How to Write Product Descriptions for E-Commerce That Sell

How to Write Product Descriptions for E-Commerce That Sell
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Owners of online stores and e-commerce managers know that good product descriptions are  crucial for a successful selling strategy. However, they often don’t pay much attention to this fact. In  this article you’ll learn how to write product descriptions for e-commerce that really sell. But first, let’s define the terminology. 

A product description is a promotional text that tells you what the product is. The purpose of the description is to inform readers about the features and benefits of the product and encourage them to buy it.

When looking at a product, we want to “try it” to imagine what it’d be like to own it. And in this case, it’s essential to have reliable information. In today’s highly competitive world it’s not enough just to say that the product is good. The description must impress buyers and motivate sales. And you can do that using the following tips.

Six steps to writing a product description for e-commerce that sells

Product descriptions are a great way to make your product more popular with customers. They  can be used to increase traffic, sales, or for other business purposes. Quality product descriptions take a lot of time and effort, but they’re worth it.

Here are a few steps to help you in writing product descriptions for e-commerce:

  • Know your target audience;
  • Keep it simple;
  • Turn features into benefits and make them irresistible;
  • Create a sense of urgency by using scarcity or time-sensitive suggestions;
  • Include customer testimonials;
  • Use concise language that encourages action.

All six points are essential for writing a genuinely selling product description. The first thing a customer pays attention to in a product card is the text. The better you approach the issue of creating the  description for your product, the more sales you’ll end up getting.

Let’s consider each of these steps in more detail.

Know your target audience

When trading products online, you must understand your audience. This will help you compose an appropriate description of the people most likely to buy.

To write a sales-promoting product description, you need to know what your customers might like. For example, if you’re in the shoe business, you should find out what essential features most customers are looking at when they’re choosing a nice pair of boots or sneakers .

To find this out, conduct a survey or research reviews of similar products.

Keep it simple

To ensure an increase in sales, you need an easy and comprehensive  product description. You can try to do it yourself or entrust your product description to specialized services, such as the writing service EssayWriter.

When writing the description, you must ensure that the text is simple and clear. For instance, instead of  phrases like “This is an amazing product that can transform your life”, use  “This product will change your life!”

To avoid misleading customers, try using as few complex sentences as possible. Choose words that are understandable to anyone, so that they can concentrate on what’s most important – whether they need your product or not!

Turn features into benefits and make them irresistible

To get people to buy your product, you need to describe its special features in such a way  that the potential buyer will see them as beneficial.

Let’s say your product is a smartphone case with a power bank. You should phrase the description as “a case that allows you to work autonomously”. This is a much more convincing description than just “the case contains a charger.” 

Create a sense of urgency by referring to supply shortages

The most effective method of inducing customers to buy is to create a sense of urgency. The most effective option is to mention a shortage of supply.

A sense of scarcity is created as an incentive for customers. This is done by posting information about how few items are available. If a limited number of items are left on sale, and they sell out quickly, people will feel they need to take action.

Include customer testimonials

Customer feedback is one of the most essential parts of your product description. Saying that your product is great is one thing, but letting others confirm it for you is something that really makes the difference !

Include at least one customer testimonial in your product description, showing how they felt about using your product. If you have several types of customers, include testimonials from them. If necessary, add photos or videos of customers who have used your product. 

This approach will significantly increase potential customers’ confidence in your product.

Use concise language that encourages action

The final and most essential part of the product description is the call to action.

A call to action is a short and succinct phrase or sentence that urges your customers to take the next step in purchasing. A call to action might look like “Buy now” or “Add to cart.” Here are some suggestions for effective calls to action:

  • Use short phrases and words for maximum effect;
  • Be specific about what the customer will do next;
  • Add relevant  images.

The point of a call to action is to encourage customers to buy your products by offering them the opportunity to take the next step. By doing so, you’ll increase your sales and your income!


Correct product descriptions for e-commerce will improve sales figures several times over. Yet, many online store owners underestimate the importance of this approach. The issue of the product description should be approached responsibly because this activity will hugely potentiate sales .

To date, there are a huge number of online stores whose marketing strategies, product quality, and prices vary greatly. In the world of constant competition, business owners must look for different tools to attract customers and increase sales, from which the product description is one of the most powerful. 

In this article, we’ve detailed what steps you need to take to write a text that sells.  By following the six key rules we’ve highlighted here, you can significantly improve the sales and overall performance of your online store.

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