How to enable multicurrency in QuickBooks Online

In order to synchronize transactions in different currencies, make sure the Multicurrency setting is enabled in QuickBooks Online.

Note: Once the setting is enabled in QBO, it can’t be disabled, so we recommend you double-check it with your accountant.


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Why has an invoice not been sent?

Cases it may cover:

1. The email is not specified in the invoice.

2. Your accounting company has been disconnected or the invoice(s) has(have) been deleted from it.

3. Stripe/Square is not connected to Synder.

How to fix it:

1. …

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How to fix a failed rule

Reasons: Your accounting platform details, like product names, classes, or categories selected as conditions in the rule have been deleted/made inactive/changed or some payment platform details are not applied correctly which does not allow the rule to execute.

Solution: Check …

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Why is a smart rule suspended?

Reasons: A smart rule failed 5 times.

Solution: Check the smart rule execution and modify the rule to make it work.
1. Go to your Synder company – > go to Smart rules on the left-side menu – > open …

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What should I do if auto-sync gets disabled?

Cases it may cover:

  1. Your accounting company (Synder Accounting, QuickBooks Online/QuickBooks Desktop, Xero) got disconnected from your Synder company and it shows the “Disconnected” or “Connection lost” status in Synder Settings.
  2. Either you or your additional user might have disabled
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