How to connect PayPal to Accounting Software

Looking desperately for an easy, quick, and reliable way to communicate your PayPal account with your QuickBooks or Xero company? You can stop the search now! The Synder accounting solution is here for you, providing an opportunity to sync smoothly …

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Why do you need payouts enabled?

In order to simplify the reconciliation process in QuickBooks, we have introduced the Payouts feature available to any payment processor connected.

Enabling Payout synchronization in Synder allows you to automate syncing data for the payments you receive and the withdrawals you …

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Using your PayPal as a Bank Account

It is not a piece of news that PayPal is now much more than just a payment processor, for some people it can replace actual Bank Account.

Usually, in order to account for PayPal transactions, you are to create a …

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