Stripe App Marketplace: Synder is Featured in Two Main Categories

Synder is now in Stripe App Marketplace

Not so long ago we announced the grand opening of Stripe App Marketplace and mentioned how excited we were to become a part of this marketplace. Today we’re even more thrilled to announce that Synder is now not only available through Stripe App Marketplace, but is currently featured in two main categories: Accounting and Data and analytics!

Synder in Stripe App Marketplace

Now the workflow is even easier for Stripe users since they have access to Synder right from the marketplace! 

Synder connects all the dots through different sources such as Stripe, your sales channels and your preferred accounting system, and creates a full picture of your finances based on the given information in one source of truth. What’s more, you can also track your performance in real time by keeping tabs on relevant metrics.

Inventory tracking, KPI reporting, accurate P&L and balance sheet whenever you need them – these are just some of the features that make Synder a unique and efficient solution for your accounting processes. 

What else does Synder have to offer? Well, fasten your seat belts!

1. Direct synchronization with your accounting software

Transfer the sales and fees from Stripe to QuickBooks Online or another accounting system you prefer and keep your accounting records clean. Synder’s data sync engine brings in all the necessary details including sales amounts, Stripe processing fees, items, customers, classes, locations, shipping and discounts.

2. Smooth Stripe Invoicing 

With Synder, you can choose either a one-time or recurring option to make sure your customers pay for your services or products via Stripe conveniently and promptly. Synder will automatically apply received payments to corresponding open invoices in your QuickBooks Online. 

3. Personalized KPIs reports 

Synder stores detailed transactional data and creates comprehensive reports that are appreciated by even the most demanding users. You can track such metrics as Products most purchased together, AOV, Gross sales, Top performing products, and more, and have access to this up-to-date information in a matter of a few clicks. Synder provides you with data-backed insights into the performance of your business so that you can come up with better ideas and robust strategies!

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We’d like to thank our users for staying with us! Synder is committed to providing the best services and ensuring first-class customer experience while solving day-to-day issues for their businesses! Let’s keep moving towards even bigger goals together!

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