What kind of data will Synder bring into my accounting platform?

It will bring Sales, Expenses + payment processor fees with all the transaction details such as taxes, shipping, tips, products/services, customers, etc. along with Transfers (from/to) Bank. You can set it to synchronize ongoing transactions automatically or manually. Learn more here.

How to transfer a Synder app account to another user?

You would need to invite another user to your Organization in the Users section of Synder Settings. A new user can join your organization as a Manager or Member (limited access). Once another user confirms the invitation, they will have access to your Organization and will be able to remove you from the Organization (with the Manager role only). If you need to transfer the subscription to another Organization, contact the support team.

Can I sync my transactions for the last year or more with Synder?

Yes, you can synchronize your old transactions with Synder, just make sure you are subscribed to the plan that allows for historic data import (however, there might be some limitations in your payment provider on how far back you can import data from your platform to Synder). As long as you have transactions in your sales platform you can synchronize them into your accounting system any time if you click the Import Historical Data tab and specify the time range needed. Check out this guide for more details

How to link bank feed deposits to created invoices/sales receipts to reconcile?

You don’t have to link individual sales transactions to bank feed records manually when using Synder. In order to reconcile make sure you have synced your Payouts (money transfers to your bank) which will ensure that a “Match”/”Confirm” button appears in your Bank Feeds for you to click on (not “Add”). That’s it, the rest is done automatically.
You will be able to see sales/fees transactions in the clearing account in the Chart of Accounts (i.e. “Stripe Bank Account”).

Once the payouts are synced, you will see that your Bank Feed reconciliation is ready, just confirm the prematched options.

What to do if syncs fail?

In order to fix the failed sync, first of all, click Show details in the Transactions tab to open the Sync log window and check the error message as it contains additional details on how to solve the failed transaction. Most of the possible errors are explained in Synder Knowledge Base; just copy the error message from the log and paste it into the search bar.

If it is still unclear how to fix the failed transaction or you have failed status again, contact the support team through the in-app support chat or email.