How To Change Etsy Shop Name — A Detailed Guide for 2023

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Etsy is an online platform that enables creative entrepreneurs to sell their handmade goods and vintage items. As your Etsy e-commerce business grows, you might want to change your shop name to reflect the evolution of your business.

And if you’re wondering how to change Etsy shop name in the most efficient way, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide tips, best practices and detailed instructions to help you create an Etsy store name that’s bound to raise your brand visibility and drive more sales your way.

This step-by-step guide will help you understand the process and make the transition as smooth as possible. It will provide you with a clear understanding of what goes into changing your Etsy shop name and how you can successfully do it without any hiccups.

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1. Why Is It Important for Etsy Shops to Have Catchy Names?

2. Why You Might Want to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

3. Tips for Choosing a Good Etsy Shop Name

4. How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

5. Can’t Change Your Etsy Shop Name? Here’s Why

6. How to Notify Your Customers About the Change

7. What to Do After You Change Your Etsy Shop Name

Why Is It Important for Etsy Shops to Have Catchy Names?

First, let’s delve into why good and catchy names are an essential element of running successful Etsy shops.

There are several reasons, such as:

  • Branding: A catchy Etsy shop name can help your Etsy shop and business in general stand out in a crowded marketplace. It can create a memorable impression and make it easier for potential customers to remember your shop and find it again later.
  • Differentiation: A unique and creative name can set your Etsy shop apart from the competition. With so many sellers on the platform, having a distinctive shop name can help your business stand out, attract more customers, and ultimately sell more products
  • Communication: Your Etsy shop name can communicate something about your brand or the products you sell. A well-chosen name can convey a sense of style, quality, or personality, and help customers understand what your shop is all about.
  • SEO: A catchy Etsy shop name can also help with search engine optimization (SEO). When people search for specific products or keywords, Etsy’s algorithm takes into account your shop name, so having a relevant and memorable Etsy shop name can improve the visibility of your business in search results. 

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Why You Might Want to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

You might want to change your Etsy shop name for many reasons, including:

  1. You want to reposition your brand.

If you have been operating your shop for some time, you may want to reposition your brand to better correspond with your current customer base. And you can do it by changing your Etsy shop name. Your Etsy shop name should be descriptive of your brand and the products you sell.

  1. You want a shorter Etsy shop name.

Shorter names are easier to remember and make your shop stand out. However, it needs to be original and not used by any other business, so keep that in mind when deciding on a change of your Etsy shop name.

  1. You want to expand your store offering. 

If you introduce new products to your store, you might want to change your shop name to include these items. It can help customers better understand what your business is all about.

  1. You want to address a negative review. 

If a customer has left you a negative review, you can use the opportunity to change your Etsy shop name to rebrand. It will help you to distance yourself from the previous name and review, and can also help you steer the conversation toward a more positive note.

Tips for Choosing a Good Etsy Shop Name

Choosing the right name for your shop is one of the most important decisions you will make as an Etsy seller as it directly impacts your business health and success. Your Etsy shop name will represent your brand, so it’s crucial that you select something that is memorable, easy to spell and pronounce, and resonates with your target audience to encourage them to keep shopping in your store.

Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect Etsy shop name for your store:

  • Think about your brand. 

The first thing you need to do when selecting a name is to think about your brand. What is the message that your brand is trying to convey? What are the products that you are selling? Your Etsy shop name needs to reflect the essence of your brand and showcase your business in the most favorable light.

  • Make sure your desired shop name is not trademarked. 

Before you start to look around for a new Etsy shop name, make sure that no other business has trademarked it. You can search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website to check for any existing trademarks. If your desired Etsy shop name is on the list, you need to find an alternative store name.

  • Make sure your Etsy shop name is easy to pronounce and spell. 

You don’t want your customers to struggle to pronounce or spell your Etsy shop name. It may frustrate them and cause them to not return to your shop again. Your Etsy shop name needs to be clear and concise so everyone can understand what your business is about.

  • Keep your brand consistent. 

When you change your Etsy shop name, you are basically rebranding and changing your business image. Make sure that your shop name is consistent with your brand so that your customers don’t feel confused or misled.

  • Stay away from trendy words. 

Trendy words may be catchy, but they won’t be relevant a few years from now. Instead, focus on selecting the words that will remain relevant to your line of business for years and support your brand message.

How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

If you have decided to change your Etsy shop name, you can follow the steps described below.

  • Log in to Your Etsy profile and choose Shop Manager in the upper-right corner.
  • After clicking on the Shop Manager section in your Etsy profile, head to your account Settings right above the Sales Channels in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Info & Appearance button to get to your store overview.
  • Click either on Shop Name or click Change and enter your new Etsy shop name (remember that it can be up to 20 characters long and can’t include spaces or punctuation. Use capitalization to differentiate separate words.)
  • Click on Save to finish the Etsy shop name change process.

After changing your Etsy shop name, you might want to consider changing your banner and description to resonate with the new name and brand concept.

Also, it’s worth noting that Etsy does not charge any fees for changing your shop name.

Can’t Change Your Etsy Shop Name? Here’s Why

If you are unable to change your Etsy shop name, it could be due to several reasons, including:

  • Etsy’s Name Change Policy: Etsy has certain restrictions on changing shop names. You can only change your shop name once every 30 days, and you cannot use certain words or phrases that violate Etsy’s policies. Changing your shop name frequently can cause confusion among your customers and hurt your sales. Moreover, you can’t change your shop name more than five times.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, technical issues can prevent you from changing your shop name. If you’re experiencing any issues, try clearing your browser cache, using a different browser, or contacting Etsy’s support team for assistance.
  • Trademark or Copyright Infringement: If your current shop name infringes on someone else’s trademark or copyright, Etsy may prevent you from changing your shop name to a similar name that could also infringe on those rights.
  • Pending Orders or Disputes: If you have pending orders or disputes on your account, Etsy may prevent you from changing your shop name until those issues are resolved.

How to Notify Your Customers About the Change

When you change your Etsy shop name, it’s important to notify your customers to avoid confusion and maintain your brand identity. Here are some steps you can take to notify your customers about your new Etsy store name:

  • Update your Etsy shop banner: One of the easiest ways to let customers know about your new shop name is by updating your Etsy shop banner. You can create a new banner with your new shop name and display it prominently on your shop page.
  • Update your Etsy shop announcement: You can also update your shop announcement to let customers know about your new store name. Use this space to explain why you changed your name and how it will affect your Etsy shop.
  • Send a message to your existing customers: You can use Etsy’s messaging system to send a message to your existing customers to let them know about your new shop name. Be sure to include a brief explanation and other relevant details.
  • Update your social media profiles: If you have social media profiles linked to your Etsy shop, such as Instagram or Facebook, make sure to update them with your new Etsy shop name. This will help customers who follow you on social media find your store more easily.
  • Respond to customer inquiries: If customers reach out to you with questions or concerns about your shop name change, be sure to respond promptly and professionally.
  • Notify customers by email: Introduce the new name of your Etsy store and give a short explanation of why you made the change. It’s a great way to keep your customers updated, help them feel connected to your brand and keep them coming back to your Etsy store.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your customers are aware of your new shop name and maintain a positive relationship with them.

What to Do After You Change Your Etsy Shop Name

Now that you have changed your shop name, it’s time to focus on the next step: optimizing your listing. You can do it by:

  • Adding relevant keywords. 

Adding keywords to your title and product descriptions will help your products to rank higher on Etsy. It will increase your Etsy store visibility and help you get more eyes on your products. As a result, you’ll be sure to see a boost in your sales in no time. Creating keyword-rich product descriptions will also increase your visibility on Google and help you rank higher in its search results.

  • Increasing your Etsy views. 

The more views your products get, the more likely potential customers will click on them. You can increase your views and promote your Etsy shop by creating helpful and engaging content to post on social media and your blog and being active in Etsy forums.

  • Using high-quality photos.

High-quality photos can help your products stand out and attract more customers. Use natural lighting and show your product from multiple angles to give customers a better idea of what they’re buying.

  • Setting competitive prices.

Your pricing should be competitive with similar products on Etsy. Use Etsy’s pricing tools to research your competition and adjust your prices accordingly.

  • Offering free shipping.

Offering free shipping can make your products more attractive to customers and improve your store search rankings on Etsy. Consider including the cost of shipping in your product price to make it more appealing to customers.

  • Using relevant tags.

Tags help customers find your products when they search for specific keywords on Etsy. Use relevant tags that describe the products you sell in your Etsy shop and include both broad and specific keywords.

  • Having more reviews.

Reviews are an excellent way to increase your sales. You can ask your current customers to leave reviews of their experience with your business. You can also leave reviews on other shops in an attempt to help out other sellers. It’s a great way to build up your reputation as a seller over time.

Changing Your Shop Name — The Bottom Line

Changing your Etsy shop name is not rocket science and it won’t take you much time. All it takes is a couple of simple steps in your Etsy account.

However, you need to have a good reason for the change and choose your new name wisely to keep with your brand message and make your business easy to remember. You’ll also want it to be unique. 

Ultimately, Etsy limits the number of symbols in the Etsy shop name field, so you need to stick to a length of up to 20. You might also want to notify your customers about the change by email or social media. This way, they can easily find you when they want to get back and buy more from you.

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