What Is Amazon Vine? All You Need to Know About This Program in 2024

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In recent years, Amazon has become one of the most prominent ecommerce retailers in the world. However, staying on top isn’t all that easy, which is why Amazon puts considerable effort into providing top-quality products and services.

One way Amazon ensures that its products maintain a high level of quality is through its Amazon Vine program. This program provides a platform for Amazon product vendors to receive reviews from customers who are considered experts in their field. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Amazon Vine, how it works, how to enroll in this Amazon program, and its advantages and disadvantages for Amazon sellers.


1. What is Amazon Vine on Amazon?

2. How to get into Amazon’s Vine program as a seller

3. How many products can you enroll in Amazon Vine?

4. How quickly can you get Vine reviews on Amazon?

5. How many reviews can you receive with Amazon Vine?

6. Is it worth it to join Amazon Vine?

7. Potential disadvantages of Amazon Vine

What is Amazon Vine on Amazon?

Amazon Vine is a review program operated by Amazon that is designed to help customers make informed purchase decisions through access to honest and unbiased product reviews. The program invites a select group of trusted reviewers, known as Vine Voices, to review new and pre-release products provided by sellers and manufacturers. These Vine Voices are chosen based on the helpfulness of their past reviews as judged by other Amazon customers.

Participation in the Amazon Vine program allows sellers to get their products reviewed by experienced Amazon customers who offer detailed, constructive feedback. Products eligible for the Vine program are sent to Vine Voices for free, and these reviewers are then required to use the products and publish their honest opinions.

Sellers benefit from the Amazon Vine program by gaining early reviews on their products. This can help improve customer trust and, ultimately, sales while adhering to Amazon’s high standards for honesty in reviews.

How does Amazon Vine work?

The Amazon Vine program offers sellers an opportunity to get their products in front of serious reviewers, potentially increasing their visibility.

The Amazon Vine program is designed to maintain high standards of trust and integrity. Sellers cannot influence the content of the reviews, and Vine Voices are expected to provide their genuine, unbiased opinions. Amazon monitors the program to ensure compliance with its policies.

In simple words, the whole process of the Amazon Vine program can be described with the following steps:

  1. Enrollment in the Amazon Vine program through Amazon Seller or Vendor account;
  2. Submitting products to the Vine program;
  3. Providing free units of products for Vine Voices to review;
  4. Receiving the reviews (the reviews are identified on Amazon with a special badge).

How to get into Amazon’s Vine program as a seller

So, first things first. To enroll in the Amazon Vine program as a seller and benefit from it, you must follow these steps:

How to get into Amazon's Vine program as a seller

Step 1. Check product eligibility

Your Amazon products must meet specific criteria to be eligible for Amazon Vine. Generally, they should be new, have product inventory available, and be in a category that supports Vine reviews. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure your products have a product detail page and are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) since Vine Voices will order your products like any other Amazon customer.

Step 2. Apply to the Amazon Vine program

To enroll in the Amazon Vine program, you must have an active account on Amazon Seller Central and have products that are eligible for the program. To apply, go to the Seller Central → Advertising tab → Vine → Start enrolling products into Vine Today!

Step 3. Submit products for review

Once accepted into Amazon Vine, you can submit your Amazon products for review by Vine reviewers. Amazon will choose which products are eligible for the Amazon Vine program based on their quality, Amazon reviews, and sales history.

Step 4. Provide free units

For Vine Voices to review your products, you must provide a certain number of units for free. Amazon will distribute these units to selected Vine Voices.

After Vine Voices receive and evaluate your products, they will publish their reviews on your product’s detail page, marked with a special Amazon Vine Voice badge. 

Step 5. Use the feedback to improve your products

Once you receive a review from Amazon Vine reviewers, you can use that information to improve your products and marketing strategy.

Note: The dashboard on Amazon Seller Central provides sellers with access to data on Vine reviews, including the number of reviews generated and the average star rating.

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Amazon Vine program: Requirements for sellers

Amazon Vine has specific requirements for Amazon sellers wishing to enroll in the program. These requirements are designed to ensure that the products submitted for review meet certain standards.

  • Sellers must be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry to ensure they have rights to the brand of the Amazon products they wish to enroll in the Vine program.
  • Sellers need to have a professional seller account that is in good standing with Amazon.
  • Amazon products submitted to the Vine program must be new or not yet released to the market.
  • Products must be available for purchase on Amazon and enrolled in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program.
  • Participation in Amazon Vine requires adherence to all of Amazon’s policies, including those related to reviews and product listings.
  • Amazon products enrolled in Vine must have complete and accurate product detail pages.

Amazon Vine program: Cost for sellers

Number of units per parent ASINEnrollment Fee

Source: Amazon

Amazon Vine: important notes:

  • There’s no charge for child ASINs attached to an enrolled parent ASIN.
  • You will be charged only after the first review is published on Amazon.
  • If you already have 20 reviews on your Amazon product, you’ll pay only for 10 (the maximum number of reviews you can have with Amazon Vine is 30, so once the product reviews reach this number, the product won’t be sent to Vine Voices). 

How many products can you enroll in Amazon Vine?

Amazon’s Vine program allows sellers to enroll up to 200 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) at a time. 

Sellers can strategically select which ASINs to enroll in, prioritizing products that would benefit most from the visibility and credibility that come with Amazon Vine reviews. This could include new releases, Amazon products in highly competitive categories, or updated and relaunched items.

Can you cancel an Amazon Vine enrollment?

Yes, you can cancel an enrollment for a product, but only if Vine Voices has not claimed any products. 

Once an Amazon Vine Voice has chosen your product for review, canceling the enrollment might not be possible, or it could be significantly more complicated. The reason is that the product is either already in the process of being shipped or has been received by the reviewer, making it difficult to retract.

How quickly can you get Vine reviews on Amazon?

The speed at which you can get Amazon Vine reviews for your products on Amazon can vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The popularity of the product;
  • The availability of Amazon Vine reviewers;
  • The quality and relevance of the product.

Typically, once a product is approved for Amazon Vine, it can take several weeks or months for Vine reviewers to test and review it. This is because Amazon Vine reviewers are often sent multiple products to review at once, and they have to take their time to test each product and provide an adequate review. 

Note: It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to getting Amazon Vine reviews for your products on Amazon. While the Amazon Vine program can be a valuable tool for improving product reputation and gaining exposure to a wider audience, it’s not a quick or guaranteed solution for generating reviews.

How many reviews can you receive with Amazon Vine?

With Amazon Vine, you can receive up to 30 high-quality customer reviews per product page. Enrolling in the Amazon Vine program allows you to leverage these insightful reviews to build customer trust and encourage purchases.

Can you remove an Amazon Vine review?

As a seller, you cannot directly remove an Amazon Vine review from your product page. Amazon Vine reviews are considered valuable since they are written by trusted reviewers (Vine Voices) who have been invited by Amazon to provide honest and unbiased feedback on products they receive for free from participating Amazon sellers. The integrity of the Amazon Vine program is based on the idea that these reviews are genuine and not influenced by sellers or manufacturers.

However, if you believe a Vine review violates Amazon’s content guidelines—for example, if it contains inappropriate language, personal information, or is not related to the product itself—you can report the review to the Amazon support team for evaluation. Amazon will then review the reported content and decide whether it should be removed based on its policies.

Is it worth it to join Amazon Vine?

There are several benefits of joining the Amazon Vine program for sellers.

#1. Early reviews for new products

New products often suffer from a “chicken and egg” problem where customers are hesitant to make purchases without reviews, but you can’t get reviews without sales. Amazon Vine helps bridge this gap by providing early reviews, which can significantly boost the product’s visibility and appeal to potential buyers.

Note: Products with Vine reviews have higher conversion rates compared to those without.

#2. High-quality, detailed reviews

Vine Voices are known for their detailed and high-quality reviews. They often provide in-depth analysis, including photos and videos, offering potential buyers a thorough understanding of the product.

#3. Improved product visibility and SEO

Reviews are a critical factor in Amazon’s trends and search algorithm. A higher number of quality reviews can improve a product’s visibility in search results, making it more likely to be seen and purchased by customers. Products with more reviews are also more likely to appear in recommendations and other promotional spots within Amazon, further improving visibility.

#4. Boost to sales

The increased visibility, credibility, and consumer confidence resulting from Vine reviews can directly impact sales. As noted by Amazon, products participating in Vine have seen sales increase by up to 30%.

#5. Competitive advantage

By participating in the Amazon Vine program, a seller can gain a competitive advantage over other sellers who don’t participate. Access to a group of knowledgeable and experienced reviewers can provide valuable insights into product quality and features.

So summing up…

Participation in the Amazon Vine program can impact a seller’s overall performance metrics, which are tracked in Seller Central. Positive Vine reviews can improve product reputation, wider audience exposure, and increase sales.

However, the fact that your products are featured and reviewed on Amazon Vine doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll generate positive reviews or see a big leap in your sales, so keep that in mind when you decide to enroll in the Amazon Vine program. 

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Potential disadvantages of Amazon Vine

Overall, although the Amazon Vine program provides numerous advantages, it’s crucial to consider the possible downsides before deciding to join. Here are some of the potential disadvantages for Vine members: 

1. Cost of participating

While there’s no direct cost to enroll in the Amazon Vine program, a seller may need to invest time and resources in creating high-quality products that are eligible for the program. Keep in mind that you also have to provide your products to Vine reviewers for free.

2. No control over reviews

Amazon Vine reviewers are encouraged to provide honest and unbiased feedback, meaning sellers have zero control over the content and tone of the reviews. Unlike other review platforms where businesses might engage with reviewers directly to address concerns, Amazon Vine does not allow sellers to respond to or influence the content of reviews.

3. Potential for misalignment

There’s a chance that products might not align well with the interests or expertise of the Vine Voices who select them, potentially leading to less informed or less enthusiastic reviews.

4. Competition for attention

Many sellers are competing for the attention of a limited pool of Vine Voices, especially in popular categories, which might result in fewer reviews than anticipated.

5. Complexity in strategic planning

Deciding which products to enroll in the Amazon Vine program can be complex, especially for sellers with a large portfolio. The need to balance the potential benefits of Vine reviews against the costs and risks associated with each product requires careful strategic planning and market analysis.

Amazon Vine: The bottom line

In summary, the Amazon Vine program provides a platform that is beneficial for Amazon sellers. Vendors receive valuable feedback from seasoned experts in their field. Since social proof is always a good way to gain more traction and build a good brand reputation, entering this Amazon program could help boost your sales.

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    1. Hi Pamela, thank you for your interest in becoming a Vine reviewer! However, the Amazon Vine program is invite-only, and invitations are extended by Amazon based on the helpfulness of your reviews to other customers, among other criteria. We recommend focusing on writing detailed, honest reviews on products you’ve purchased, staying active, and ensuring your reviews are helpful to others. While Synder cannot extend invitations to the Vine program, enhancing your reviewer profile on Amazon is a great way to increase your visibility for a potential invite. Keep sharing your insights, and best of luck!

  1. Just a query please…I have been invited by Amazon to join this programme/scheme and review products however I do not wish to be sent many items by retailers that I am not interested in. Does this scheme work by ME deciding which products I would like to review or do I have no choice and get sent (potentially bombarded with) items from sellers that I would not wish to receive? Thanks,.,

    1. Hi Paul, congratulations on your invitation to the Amazon Vine program! In the Vine program, you do have some control over the products you choose to review. Here’s how it works. Amazon Vine provides you with the access to a list of products eligible for review through a dedicated Vine section on Amazon. You can browse this list and select products that interest you. You’re not obligated to choose items that don’t appeal to your preferences or needs. The products you opt to review are then sent to you free of charge.

      So, you won’t be bombarded with random items; instead, you’ll have the opportunity to pick products you’re genuinely interested in reviewing. This setup allows you to focus on items that match your expertise or interests, ensuring that both you and the sellers benefit from meaningful, informed reviews.

      When participating in programs like Amazon Vine, it’s important to be aware that the free products you receive usually have tax implications – that of course depends on your country’s tax laws.

  2. Amazon’s Advanced Search is a powerful tool that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for on the online shopping platform.

  3. Yes yes yes! Getting my hands on new stuff thanks to samples has been amazing.
    So excited to see what’s next in the mail.

    And yeah, it really helps in making smarter choices before I splurge.
    Definitely a win-win!

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