How to Sync Your Transactions to QuickBooks Desktop

Synchronization process

Integration with QuickBooks Desktop contains 4 steps:
– Payment processor
– Synder online (you can manage settings and transactions there) 
– Synder desktop connector app (helps to push data from Synder Online to QuickBooks Desktop) 
– QuickBooks Desktop.…

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What Is QuickBooks Desktop Certificate

Once you launch any application to connect it to QuickBooks Desktop for the first time, QuickBooks will pop up with an application certificate.

The certificate is a way to grant Synder a permission to modify data in your QuickBooks Desktop …

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QuickBooks Desktop Connection Troubleshooting

Usually, the connection of QuickBooks desktop to Synder is running smoothly. However, sometimes issues arise during the initial setup. In this guide, we have gathered the most frequent connection issues and the ways to solve them (once the connection is …

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