etsy and xero integration

Connect Etsy to Xero for seamless accounting

Import sales into Xero from Etsy and get a neat reconciliation and flawless reporting. Now your P&L and balance sheets are always accurate and up-to-date.

Features you’ve been looking for

Check out what Synder is offering out of the box and continue growing Etsy orders by making smart decisions with Synder accompanying you.

Sync of your ongoing and historical Etsy transactions with Xero

Connect Etsy to Xero to bring in detailed historical and ongoing data, and enjoy crystal clear books. The detailed sync logic allows you to have all necessary details reflected in your books: sales amounts, Etsy processing fees, discounts, shipping along with customer and product information. Not a detail will be missing!

sync etsy with xero
sync etsy with xero
etsy xero integration

Reconciliation of Etsy transactions in Xero

Automate reconciliation of your Etsy sales in Xero easily. Close the accounting period with a zero difference between Xero numbers and your bank account.

accurate reporting

Clear and accurate reporting

Import detailed data from Etsy into Xero and get an accurate P&L and balance sheet. Now you can have a clear overview of the best selling items!


accurate reporting

Customizable inventory management

Implement Synder inventory management in your Xero Etsy experience and find out what to sell and where to get the maximum profit.

  Multi-currency management

Enable the multi-currency configuration for your Etsy Xero integration and get all of your international payments synced with correct conversion rates.

  Support and help for Etsy and Xero Integration

Instant help for every customer is another benefit of Synder. Even if you think that your accounting flow is unique, Synder team will always be glad to tailor the software strictly in accordance with your requirements или to meet your needs!

Connect all platforms your business has

Synder is your partner software at scale and therefore it provides a variety of other integrations you are currently using or planning to use in the future.

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What other Etsy merchants say

  I’m happy I found it!!!

We are a small family Etsy business and couldn’t afford a full-time accountant. Keeping track of Etsy sales became a nightmare. Until I found Synder! Luckily, I could get away from manual work, and back to what I truly need to do to continue expanding my brand.

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Peter, Etsy store

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