WooCommerce QuickBooks integration
that will simplify accounting

Integrate WooCommerce online stores with QuickBooks Desktop via Synder. See how simple accounting for e-commerce sales can be.

No matter how many payment gateways are connected to your WooCommerce shop accounting shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Synder makes accounting automation not a dream, but a daily reality.

Connect WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop via Synder
Transfer WooCommerce payment information and WooCommerce subscription fees into QuickBooks Desktop in a fast, easy, and hassle-free way.
Connect quickly and securely
Authorize Synder to import WooCardless data into QuickBooks Desktop in just minutes. Don’t worry, Synder needs read-only access to WooCardless API.
Sync data
Sync and reconcile financial information about WooCommerce sales in QuickBooks Desktop accurately and with minimum human involvement.
Choose the most convenient plan
Pick among a variety of subscription options that will support the growth of your WooCommerce sales and improve the quality of your service.

Choose the integration that will work for you.


WooCommerce accounting in QuickBooks Desktop can be easy

Automate accounting data import

Import financial information from all WooCommerce
sales into QuickBooks Desktop securely and with
zero errors, including from major credit cards, and
bank transfer data.

multi-currency data synchronization with Synder

Sell internationally with correct conversion rates

Accept payments from customers internationally, as Synder supports all global currencies and automatically adds exact exchange rates to QuickBook Desktop invoices. ""

Enjoy the precision of two-step reconciliation

Let Synder do the tedious task of reconciling WooCommere sales in QuickBooks Desktop with machine precision and minimum human involvement.

QuickBooks integrations

Fetch detailed sales financial information

Transfer WooCommerce sales from different payment gateways—including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay— in QuickBooks Desktop accurately.


Harness the power of inventory and shipping data

Adjust configurable options for smart WooCommerce shipping and inventory management and create a hassle-free workflow in QuickBooks Desktop.

Synder smart features for automated bookkeeping

Account for recurring revenue with peace of mind

Record all recurring cash flows from WooCommerce payment gateways and manage recurring invoices in QuickBooks Desktop frictionlessly.

No worries calculating WooCommerce sales tax

Get all sales tax information from WooCommerce payments automatically recorded in the correct lines of QuickBooks Desktop for easy tax reporting.

Synder synchronizes fees, taxes, and all other important data
Forget about accounting hassles. Focus on business
Trusted by over 20,000 accountants and business owners around the globe. Ready to give us a try?

Absolutely smooth experience

You are not alone: more than 20K customers improved their
accounting experience with Synder.

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Instant help for EVERY customer
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Always human support

The machine accuracy we achieve in our solutions
is nothing without our human approach to the problems we are solving.

Michael Astreiko, CEO of CloudBusiness

live customer support at Synder

Our support team is always here to help with Synder acceleration when it is mostly needed.

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Customer Success team

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Simple and automated accounting for your business

Login to Synder, follow the step-by-step process to connect WooCommerce to Quickbooks Desktop – and you are flying!