How to Promote Etsy Shop: Learn to Optimize and Advertise Your Etsy Store for More Sales

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Do you have an Etsy store where you wish to make more sales?

Perhaps you’re a creative Etsy shop owner, and you pour your heart and soul into your products, but you don’t yet know how to sell on Etsy successfully. All these other users have unbelievable sales and make you wonder where you lack. 

Well, your products are probably amazing as they are. It’s just that you aren’t promoting your Etsy store well enough. And no, we’re not just talking about a couple of posts on social media. If you want your Etsy store to succeed, you need to have a full-blown Etsy marketing strategy.

Well, since you’re here, you’re in luck. Because in this article, we’ll discuss all that you can do to promote your Etsy shop with efficiency and boost your sales funnel. 

Wait, you don’t know what a sales funnel is? Let’s start there then!

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1. What is Etsy: a brief take-a-look

2. What is a sales funnel, and why does it matter?

3. Why should you know how to promote a store on Etsy?

4. How do I promote my Etsy store: find your way to promote your business

5. Bring your Etsy experience to a new level with Synder

Key takeaways

  • Etsy provides a global platform for sellers to showcase handmade and vintage goods, connecting artisans and collectors worldwide.
  • One can benefit from increased visibility through Etsy’s search and recommendation algorithms, attracting more potential buyers to their unique products.
  • Etsy allows artisans and small businesses to cost-effectively grow their brands online. Promoting an Etsy store involves creating a marketing strategy, optimizing the store and product listings, utilizing Etsy Ads and Off-site Ads, leveraging social media marketing, regularly reposting listings, and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals.

What is Etsy: a brief take-a-look

Etsy is an online marketplace where people from everywhere buy and sell unique, handmade, and vintage goods. In other words, it works like a digital bazaar where artisans, crafters, and collectors showcase their creations and connect with buyers who appreciate one-of-a-kind items. 

For sellers, Etsy offers a platform to reach a global audience without the need to have their own website. It provides tools and support for setting up a shop, listing products, managing orders, and communicating with customers.

The platform comes with some benefits for sellers.

  • Sellers on Etsy can benefit from being a part of a community that shares a love for handmade and vintage items. This community offers a unique opportunity for sellers to connect with like-minded people who appreciate the craftsmanship and individuality of their products, leading to loyal customers who value their work.
  • Etsy offers sellers increased visibility through its search and recommendation algorithms, which can help attract more potential buyers. 
  • Etsy offers a cost-effective way for artisans and small businesses to showcase their talents and grow their brands online with relatively low fees compared to traditional selling platforms. 

What is a sales funnel, and why does it matter?

The journey traveled by a potential client as they approach becoming a loyal customer can be represented visually by a sales funnel. The metaphor references actual funnels, since a sales funnel looks like an inverted triangle and is comparable to them. 

Sales or marketing funnel models may differ, but a common one consists of four stages: awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty

The customer awareness stage (that often originates from traffic on websites and mobile apps) is at the top, and the purchase or conversion stage occurs more towards the bottom. Since the funnel is inverted, the top is the broadest, and the bottom is the narrowest, reflecting the volume of the traffic in each portion of the funnel.

The sales funnel, which is often used by marketing and sales teams, aids businesses in understanding and visualizing their customer journey and tracking overall conversion performance at each stage. 

Every stage can be treated as a micro-conversion that can be worked on to boost the final conversions; if one of these stages shows a drop-off rate larger than acceptable, it can be separately examined to see what’s wrong. You can also try for potential fixes.

Why should you know how to promote a store on Etsy?

Implementing a sales funnel can be the best thing for your Etsy shop. You can locate prospective customers, guide them through the process of making a purchase decision, and convert them into paying customers using an effective sales and marketing funnel aimed at the appropriate buyer profiles. 

When you have a well-planned sales funnel for your Etsy shop, you don’t need to be concerned about where the following sale will come from. It continuously sends customers your way on autopilot. A sales funnel leverages several platforms to have customers land on your shop – not just from Etsy but beyond. 

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How do I promote my Etsy store: find your way to promote your business

Once you know how to start an Etsy shop and create product listings, you need to attract customers to find success. Here’s how you can attract more customers to your Etsy shop without hustling to make sales constantly.

How to promote Etsy shop: 7 ways to promote your Etsy shop

1. Create your marketing strategy

Forming an effective sales funnel starts with creating a marketing strategy. It’s important to understand that your marketing strategy will be an ongoing project through this journey as there’s no fool-proof marketing strategy; however, you’ll always learn ways to do it better. 

Here are a few steps to creating a strong marketing strategy for Etsy:

  • Understand the industry, including your market of customers, competition, and niche.
  • Know your target audience by listing down the qualities of your perfect customer and creating buyer personas. Qualities such as age, location, interests, problems, etc., can help you determine how to market your Etsy shop to them.
  • Consider the perfect buyer and adapt your shop to their exact needs. Doing this lets you determine your Etsy and social media audience and prepare for long-term success.
  • Think as a buyer to understand what your target audience wants. This can help you write up titles and descriptions that call for them.
  • Leverage Etsy SEO to increase the visibility of your Etsy store products in search engines.
  • Plan your social media strategy to organize planning and posting schedules. An effective marketing strategy also includes leveraging Etsy SEO, planning your social media strategy, and looking into sales automation tools to optimize parts of the process. With the right preparation, you can attract more of your target audience to your Etsy store.

2. Make sure your store is well-optimized

By optimizing your Etsy store and products for Etsy Search, you’re making sure that people can discover them. You have significant power over many aspects that affect Etsy’s search ranking. Here’s a summary of some excellent practices to increase your chances of having your products match customers’ queries and elevate your position in the results:

How to optimize your Etsy shop: Best practices
  • Titles with keywords

Although the word order in the title won’t directly affect search ranking, placing your most crucial keyword upfront may lead to more clicks and purchases, eventually enhancing your search rating.

  • High-quality pictures

Ninety percent of Etsy shoppers focus on picture quality to make a purchase decision. Your images should make it easy for customers to see your product in their lives.

  • A good “About” section

Customers may get a behind-the-scenes peek at your Etsy shop by including an About section. Additionally, it may raise your market and customer experience score, which might impact your search engine ranking.

  • Clear policies

Customers know what to anticipate from Etsy sellers when your shop regulations are clear. Store policies improve search placement, and Etsy shop policies templates can provide extra benefits.

  • Use tags

Each tag you apply to a listing increases the likelihood that it’ll appear in a customer’s search. You must add all 13 tags to every listing since unutilized tags are lost chances.

  • Use categories

Adding more precise categories increases the likelihood of people finding your products on Etsy since categories function similarly to tags.

  • Offer free shipping

On the app, where millions of the most active buyers are browsing, Etsy sellers who provide a US free shipping assurance are given preferential search placement.

  • Add attributes

The attributes of listings serve as tags and may aid in a customer’s search for your item. Specific aspects of your listing are described by its attributes, which include its main color, secondary color, occasion to use, holiday, and height and breadth.

3. Advertise products with Etsy Ads

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By guaranteeing that your product appears at the top of pertinent Etsy search engine results, Etsy’s paid promotion increases the exposure of your item and business when you advertise a product. 

It uses pay-per-click advertising, and the term “ad” will appear beside your goods in search results. Since customers are interested in what you offer, they shouldn’t care about the “ad” part.

It’s worthwhile to give Etsy’s paid advertising options some thought, particularly if you don’t currently have many customer reviews. 

Your future organic search result rankings will be improved if you urge your new consumers to provide reviews after your advertisement has generated sales. Here are some easy strategies for promoting on Etsy with ads:

  1. Use the Etsy ads tool for sales campaigns since the customer is more likely to convert.
  2. Ensure the expense doesn’t exceed the revenue.
  3. Advertise your bestsellers first, followed by the mid-range products.
  4. Check results often, particularly at first, and disable the advertised listings that aren’t selling.

4. Promote listings with Off-site Ads

Off-site ads are commercial advertisements that Etsy posts on sellers’ behalf on domains operated by other companies, like Facebook, Google, and others. 

Due to the fact that the Etsy team oversees the ads, you don’t need to worry about any management issues. You just have to pay a small portion of the transaction whenever somebody clicks on the ads that feature your products and buys them from your Etsy store.  

Now the question is: should you promote your Etsy shop using off-site ads? Using Etsy ads would be wise if you need to increase traffic and sales since they don’t need any upfront investment. The following are some primary reasons for thinking about using Etsy off-site ads:

  • Off-site ads are a fantastic method to increase traffic and revenue to your Etsy store from users outside Etsy.
  • The Etsy team manages off-site ads, which will provide the greatest results.
  • You don’t have to pay upfront. Just compensate them with a tiny portion of the retail price whenever a customer buys something from your store after clicking on the ads.
3 reasons to use Etsy Off-site Ads

5. Use social media marketing to promote your Etsy shop

Nowadays, who isn’t using Instagram or Facebook? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are wonderful places to promote your amazing product images. If done right, they’ll greatly boost your sales on your Etsy shop.

However, many Etsy sellers make the error of using social media channels as a tool for increasing sales and relying only on putting up images of products to have more sales and generate revenue. Keep in mind that nobody wants to see posts of your store’s products every day. People seldom use their social media accounts for shopping.

Along with displaying your goods, you may use this to demonstrate how you create or support your products. Who wouldn’t want to witness the potter who created their best coffee cup at the wheel, working with brand-new clay? 

You may also publish useful material to others and link to it from your Etsy shop. For instance, offering style advice is a good idea for Etsy sellers who sell custom hoodies or other types of clothes. Here are a few things to keep in mind to promote your Etsy shop on social media:

  • Use high-quality images and videos when you post.
  • Post regularly to beat the algorithm.
  • Use relevant hashtags to help your audience find you with ease.
  • Respond to comments and activities of your clients.
  • Repost and share what your customers post about you.
  • Hold giveaways to motivate engagement on your social media account like Threads to get new followers.
  • Add a link to your digital business card in your bio. You can create one using the right digital card software.

6. Regularly repost your listings

Beyond relevancy, one of the key elements affecting the SEO results of an Etsy listing is the product’s listing date. New products are pushed to the top of search results by Etsy. Because of this, you should often repost your goods so that Etsy’s search engine will consider them to be fresh products.

Etsy is aware of the game and has decided to play along rather than attempt to stop the clever small companies from exploiting the system. Etsy’s auto-renew function costs $0.20 for each item that is scheduled to be pushed up.

If you repost your bestsellers each day for an entire year, each advertised product will cost you $73. If overall promotion profit is more than that figure, your marketing strategies are functioning, and you’re establishing a clientele.

7. Encourage some word-of-mouth

A personal referral remains one of the best and most effective techniques to attract new clients. You may use several rewards to persuade your current customers to share positive things about your Etsy store on their social media accounts. Some of these are:

  • Send a thank-you message and include a polite request for a review.
  • Implement a referral program that provides discounts to current clients who recommend you to new clients.
  • Organize competitions where participants can post your product or advertisement on their social media pages and become eligible to win a prize.
  • Request that loyal repeat customers with large social media followings serve as brand ambassadors for your company.
  • Respond to social media postings with comments when clients showcase your product and acknowledge your Etsy shop.

Bring your Etsy experience to a new level with Synder

As an online business selling on Etsy, you’re highly likely to have more channels through which you offer your products. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them all, your sales channels, integrated into your business infrastructure, including accounting?

Synder is a comprehensive accounting automation software that can help you integrate various sales and payment sources – including Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Stripe, PayPal, and more (30+ platforms altogether) – into a unified business management system. This way, you can gain a holistic view of your financial ecosystem, ensuring better sales visibility across platforms and improved reporting and tracking of critical KPIs related to sales, products, and customers.

Here’s a couple of things you might like this integration for.

Streamlined withheld tax management

Synder offers a comprehensive solution for handling Marketplace Facilitator Tax, ensuring that taxes collected and remitted by platforms like Etsy are accurately recorded in the seller’s books. By automatically recording tax amounts within transactions and reconciling them with fees, Synder simplifies tax management and reduces the burden on sellers to manually track and manage these taxes.

Unified financial ecosystem

By integrating various sales and payment sources, including Etsy, into a unified accounting system, Synder provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their financial ecosystem. Sellers can easily sync their Etsy transactions (either one by one, or the whole day’s scopes of them) with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero, improving their financial processes and reducing errors associated with manual data entry.

Insightful reporting and analytics

Synder’s robust reporting capabilities offer valuable insights into Etsy sales performance, allowing sellers to track critical KPIs related to sales, products, and customers. With access to comprehensive reports and analytics, sellers can make informed business decisions, optimize their operations for growth, and identify areas for improvement within their Etsy store.

Efficient time management

Synder automates accounting processes and reduces the need for manual data entry,. This way, it saves sellers time and allows them to focus on their craft. With seamless integration between Etsy and accounting software, sellers can efficiently manage their finances, leaving more time for creative endeavors and business growth.

Bottom line

Employing the clever marketing strategies outlined above can help your Etsy shop get all the attention it needs to skyrocket your sales funnel and build the revenue you want. Whether your Etsy shop supplements your brick-and-mortar operation, acts as a side gig, or is your full-time job, keep in mind that nothing occurs overnight. 

Pace yourself, go slowly and steadily, show your Etsy store and your creation a lot of love, and stay on producing! Following this post, you’re equipped with the resources you require to begin and excel in Etsy marketing.

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Comments 5
  1. Hi,
    I have been advertising on other social media platforms, using the tags and title descriptions, but my sales are still very low. Buyers that leave reviews have been very satisfied with my products and I believe I do fairly good work. I started my shop this past summer and with the few sales, I am debating if I should continue or not. I could really use some advice or suggestions. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Wanita, it sounds like you’re putting in a lot of effort to promote your Etsy store, and it’s great to hear that your buyers are satisfied with your products. Building up an Etsy store can take some time, and sales growth often comes from continually refining your strategies and exploring new avenues for promotion. Here are a few suggestions to potentially boost your sales:

      SEO optimization: Continue to refine your SEO strategies. Etsy’s search algorithm changes, so staying up-to-date with the best practices for tags and titles is crucial. Utilize tools like EtsyRank or Marmalead to find the best keywords.

      Social media & content marketing: Keep engaging on social media, but also try to diversify your content to attract more potential customers. Share behind-the-scenes looks, product creation processes, or customer stories.

      Etsy ads: If you haven’t already, consider experimenting with Etsy Ads to increase your shop’s visibility. Start with a small budget to test which products get more traction.

      Promotions and sales: Occasional promotions, discounts, or free shipping can attract new customers and bring back previous ones.

      Expand your product line: Consider expanding your product range to include items that complement your best sellers or exploring trends within your market niche.

      Engage with your Ccommunity: Join Etsy forums, participate in teams, and connect with other sellers for cross-promotion and support.

      Customer engagement: Encourage more reviews from your buyers and consider creating a mailing list for direct marketing, offering exclusive deals to subscribers.

      Analyse your data: Utilize Etsy’s shop analytics to understand where your traffic comes from and which products are the most popular. This can help you tailor your marketing and product development strategies.

      Remember, every successful Etsy shop started with someone who faced challenges but persisted through them. Before making any decisions, consider giving it some more time and trying a few different strategies to find what works best for your shop. Best of luck with your Etsy store!

  2. Marketing strategies play a significant role in promoting and making your business known. Without marketing, you can’t run any business appropriately.

    1. Hi Natasha, absolutely, marketing strategies are crucial for visibility and growth. They’re the backbone of any successful business operation. Thanks for highlighting their importance!

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