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11 Ultimate Accounting Blogs to Read in 2020

11 Ultimate Accounting Blogs to Read in 2020

11 blogs you need to follow to stay on top of the latest insights 

A smart accountant is an informed one, and today there is no better way to stay ahead in the game other than following the best in business: popular accountants writing blogs on the latest developments in accounting and finance.

Let’s look at 11 blogs you might want to subscribe to stay up to date on breaking news, latest accounting software, cloud accounting, taxes, and finance trends. 

1. Accounting Today

Accounting-Today blog

Why we love it: Accounting Today has had an amazing run in early 2020 when nobody knew what was going on in the world of tax, tech, and finance. They have miraculously stayed on top of things, and their daily newsletters have saved hours of stress to thousands of accounting professionals, who were able to rely on this resource in finding out what has changed in the area of PPP loans, what are the latest guidelines on forgiveness, how to prepare for the reopening phase – in short, Accounting Today has yet again demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with, a truly professional resource dedicated to top-level accounting journalism. 

Our favorite articles: Similarly to another entry on this list, it’s breaking news where Accounting Today shows just how great of a resource it is. Notable examples are: IRS expands relief for coronavirus-related retirement plan withdrawals and CARES Act offers overlooked opportunities for tax refunds, but first check cross-border prices.

2. Synder Blog

Synder Blog Main Page

Why we love it: We wouldn’t be honest when speaking about accounting blogs we love, if we left our blog unmentioned here. It is regularly updated with thoughtful articles, guides, and research on the most commonly asked questions related to business and accounting software, and other latest trends in the field. We also run a weekly curated digest with news from across other platforms mentioned in this list, keeping our readers up to date on the most important developments in the accounting world. 

Our favorite articles: A beginner’s guide to reconciliation, and Basic accounting for a small business: a simple guide are a great representation of what Synder blog does best – comprehensive guides on commonly asked questions. Pro-tip: If you work with small business owners who would like to know more about accounting, this could be a particularly great reference point for them. 

3. Insightful Accountant

Insightful Accountant Blog Main Page

Why we love it: This industry giant is the place for the most helpful educational webinars to be found in the accounting world. You will be making a safe bet when attending a webinar hosted by Insightful Accountant, as it is always educational first and promotional second. The value is always great. That’s why most of the content you will find here will be either webinar-related, or it will be a place to look for great updates on all things QuickBooks, among other industry-related news. 

Our favorite articles: Path to Paperless: What it means and why it should matter to you (a six-part series), Will Coronavirus be just another name for Cyber Attack?

4. CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor blog main page

Why we love it: This is one of the most respectable news and content sources in U.S. accounting, and probably one of the most productive ones too. It is regularly updated with content ranging from small business surveys to trustworthy payroll and tax advice. 

Our favorite articles: AICPA Offers Guidance on Business Valuations During Covid-19, How Cloud-Based AP Automation Supports Business Continuity and Competitive Advantage During Uncertain Times

5. Future Firm Blog

Future Firm Blog Main Page

Why we love it: This blog stands out among other blogs in the accounting field because it is curated by a disruptor in the accounting world, Ryan Lazanis, who works tirelessly to bring accounting into the modern world with smart automation tools and a fresh outlook on the way accounting should be viewed in general. If you want to be updated on what’s really new in this domain – here’s your chance.

Our favorite articles: Will Accounting Tech Startups Overtake Your Firm?, Accounting Automation: The 2020 Annual Guide

6. FitSmallBusiness

FitSmallBusiness blog main page

Why we love it: We love this blog because of how dedicated they are to thorough research, and the variety of subjects they cover (e-commerce, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax software, and more). The articles in the accounting segment of the blog will be helpful for many accountants working with different kinds of software, as they often cover financial tax and accounting software, free and personal software, and much more. They also post great software comparisons and a lot of educational material.

Our favorite article: IRS Form 1099 Reporting for Small Business Owners

7. Accounting Web

Accounting Web Blog Main Page

Why we love it: Being one of our favorite blogs, Accounting Web is a great resource point for anyone working in accounting. The articles are neatly organized by categories (Tax, Practice, A&A, Technology, Bookkeeping Essentials, Expert Guides) as well as sub-categories (Excel, Trends, Accounting Software; Clients, Growth, Team, Practice Excellence; Sales Tax, IRS, Individuals, Business Tax; Standards, Auditing, Law and Enforcement and more). This makes it highly efficient when you need to quickly research a certain question, but this resource is also great in covering small business accounting software, trends in accounting and finance, and other relevant topics.

Our favorite articles: Effective Ways for Accounting Professionals to Respond to a Data Breach: Parts 1 and 2, Questions to Ask Yourself When Working with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

8. Accounting Insight News (formerly Accountex Report)

Accounting Insight News Main Page

Why we love it: Accounting Insight News is an international platform, combining fresh updates and the latest advice on accounting software, helpful tips for small business as well as guidance for managing a successful accounting practice. The authors behind it are themselves, industry leaders, making this a wonderful source for keeping informed.

Our favorite articles: 8 tried and tested tips for building digital relationships, Defining the future for would-be accountants

9. 5 Minute Bookkeeping

5 Minute Bookkeeping blog main page

Why we love it: we love this blog primarily for their outstanding expertise in QuickBooks Online. If you ever have any questions on how to do virtually anything connected to QBO, there are very high chances you are going to find FREE quality resource help here. Pro-tip: 5 Minute Bookkeeping community on Facebook is a goldfind for anyone working with QuickBooks. 

Our favorite articles: Over 75 QuickBooks Online training, tutorials, and videos, The worst mistakes business owners can make with QuickBooks Online bank feeds

10. Firm of the Future

Firm of the Future Main Page

Why we love it: Firm of the Future is one of our favorite places to look for accounting insights . This Intuit platform provides help to a general pool of accountants with their expertise in tax management and deep involvement in the industry. 

Our favorite articles: Creating capacity in your firm for advisory accounting, 3 tips for networking during virtual events: not muting is the new Reply All

11. Journal of Accountancy

Journal of Accountancy Main Page

Why we love it: Journal of Accountancy is the industry leader in trusted accounting journalism. It should come as no surprise, as this resource is run by AICPA, so the bar is set incredibly high. They specialize in covering the recent IRS, SBA, and AICPA guidelines, and in the months of the pandemic have served as a primary source of information on PPP loans, and later PPP forgiveness rules. 

Our favorite articles: this resource is great for breaking news, so to give you a taste of the quality journalism present here, have a look at Proposed regs. explain disallowed transportation fringe benefits and Guidance on how to take CARES Act distributions from qualified plans published on The Tax Advisor, a sister website of the Journal of Accountancy focusing on tax coverage. 

These are some of the most interesting blogs available for staying up to date on best accounting practices and software, and all breaking news related to finance. Let us know if your favorite blog wasn’t included – we will make sure to cover it in our next overview.

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker

Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. She researches and provides guidance for small businesses on their path towards automating mundane and recurring parts of their workflow, works with professional accountants, and frequently interviews industry experts to create relevant and forward-looking content for Synder.

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