Efficient Pin Payments and QuickBooks
Online synchronization

Integrate Pin Payments and QuickBooks Online for accurate
and efficient accounting

With Synder, you can automatically import payment records from your Pin Payments account into QuickBooks Online with the highest level of detail, including amount, description, date, name, etc. It helps you accurately categorize the records, keep your books clean and ready for tax reporting, and easily reconcile Pin Payments transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Learn how to download and categorize
your Pin Payments data in QuickBooks
Online, and to reconcile it efficiently.


Outstanding Synder features

Easy one-click setup

Synder allows you to connect the Pin Payments account to QuickBooks Online and enable standard initial settings in one click. After that, you’ll start getting your detailed Pin Payments records into QuickBooks Online automatically, saving up to 8 hours a week on manual work.

Covering your needs with flexible settings

With advanced synchronization settings, you can customize the app to cover your specific needs of tracking your sales, products, fees, payouts, etc. ""

Importing unlimited historical records

Synder allows you to quickly import unlimited historical Pin Payments transactions into QuickBooks Online by simply ticking all the needed records and downloading them in bulk.

rollback synced transaction in seconds

100% books protection and accuracy

Secure your books and be able to undo any sync with 100% no harm to your data while importing it from Pin Payments to QuickBooks.


Easy reconciliation

Having all your Pin Payments transactions automatically synchronized with the Pin Payments Bank account (automatically created in your QBO) and payouts with the Checking account, you can reconcile faster with no need to recheck for mismatches.


Detailed Pin Payments and QuickBooks Online integration

Pin Payments transactions are synced with QuickBooks Online with the necessary details: Amount,
Description, Token, Name, and
more – everything goes into the right place.

Pin Payments Account QuickBooks Online Account

Name (1)

Customer (1)

Address (2)

Billing address (2)

Date (3)

Date (3)

Item (4)

Product/Service (4)

Amount (1)

Amount (1)

Description (6)

Description (6)

(Example) Here is a transaction you have in your PinPayments Account:

The Pin Payments transaction has been correctly synced with your QuickBooks Online account:

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