Once you finish the connection and setup, we recommend testing Synder with several transactions to make sure everything looks good (remember you have a free trial once you create a new account in Synder). 

Once testing is done, you may be confident that automatic synchronization will save your time on manual data entry. The auto-import option is disabled by default. So once you have tested everything and chosen the most suitable plan, select the organization needed at the top right of the page – – > go to the Settings on the left menu of Synder – – > locate the payment platform (or platforms) for which you want to customize settings – – > click on the Configure button.

Go to the General tab – – > enable Auto-import. Remember to click Update to save the changes.

Once the auto-import option is enabled, transactions coming in after the moment you have enabled the auto-import configuration will reflect in your Synder accounting/QuickBooks/Xero company automatically without your confirmation or a need to log into Synder.

NB!: this will work for newly appearing transactions, historical ones are to be synchronized manually, if that is needed. See how to import historical transactions into your accounting platform.

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