1. Set up Shopify POS transactions synchronization

  2. How to sync Shopify POS Orders

Set up Shopify POS transactions synchronization

Disclaimer: without the POS Order setting enabled Synder will NOT be able to process Point of Sale orders and will just skip them

To record the Point of sale (POS further) orders from Shopify in your QuickBooks/Xero company you would need to create the additional settings for POS Orders in Synder following these simple steps:

1. Select the Organization needed at the top right of the page – – > Settings – – > click on the Configure button near your Shopify.

2. Select the POS Order type from the Create additional settings dropdown.

sync Shopify POS orders with QuickBooks with Xero account
  1. Select the Shopify POS Order bank account from the dropdown in the Sales tab. Shopify POS Order is a clearing account that will be auto created in your QuickBooks/Xero company.
    Note: POS orders are to be deposited to the separate clearing account (“Shopify POS Order bank account“), as technically your POS is a separate system from your usual Shopify. You can change this account to the one needed if you know what you do or please consult with your accountant upon what is the best way for you to handle this.
  2. Click Update to save the changes.

How to sync Shopify POS Orders

Once you set up the additional settings for POS Orders Synder will be able to “see” Point of Sale orders created on the Shopify side and will be able to synchronize them to your QuickBooks. Please use the Import historical data tab (learn more about Import old transactions here) to import historical orders or make sure Auto sync option is enabled so that the app could synchronize newly created orders. See more details on how to sync in this guide. 

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