Products Most Purchased Together Report: a Short Overview

Products Most Purchased Together Report: a Short Overview

🤔 What is the Products Most Purchased Together Report?

It can be tough to keep track of which products customers tend to purchase together. In order to understand your customers and their habits, you need to know what they like to buy together. Whether it’s a single item that’s part of a larger purchase or a set of related items, you can leverage your analytics to get to the bottom of it.

The Most Purchased Together report shows you which items are most commonly purchased together. It can help your business understand which items your customers are most likely to purchase together, and which products you should stock in the same location to increase your sales.

It’s a great way to see which products have a high overlap in customer purchase behavior and are therefore likely to be purchased together in the future. 

⚖️ How is the Most Purchased Together Report calculated?

It’s time to create another Excel spreadsheet! For this report, you have to analyze all the orders that contain more than one product and identify which items are more likely to be bought together. Sounds like a couple of sleepless nights and a terrible headache, right?

And what if I tell you there’s an option when the report is done in a blink of an eye and all you need to do is to make a few clicks? 

To give you the most detailed insights about your business performance, Synder provides you with the report about the products most frequently appearing together across all orders in a given period of time. Synder Insights gives you an overview of the most important financial metrics that can help you with setting up and reaching your KPIs. No more time spent on Excel spreadsheets!

🔎 What do these numbers tell us?

This Synder report shows you what items are better sold together and gives you food for thought in organizing marketing campaigns.These insights can help you determine which of your products are most valuable to your customers. 

📈 What can be done to grow sales based on these numbers?

Based on Synder’s Products Most Purchased Together Report you can

  • analyze your product catalog
  • think of adding more items to be offered as complimentary when your customer places an order
  • tailor your strategies, upsell and increase your AOV and other important metrics as well

Let Synder Insights do the numbers so that you can focus on the right strategies for your business!

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Anastasia Su

Anastasia Su

Anastasia is a FinTech writer with experience working as a freelance writer for small business owners. She has participated in numerous events dedicated to business management and marketing. Anastasia is inspired by the fact that each successful business is a result of proper structuring so she tries to analyze every step and wants to share her observations with others.

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