Best Accounting Blogs: Finding a Great Blog for Accountants

Best accounting blogs

Accountancy firmly belongs to the financial sector but it also shares a lot of key features with the service industry. Tailoring your offer to your customers, marketing your firm, choosing the latest technology, or providing excellent customer care – it all becomes very important in this competitive market. No one can be an expert in all those areas, that’s why finding a helpful blog for accountants is such a great idea.

We’ve compiled some great examples of accounting blogs to help you stay up to date on breaking news, the latest accounting software, cloud accounting, taxes, finance trends and so much more. So let’s begin our journey to the land of accountancy!

Are accounting blogs only for accountants?

That might sound like a question with an obvious answer. But since accountancy is a necessity for so many people, accounting blogs actually gather vast and varied audiences.

Accountants, bookkeepers, and CPA’s

First and foremost, accountancy blogs are read by accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants). These blogs have a host of beneficial information and the latest news in accounting directly related to their jobs.

Small business owners

Small business owners form another large group of readers. Why is that, you may ask? Since many small business owners handle a big chunk of daily accounting tasks by themselves, they need a good reliable source of knowledge that’ll help them understand those elements of accountancy and bookkeeping. 


The last major group of readers consists of students. That’s right, all finance, economics, and accountancy students from all over the world are strong in numbers and in need of solid information that’ll help them pass their courses at college or university. 


The target audience does matter. When writing a blog entry, accounting bloggers always have a particular audience in mind. While some overlap will surely exist due to the shared topic, it’s the level of explanation and the application of that information that sets apart blogs in terms of readership. So when choosing the best blog for you, find the one that answers your questions in a way that fulfills your needs

What’s a great accounting blog?

Readership is one thing to look at when subscribing. What else is there to take into consideration when choosing the best accounting blogs? 

  1. Expertise and quality are for sure the number one factor. You need a blog that you can trust. 
  2. A large variety of topics gives you one place for all your accountancy needs.
  3. The blog is comfortable and enjoyable to read as well as relatable.
  4. It has a wow factor that you appreciate. Whether it’s the latest technology, great interviews, or insightful research. The blog is able to deliver.
  5. It shares your values. Knowing that both you and the authors agree on certain standards makes for a great reading experience.

Best accounting blogs

Having seen different criteria for choosing the right blog for you, we’ll now look at some great examples of accounting blogs so that you can find the one that answers all your accounting needs and more.

Accounting Today

Why we love this blog: Accounting Today is a reliable source with 35 years of experience in the field. This magazine deals with all the crucial matters of accounting like tax preparation and tax law, bookkeeping and accounting standards, auditing, financial planning, wealth management, and the latest accounting technology. It’s a truly professional resource dedicated to top-level accounting journalism. 

Another great feature of this blog is the advisory element. With podcasts, webinars, and many other resources, you can educate yourself on various topics from taxes to practice management. 

A nice little feature is Daily Briefing, you can subscribe for free and get the latest news in accounting straight to your inbox.

Our favorite articles: The next business model for accounting firms and The rise of digital-native CFOs will revolutionize AR

Journal of Accountancy

Why we love it: This list wouldn’t be complete without the Journal of Accountancy. This magazine is the industry leader in trusted accounting journalism. It should come as no surprise, as this resource is run by AICPA, so the bar is set incredibly high. They specialize in covering the recent IRS, SBA, and AICPA guidelines.

They provide expert information surrounding tax, financial reporting, auditing, management accounting, and practice management. They also cover the latest news updates and offer helpful advice through their podcast. 

Our favorite articles: IRS seeks comments on several green energy tax credits and Q&A: The 2 most prevalent cyberthreats for CPA firms.

Synder Blog

Why we love this blog: We wouldn’t be honest when speaking about accounting blogs that we love if we left our own blog unmentioned here. As a technology solution provider, we know a lot about the struggles of accountants and business owners. We solve accounting problems with our technology, so we’re very much in touch with the current issues and trends in the community.

This gives us an opportunity to share the knowledge we have and offer detailed guidelines. Synder has a very active blog with posts being issued, not every week but every day. Those thoughtful articles and guides are actually answers to the most commonly asked questions related to business and accounting software, and other latest trends in the field. 

Our favorite articles: eBay Seller Fees To Know About: A Simple Guide to eBay Selling Fees For Sellers, and Amazon PayPal: Is It Possible? Alternative Ways to Accept Payments on Amazon are a great representation of what Synder blog does best – comprehensive guides on commonly asked questions. If as an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a CPA, you work with small business owners who’d like to know more about accounting, this could be a particularly great reference point for your clients. 

Insightful Accountant

Why we love this blog: This accounting platform is a great place with the most helpful educational resources in accountancy. You’ll be making a safe bet when attending a webinar hosted by Insightful Accountant, as it’s educational first and promotional second. The value is always great. That’s why most of the content you’ll find here will be either webinar-related, or it’ll be a place to look for updates on all things QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage among other industry-related news. 

The articles in the accounting segment of the blog will be helpful to many accountants working with different kinds of software. The topics that are being covered include financial tax and accounting software, free and personal software, and much more. They also post informative software comparisons and a lot of educational material.

Insightful Accountant is an independent source of news with updates that can help many in the industry, in particular, if you’re an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a small business advisor.

Our favorite articles: QBO Monday Minute: Intuit’s New Article Series and Four Digital Marketing Trends Driving  Accounting Firm Growth in 2022

Accountancy blog for CPAs

CPA Practice Advisor

Why we love it: CPA Practice Advisor is one of the most respectable news and content sources in U.S. accounting, and probably one of the most productive ones too. If you’re looking for top-notch expertise and credentials, CPA Practice Advisor is the best choice. 

It‘s regularly updated with content ranging from small business surveys to trustworthy payroll and tax advice. It’s a reliable partner in all accounting matters with a special focus on technology and how it relates to your work as a CPA. 

As the name suggests, CPA Practice Advisor is there for you as a Practice Advisor, providing reviews about workflow, firm management, customer relationship, and more. It’s professional advice from a CPA to a CPA. Its advisory role is seen also in a range of helpful resources like webinars, podcasts, events, and e-books.

Our favorite articles: Accountants Invest in Technology To Keep Up With Mounting Demands and 4 Strategies to Manage AP in a Time of High Inflation

Blog for small businesses accounting and small business owners

Fit Small Business

Why we love this blog: We love Fit Small Business because of how dedicated they’re to helping small business owners succeed. On the blog, they cover a variety of subjects such as HR, retail, sales, marketing, accounting, financing, office technology, and real estate. These focused topics are run by experts with deep industry knowledge and expertise.

As a small business owner, you get the small business accounting and tax information, and on top of that, you can find answers to many business-related questions on their resource pages. It covers a very broad range of topics to help you navigate many aspects of your business and give you reliable answers quickly and efficiently in one place.

Our favorite articles: How Much Does a Website Cost: DIY vs Pro Web Design and 5 Steps for Creating a Customer Service Strategy (+ Worksheet)

Blogs for QuickBooks users

Firm of the Future

Why we love this blog: Firm of the Future is an Intuit QuickBooks platform aimed at providing expert advice to accountants and other accounting professionals. As QuickBooks is the software of choice for many, the blog gives product-related information, but that’s only the beginning. 

Firm of the Future aims to help with exactly that – take your accounting firm to the next level by sharing insights into client relationships, efficiency, growth, and many other aspects of your business that can boost your success.

Our favorite articles: 5 secrets you need to know about motivating the current generation of accountants and QuickBooks Online new features and improvements—November 2022

5 Minute Bookkeeping

Why we love this blog: we love 5 Minute Bookkeeping primarily for its outstanding expertise in QuickBooks Online. It’s run by a bookkeeper with years of expertise in running her virtual bookkeeping business. The blog gives helpful information about keeping your books and accounts in order. 

If you ever have any questions on how to do pretty much anything connected to QBO, there are very high chances you’re going to find tons of free, quality resource help here. The blog gives you online training, tutorials, blog entries, and videos to guide you through your QBO process. 

If you’re thinking of starting up your own bookkeeping business, there’s a lot of helpful advice too with a special section called 5MB Academy

Our favorite articles: My biggest lessons learned after doing hundreds of QuickBooks Online cleanups and Which QuickBooks Online version is right for me?

Blog for students

Accounting Coach

Why we love it: Accounting Coach is an accounting learning space with many free online courses. This makes it a perfect platform for students to learn accountancy in the comfort of their own homes. Of course, business owners or accounting professionals could also use these resources to learn more or brush up on their knowledge. 

The topics range from accounting basics all the way to much more advanced subjects. 

What we really like is its user-friendly approach. To give you a head start, the platform has a helpful video How to begin that shows you how the website and the learning process work. 

Accounting Coach lets you track your progress as you complete more modules. It also has exercises and quizzes to aid your learning process. So if you’re looking for an educational approach to accountancy blogs, that’s our pick. 

Our favorite online learning topics: Accounting Basics and Bookkeeping

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a CPA, accounting blogs are a great way to fill you in on the latest news as well as provide reliable advice and knowledge. Many accounting blogs help not only with tax and financials but also with the day-to-day running of an accounting firm, becoming your trusted business partner.

Business owners can also benefit greatly from finding their best source of knowledge on all things accounting and similarly, on many of the non-financial aspects of their work.

Finding a reliable source that’s right for you is the key. We hope that our review of blogs catering to various readers and offering different types of support helped in picking your favorite platform. 

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