help monitor business performance but also provide useful insights into how a business owner can drive future growth. 

Synder Sync was created to help with business accounting operations – the software turns recording transactions into an automated process and provides its users with detailed reports based on real numbers from the stored sales. 

Here is how Synder Sync works with QuickBooks example: 

Learn more about the features Synder Sync provides its users with and implement them into your  daily business routine to take advantage of them. 

We’ve created special feature articles to get business owners and accountants acquainted with Synder: 


– to store detailed information from all the channels in use in one source of truth. 

Multi-currency management 

– to get the most accurate conversion rate on the day when transactions are made.

👉 Learn more about the Multi-currency feature 

Reporting (P&L and Balance Sheet)

– to get informative reports about  business performance and see the real numbers. 

👉 Learn more about the Reporting feature

Syncing historical data

– to transfer data from your sales channels and/or payment gateways automatically to your accounting software to get a big picture of business cash flow. 

👉 Learn more about the Syncing historical data feature

Rollback of sync 

– to deal with any changes, duplicates or errors due to manual input professionally. 

👉 Learn more about the Rollback feature

Automated categorization

– to create personalized flows for data categorization when transferring  transactions/sales from Synder to your accounting software. 

👉 Learn more about the Smart Rules feature

Product mapping 

– to align the names of products from your e-commerce and/or payment platforms with the products set up in your accounting software. 

👉 Learn more about the Product mapping feature


– to match the information from recorded transactions across all channels with your actual bank account immaculately. 

👉 Learn more about Reconciliation

Syncing customer data to QuickBooks

– to understand your online business better by tracking the customers in QuickBooks account by name instead of the default “Generic customer”. 

👉 Learn more about the Syncing customer data to QuickBooks feature

🔥 Empower your accounting with Synder Sync! 🔥

Stay on top of your business cash flow! Create a free account to test all the features yourself and get a perfect eco system for your business, or visit our webinar to get the most thorough insight into Synder’s workflow.

Still not sure? Contact our specialists who’ll consult you on your particular problem and find the best solution – contact Synder support.

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