Top Performing Products Report: a Short Overview

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🤔 What is the Top Performing Products Report?

For e-commerce stores, identifying your top-selling products is crucial for having continued success. By pinpointing which items are generating the highest gross income, you can begin to diversify product offerings and forecast demand for your best sellers. 

The Top Performing Products Report provides this essential information automatically by tracking and sorting your products by gross income. Simply log in to your account and click on the report to see which of your items have been the most profitable over any given period. 

⚖️ How is the Top Performing Products Report calculated?

To ensure the information in the Top Performing Products Report is accurate and up to date, our software connects with your e-commerce sales platform to pull in real-time sales data. From there, the report is automatically generated and sorts the products placing the items with the highest gross income at the top of the list. 

🔎 What does the data from the Top Performing Products Report tell us?

Business owners can infer several things from the data that the Top Performing Products Report provides. For example, if you compare the report, quarter over quarter for the previous two years, you might notice that a group of products is affected by the season. This is often the case for online retailers who sell clothes or sportswear. 

Another important data point that the report offers is the demand for products. If you look back over the past couple of years at a single product, you can use the previous sales information to predict how many units you’ll need to produce for the next quarter.

📈 What can be done to grow sales based on the Top Performing Products Report data?

You can use the Top Performing Products Report data to grow sales for your e-commerce website in many ways. For instance, once you’ve identified the top-selling products, you can

  • create variations of these items to offer additional options to customers
  • experiment with product photos and product descriptions for items that aren’t performing well
  • quickly see how the updated creative components affected product sales

Let Synder Insights do the numbers so that you can focus on the right strategies for your business!

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