Selling on Amazon: How to Overcome the Main Challenges

Selling on Amazon: How to Overcome the Main Challenges

Starting a business is tough. Competition on Amazon is fierce. 

You have to always be ready for changes Amazon is preparing for you and be able to withstand the competition on this selling platform. 

For some e-commerce sellers (especially beginners), it may seem that running a small business is not so difficult. You create a store, post fancy pictures of the product, and get money for it. However, it is likely that you are overlooking the important steps between producing a product and actually selling it. Veteran Amazon Sellers would probably just sigh at such thoughts.

Let’s take a look at the Amazon problems you might encounter with running your own business and how you can sort them out.


1. Horsemen of the (e-commerce) Apocalypse

2. Mayan software: a fast and easy solution

3. Bottom Line

Horsemen of the (e-commerce) Apocalypse

Selling on Amazon has its own share of troubles.

You may experience issues with inventory, pricing, or customer reviews. You could even have problems receiving payments from Amazon. This is where this blog post comes in handy! We’re going to discuss some common problems you might face when selling on Amazon and how to solve them!

Let’s talk about the problems in order they occur as all of them stand in a particular sequence. The first one is not knowing what your customers want. 

You can try to sell a variety of products and/or drive traffic to your store as many times as you want. But if it’s not what your customers want or if what your competitors offer is much better, it will all be meaningless. 

Of course, you can try to determine a specific buying pattern manually, but it will most likely take some time (a lot of time). The problem here is that while you’re doing the manual analysis, others will quickly grow their businesses larger and larger, so the competition arena will have changed by the time you finally make some conclusions.

The next problem is slightly connected with the latter. And that is not advertising your product properly. 

Here, you can make a lot of mistakes: advertise too much or too little, not advertise at all, use the wrong keywords/CTA, etc.

Just think about how many people are searching online for the same product that you have. Do you think you’ll sell your product successfully if you advertise it indiscriminately on every single platform you know? No, you won’t. There are numerous strategies for maximizing your advertising spend, but implementing those strategies takes time and potentially attention away from your core business.

The last problematic thing is reporting. 

Selling on Amazon is a numbers game. As you start to get results, you’ll start to see positive numbers – sales, orders, and so on. 

The problem is that P&L reporting can take a long time. P&L reporting helps you figure out which products and customers you’re selling to, how many products you are selling, where your losses are, and other important details.

You may ask, “What’s the catch?”

Well, you have to spend time on this one as well, too much time to make this report look usable and actionable. 

And the main thing is not only in time-consuming operations but your health, too. Just imagine how stressed you can feel getting the paperwork down. I bet you will not even want to run a small business anymore. And that’s understandable. 

But don’t rush to give up in the heat of the moment. We have a cool solution!

Mayan software: a fast and easy solution

What would you say if you found out that there was a platform that would help you optimize your advertising while also focusing on inventory management? 

Designed by MIT data scientists, Mayan is a growth automation platform aimed to deal with Amazon and help business owners become top Amazon sellers. The software has a to every problem!

Solution #1 — Analyze your Sales

With this tool, you can analyze your customers’ needs and predict what product will be in demand. Analyze your sales at all levels across all Amazon marketplaces.

As the software is constantly evolving, the new feature connected with tracking your competitors will also be of great help. It will come out soon, so stay tuned! 

Solution #2 — Optimize your Advertising

Mayan will be the right choice in increasing your ROAS. The platform helps you optimize your ad spend so that you are always aware that every dollar you put into advertising is worth it. You can record the growth of your business with powerful technology, so you will always l be in a win-win situation. 

Tell your potential customers about your product. Let people know that your product exists and is available for purchase.

To have a successful Amazon business, make sure you structure your advertising campaigns strategically. You can utilize both automatic and manual campaigns.

Bottom Line

Now that we know how to start selling on Amazon, stay ahead of the competition and get a good following, it’s time to conclude. 

As a business owner, you may feel like your business is running smoothly. However, there are always ways to improve sales and be even more successful.

Selling on Amazon is no walk in the park. However, if you pay attention to these four top problems and deal with them in the right way, you’ll be able to sell successfully on Amazon. Check it out yourself! 🤗

Anastasia Su

Anastasia Su

Anastasia is a FinTech writer with experience working as a freelance writer for small business owners. She has participated in numerous events dedicated to business management and marketing. Anastasia is inspired by the fact that each successful business is a result of proper structuring so she tries to analyze every step and wants to share her observations with others.

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