How to Write Catchy Product Descriptions for Your Etsy Store

How to Write Catchy Product Descriptions for Your Etsy Store
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Etsy is a large online platform that sells and buys vintage and handmade products like bags, gift cards, and more. The popularity of this store among sellers and buyers is insane. There are almost 60 million products listed on this platform.  

Since there are millions of products being sold on this platform each day, you have to put in some work to ensure that your products stand out. One way of doing so is by creating catchy product descriptions. 

These descriptions will help you demonstrate the nature of your products along with persuading the audience to buy them. However, writing these descriptions can be a little difficult. In this blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can write catchy product descriptions. 

Keep on reading this article to find out how.

Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the important factors that you need to take care of in order to write attractive and effective product descriptions.

Starting with…

1. Properly research the features and qualities of your product: 

Before you start writing a product description, it’s important that you fully understand its features and qualities. You can’t write a reliable and authentic description without truly knowing your own product, right?

People research

That is the reason why you have to put extra focus on the features and qualities of your product. Knowing their true nature will help you craft a killing piece of product description.

You don’t have to work so hard to get this done. You just need knowledge about what makes your product worth buying. 

Evaluating these features of your product is very easy. Just a few things to keep in mind. 

You can do the following to make sure you know your product:

  • Observe your product closely. Note down the features like material, dimensions, weight, etc. Noting down ensures you don’t miss any key feature in the description.
  • Note down the unique features that differentiate your product from other brands. These key features will help you persuade the audience to choose your product over others.
  • Note down the key benefits the customer will get from using your product. People will always stay confused about the decision to buy your product until they clearly know what benefits they’ll get from it.
  • Also, research the pain points of your target audience so you can explain the exact features and benefits that can be effective for those points. Expressing these points help the audience make the buying decision faster. 

Once you have a crystal clear idea about what features of your product would be appropriate to discuss, crafting the description becomes easier.

Don’t believe us when we say it. Take a look at the following example of one of the top sellers of Etsy and see how they leverage the points we have just discussed to craft a good product description. 

Product description

Pictures of a product don’t express its true nature. In the example of a hobo handbag above, the seller clearly defined the nature of their product. By providing the details about its dimensions for both small and standard-sized bags, there isn’t any type of confusion left for customers about judging the nature of the product.

The seller explained the features to increase the authenticity of their product. 

2. Write with clarity and brevity:

You can’t write a long product description and expect people to read it. Yes, people need to read about the product in detail. But you have to deliver all this details in a concise and clear way.

Product photo

Doing so helps in two ways. First, it saves people’s time. Secondly, it helps them know the details that matter. Fluff will lead to annoyance and they can abandon the decision to buy your product. Horrible, right?

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your store, you have to write the description with total clarity and brevity. 

There are various ways to do so. Discussing only the points that can act is one of them. Moreover, you can follow the below-explained tips to write your Etsy store product descriptions with total clarity and brevity:

  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs and sentences. Long content always tends to distract the reader’s attention.
  • Use simple words and avoid difficult technical terms that are hard to understand for a general audience. You know the meaning of these terms, but your audience doesn’t. If you think some terms are essential to be mentioned, try to explain them in simple words to assist readers in comprehending them.
  • Use bullet points to create a concise description. Employing this method always helps readers consume the information more quickly. 

Now, again, we’ll take an example of one of the products to demonstrate our point.

Here is an example taken from a product listed on Etsy.

Product description

You can see that the writer has used the bullet points technique to cover a long description clearly. The main reason for doing this is to help the buyers read the description without facing any confusion. Each and every specification is defined in different bullet points to increase the readability of the description.

Achieving this clarity manually can be hard sometimes. That is because it’s exceedingly difficult to describe the features as well as benefits of the product in a way that is both effective and concise. In this case, you can take the help of technology.

There are many tools available on the internet that can help you paraphrase online. These tools are designed to alter your text according to your tone requirement which could be persuasive, formal, creative, fluent, etc. You can acquire the required tone to increase the chances of your product getting sold.

Here is how the seller explained the features and qualities of a similar product on Etsy.

In the above description, the seller wrote a concise yet effective description of their products. In a very small space, they successfully explained the nature, design, material, and features (brass zipper, detachable leather key fob) pretty effectively.

The basic purpose behind this action is to clearly express all the features (and the necessary information) of the product in a short and effective way. This helps people save their time and make quick purchasing decisions.

3. Talk more about benefits than features:

Although features are an elementary part of a product description, people, sometimes, are more interested in the benefits they’ll get from it. And this is totally justifiable. Why would someone want to buy the product not knowing what benefits they’ll get from it.

Moreover, there are some terms used in the features that people don’t really understand. Instead of using them, try explaining how that feature will be helpful to the customers. This approach will be far more beneficial than adding only features in the description.

Mentioning the benefits and the ways a product can bring value to the lives of people is somewhat of a psychological approach. It triggers the brain of the audience and persuades them to make a purchase decision. 

Advocating this point of ours will be worthless without actually providing an example of it. 

If we talk about the above-given example of the Hobo bag, you can observe that the writer wrote about the benefit of their product in the first line.

Product description

The seller explained how you can wear the bag both on the shoulders and across the body to explain the benefits of the bag for the buyer.

Here is another example of a Ceiling Fan Description:

Product description

As you can see, the seller defined what changes their product could bring to the buyer’s lifestyle. Telling buyers that they can save up to 75% of their electricity bill is a good persuading point.  

Moreover, they also explained that their ceiling fans are’t for any specific space. They can be adjusted anywhere one should require. Yes, telling the features is an important factor, but telling the people what benefits they’ll have if they decide to purchase the product can make a big difference.

4. Don’t copy the description from another product:

Some people tend to copy the product description from other sources to save their time. Sometimes people do it thinking that their original description won’t make any impact on the readers. This is a totally wrong approach if you want to grow a successful store on Etsy.

But what actually is the reason for this? 

Copyright disclaimers

There are several reasons for that.

One of the major reasons for doing this is harming your store’s authenticity and reputation among people. If people get to know that the description of your product is similar to the one they have already read somewhere, they’ll start losing trust in your brand.

And trust is one of the most important elements of an online business.

Another reason is plagiarism, which can bring severe consequences if you commit it. If you reuse already written descriptions, chances are they’ll get plagiarized (as you are going to publish them online.) This can harm the originality of your brand and you can lose customers. 

If your case is severe, you might even face legal charges against yourself.

Besides these legal consequences, it’s highly unprofessional and unethical to run a brand and provide copied descriptions to your customers.

Okay, so, how to make your descriptions unique? It’s simple. Write them yourself. This will let you explore your creativity along with creating genuine content that actually matters. 

It’s okay to take ideas from other product descriptions. But you have to write it in your own words to add further value to them. To do so, you can…

  • Try replacing words with effective and appropriate synonyms
  • Try changing the sentence structures
  • Try switching between the active and passive voice (when required)

Doing these things will ensure that your descriptions are genuine even if you’ve taken the concept from somewhere else. Moreover, they’ll save you from committing plagiarism and making you and your business face severe consequences.

5. Keep the description error-free:

You can’t attract customers to your store if you write product descriptions that have errors in them. These errors can either be grammatical or spelling mistakes. These errors lower the quality of your descriptions.

Error-free description

That’s the sole reason for eliminating these errors from your product descriptions. Besides this, having incorrect spellings or words can create confusion when it comes to describing the features of a product. 

But what are the things that you can do to ensure your product descriptions are free of these types of errors? It’s pretty simple. 

There are basically two ways of doing it. You can either do it manually or take the help of technology to do so. The manual method is straightforward. All you’ve got to do is to proofread your content thoroughly. This will help you identify the errors present in your descriptions that you can eliminate accordingly.

However, to perform this task more quickly and more efficiently, you can take the help of any online grammar-checking tool such as Grammarly. These tools are super-efficient when it comes to spotting grammatical as well as spelling errors in your content. The working mechanism of these tools is also pretty straightforward.

They evaluate your given description and spot the errors present in it. Besides this, they provide different correct suggestions. You can observe these suggestions and correct your errors according to your requirements.  


Etsy is a famous ecommerce platform where millions of products have been listed. Due to its popularity and wide range of listed products, you have to make sure that your product descriptions are catchy enough to attract buyers by standing out. 

These descriptions will enhance the authenticity of your brand and will help you make more sales. However, writing these descriptions can be a little difficult for some people. It includes various factors that are crucial to be understood to craft effective descriptions.

To assist people in writing catchy product descriptions, we’ve provided a detailed note on these factors that they can acquire to make sure you create killing product descriptions. 

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