Once you may face the situation when you can’t find particular transactions in the Platform transaction tab in Synder. Follow these instructions to fix the issue.

First of all, make sure you have connected all payment platform accounts (locations) needed, as if you have several accounts (locations), you would need to connect them all to Synder one by one. You can check what is connected by selecting the organization needed at the top right of the page – – > Settings on the left menu.

However, if everything is connected, just follow these simple steps to import transactions needed from the payment platform:

  1. Go to the Platform transactions tab on the left-side menu – – > click on Import historical data;
  2. From the drop-down select the Payment platform you want to import from;
  3. Set a time range to begin importing transactions (Start date – End date);
  4. Click on Sync right away or Import for review.
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  1. Then you will be redirected to the Platform transactions tab where all the imported transactions will be displayed.

1) Using Import for review, you will import all the transactions for the selected time period and for selected payment processor (if you have several connected) to the Platform transactions tab in Synder in several minutes. 

After the transactions are imported from your Stripe/Square/PayPal/Shopify/etc to Synder (note your sync balance will remain untouched), you can review them and sync to Synder accounting/QuickBooks/Xero (your sync balance will go down during the sync).

Select transactions needed (our filter is available to filter out the ones you need to sync) and click Sync under the Sync menu.

In order to mark all transactions per page, use the top selector (1), you can also change the number of transactions shown per page (2). If you want to select all filtered transactions on all pages, click on “Select all transactions” (3). You will see the amount of the selected transactions in the “Txn selected” field.

2) Using Sync right away, you will synchronize data to your Synder accounting/QuickBooks/Xero right away. Under the Platform transactions tab, you will see the “synced” status in several minutes, which means your books are updated.

Congratulations! You have just successfully found your missing transactions!

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