4 Common Quickbooks Issues That Can Be Solved by Third-Party Applications Easily


As the members of QuickBooks Community, every day we see QuickBooks users’ requests regarding features they cannot find in QuickBooks but would like to have. However, almost all concerns and frustrations can be easily solved by third-party apps.

1. E-commerce Management: Integration with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Ebay and other

For example, one QB user was interested whether there is a possibility to integrate QuickBooks with WooCommerce. It is possible to integrate QB with E-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce through QB third-party apps, as well as to integrate other platforms such as Shopify and more. If your provider is Magento or Shopify, or you sell on Ebay, there are plenty of apps that can be extremely helpful for you. WooCommerce by One Saas, Magento by Cloud Cart Connector and more apps that completely automates your accounting.

Moreover, by integrating QuickBooks with your e-commerce site, you can get enormous cost savings and have more control over your products. It gives you an ability to automate online item listings and pricing, get sales data from E-commerce channels, synchronize inventory counts with the E-commerce system, collect orders, splitting, and routing them as necessary for the fulfillment, and much more helpful features.

Note: Check our step-by-step guide about starting an online business.

2. E-commerce and data processing: Bulk Import of data into QuickBooks

When you decide to integrate your QuickBooks with an E-commerce platform, the next question arises. How to import all data from an E-commerce platform to your QuickBooks in a bulk? Business Importer app can easily handle this task. This app imports any QuickBooks entity (Invoices, Bills, SRs, JEs, POs, etc.). Also, it is convenient and customizable! The user can use XLSX or CSV files, as well as Google Sheet or other cloud-based files to start. The app can auto-create any objects from the source file such as DocNumbers, Products, Customers, etc., as well as schedule imports and run them automatically on a background with no additional actions on your side.

3. Inventory Management: accurate inventory management, processing, and shipping time cut by 50-70%

  Another frustration for QuickBooks users is that it does not manage inventory well. QB has many apps that offer a complete inventory, order management, and manufacturing solution that covers your inventory through the entire lifecycle, as well as convert raw materials into finished goods and track work-in-progress is a snap. The ones who use it report that inventory management has become much more accurate, while processing and shipping time has been cut by 50-70%. The QB app store has All Orders, SOS Inventory, Locate Inventory and more useful apps that can suit for your business strategies.

  Besides, QuickBooks store has plenty of smart Analytics apps. Analytics apps improve your cash flow and provide accurate live forecasts. As an example, you can quickly identify trends in your numbers by using Life Plan app. The app also uses those insights to manage your company performance better, compares your key metrics to similar businesses and industry competitors, as well as shows whether your net profit per employee is better than your competitors’. Also, there is a Float app that automatically reads all of your bills, invoices, and actuals in QBO and provides you with an always up to date, accurate cash flow forecast in a matter of minutes. One more exciting app is Fathom that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and then transforms accounting data into actionable business intelligence and visual performance reports. The reporting templates make it very easy to provide credible financial information to business owners, clients in a context that leads to meaningful discussions about their business.

Whether QuickBooks is new to you, or if it is something your company has done for years, it is worth taking the time to learn more about third-party apps to see if you’ve developed your platform well enough to take full advantage of it and maximize the return on your investment.

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