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10 Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2024

Amazon sales boost

With 300 million users, hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly revenue, and 12 global marketplaces serving the world’s top countries, Amazon is the world’s most valuable company. As a result, Amazon is an ideal option to start or develop eCommerce operations for individuals who already have a product line and are just beginning.

Why Should You Sell On Amazon In 2024?

Amazon is such a popular choice for starting an online business because it is the largest online e-commerce platform open to retailers throughout the world. Here are some reasons drafted by professionals why you should consider Amazon for selling products in 2024:

Around 85% of all merchants make profits from their Amazon Listings.

You can work from anywhere on the planet. The desire to work from any place or travel was expressed by 41% of vendors on Amazon.

43% of Amazon sellers said they started their business because they wanted a new source of income or a way to supplement their present work or wage.

You don’t need to worry about shipping or storage management as Amazon takes care of that for you.

You can expand your Amazon business. 20% of Amazon merchants registered to add sales channels and expand their consumer base.

In 2024, you can have a great side hustle with selling on Amazon. At least 14% of Amazon sellers said they started their business on Amazon because they had next to no income and wished to make more money.

You have the option of launching items in a variety of categories.

Selling on Amazon allows us to escape some aspects of our jobs that we despise.

You can sell almost anything, anywhere, irrespective of your qualifications, your brand’s consumer base, or lack thereof. You just need to follow the regulations set by Amazon.

Your customer will always receive your product on time.

Tips to Boost Amazon Sales In 2024:

Despite the ample competition on the Amazon Marketplace, there are still a lot of sellers that have poorly written listings, low-quality photographs, and don’t conduct successful marketing, which gives you a chance to stand out. It’s easier than you would think to increase Amazon sales. It’s all about identifying ways to improve your product listings and gain more consumers so that you can gradually begin to outperform novice or lazy merchants. Once you identify the problems, you can use the rights tools and strategy to resolve it.

One of such ways is to improve your Amazon Product Photography and this can be done by hiring good Amazon Photography Services from a reputable Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in Amazon Product Marketing. Undermentioned are 10 tips to help you boost sales on Amazon in 2024:

1. Amazon Listing Optimization For Sales:

Amazon merchants lose a lot of money because of poor product listings. To encourage users to click on your listing, you have to put in a lot of effort. So it’s incredible how many retail pages waste this opportunity with bad wording and fundamental errors in product descriptions.

Check for Errors:

Checking for fundamental faults in your listing content is the easiest and fastest way to enhance sales:

  • Grammar mistakes.
  • Senseless sentences.
  • Misspellings.

Optimize Listing Content:

Make your listing easy to read by avoiding large walls of text. Customers must rapidly read your listing for the benefits your product provides and why they must purchase it. Therefore, don’t be scared to employ HTML elements like bold or underlined text in your product description.

Also, utilise CAPS to emphasise your product’s essential selling aspects. For example, most people believe that listing optimization is all about keywords. Still, it doesn’t matter where you rank in the search results if your listing isn’t optimised to convert viewers into customers.

Optimize For Mobile Devices:

Mobile optimization is another aspect that many people ignore. Every year, mobile becomes a more critical role in all types of internet companies, particularly retail. Mobile consumers hold great potential if you want additional sales.

Consider how your listing will appear on mobile and a desktop while constructing it. All that appears above the fold on the Amazon phone app are your product title and photos. This emphasises the need to showcase your product’s value, features, advantages, and use cases in supplementary images.

2. Additional Keyword Research:

When it comes to keywords, many merchants are missing out. Even if you’ve studied and are ranking for hundreds of keywords, there’s always more to find. Try to find as many different versions of your keywords as possible. Look for variations of your term in client searches, such as comments of size or color.

These “long-tail” keywords are beneficial because they attract high-intent visitors to your listing despite their low search volume. Once you’ve identified possible chances for which you’re not currently ranking, try to include them into your listing somehow. This will assist you in attracting more Amazon consumers and, consequently, increase your overall revenue.

3. High-Quality Product Images:

Photos are extremely effective in converting impressions into sales and attracting clicks from search results. Visual material is considerably easier for us to digest than text-based stuff. The purpose of your photographs is to capture the attention of your clients and make them want to buy your products.

Images of poor quality reflect poorly on your goods. Images that don’t wholly depict your product and what it can do tend to instil scepticism in the eyes of potential customers. It is your responsibility to provide the consumer with all of the information they require to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase your goods. In addition, when a consumer receives a product that is not what they expected, unclear visuals might lead to negative feedback. The best way to ensure High-Quality Product Photography is to consult Amazon Product Photography Services provided by experts in the field.

4. Utilizing Fulfilled By Amazon or FBA:

FBA, the business fulfilment service by Amazon, does more than just make storing and delivery more convenient. It’s also a strategy to increase your profits. FBA’s contribution to increased revenues is due to Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime logo is a symbol of trust among customers. When someone sees Amazon Prime tied to your goods, it removes some of the uncertainty surrounding the purchase.

The most significant advantage of Amazon Prime is free delivery. According to a poll, 79.8% of customers in the United States cite fast and free shipping as a motivation for shopping on Amazon. When shoppers buy anything online, they want it to arrive quickly and without having to pay for delivery.

5. Running and Optimization of PPC Campaigns:

Product searching on Amazon is increasingly becoming a “pay for profits” game. Organic search results are being pushed down in favor of sponsored or paid search results. PPC is a tried-and-true method of increasing total Amazon sales by paying to have your product appear above organic results. You’ll gain more traffic, clicks, and revenues as a result of your increased visibility.

Many vendors use PPC, but it isn’t always as efficient as it may be. To enhance your PPC advertising, you should continually track and optimise them. More money spent on more lucrative search phrases, and less money spent on search terms that don’t offer you a good ACOS, are some examples of optimizations. In today’s Amazon world, investing in a PPC campaign has almost become necessary.

6. Using On-Amazon and Off-Amazon Promotions:

Promotion is one of the finest and quickest strategies to increase Amazon sales.


You can conduct a variety of promotions on Amazon. Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals, and Amazon Coupons are just a few examples. The majority of Amazon discounts will appear on your product page, the search results page, and Amazon’s showcase sites. This helps you gain more visibility and conversions from those who come across your offering.

Some showcase bargains, such as Lightning Deals, are very competitive and, as a result, can be costly to run. It is, however, an excellent strategy to enhance sales velocity and build momentum for your product to rise in the rankings.


External promotions are effective because they allow you to reach a new audience and get an advantage over your Amazon competitors. The converse is true for external traffic marketing. When potential buyers aren’t on Amazon looking for anything to buy, you can use this advertising technique to go out and get in front of them personally.

Advertise to a large audience through platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other social networks. With these channels, you may reach out to millions of potential consumers. To achieve a significant rise in sales, you can run promotions like a promo code on non-Amazon ad channels. Even better, most Amazon sellers have never used external traffic funnels, which means you have a huge advantage over your competitors.

7. Constructing an Email List:

For every dollar invested in email marketing, $38 is returned. It’s one of the most well-known and efficient forms of web marketing. As a result, developing a list and using email marketing to promote your products might result in a significant rise in Amazon sales. This is because you cannot email clients who have previously purchased from you on Amazon. Before they go to Amazon, you need to add them to your list. Undermentioned are steps to constructing an email list:

Use a landing page between the external traffic route and your Amazon listing.

This allows you to incorporate an email sign-up like providing a discount coupon in exchange for joining your mailing list.

Once you have a list, you can start driving additional sales by using the up-sells, cross-sells like promoting other products, and seasonal promotions like Christmas and Black Friday sales.

8. Gaining More Positive Reviews:

Product reviews are an essential component of the internet selling process. They provide social proof, which is critical for customers’ objections and closing purchases. In addition, many shoppers examine product reviews before deciding whether or not to purchase. And, because the review rating and the total number of reviews are shown on the search results page, they have a huge influence on whether or not a customer clicks through to your listing.

Shoppers are more likely to be impressed by a product with more than 500 reviews and a 4.5 average rating. It’s not easy to increase the number of product reviews. If you try to save money by purchasing reviews or other incentives, your account will almost certainly be suspended or banned. However, there are many modest things you can do to encourage more people to leave reviews, which will build up over time. Some of them are as follows:

Asking for a review by inserting product inserts within your package.

Enhancing the quality of your product by checking old reviews for common issues.

Requesting product evaluations and feedback through your email list.

The “Request a Review” button may be used to submit a request for a review.

9. Utilizing the Branding Tools on Amazon:

To help you sell more, Amazon offers several valuable tools. Amazon is looking for strong, well-known brands to offer on its site. As a result, they’re providing these businesses with the resources they need to improve their consumers’ shopping experiences and, as a result, turn more shoppers into purchasers.

To get started, sign up for Brand Registry. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to add A+ Content to your product listings, which was formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content. This is a fantastic listing boost that will set you apart from the competitors.

10. Inventory and Profits Optimization:

The main idea is to optimise your company operations so that you can run on tighter margins, provide better rates, and even spend more on marketing while still making more than your competitors.

Once you learn how to improve sales on Amazon, you’ll sell more, which will in turn increase your revenue. This will allow you to spend $100 on marketing to gain a new consumer, while your competitors can only afford $75. Optimising your inventory management procedures is one of the most effective strategies to boost profit margins. You can achieve that by:

Making sure you don’t run out of stock, as this will affect your sales and rankings.

Avoiding unnecessary over-ordering and storage expenditures.

Avoiding placing an order too late and overpaying for air freight.

In Conclusion:

Every business owner wishes to increase their revenue. Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to boost your Amazon sales. When people want to buy something online, they increasingly turn to Amazon, implying more people will buy your stuff. To maximize income, all you have to do is improve your Amazon Product Listings. You may do it yourself by following the guidelines above, or you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency to do it efficiently for you.

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