1. Cases it may cover

  2. Steps to fix the connection issue

Cases it may cover

When you might need to connect two Shopify stores:

  1. You use one admin account for both stores. If both your stores are under one admin account, connecting should be easy!
  2. You have different admin accounts for each store. Each store has its own admin account.

How to know which is your case:

Case 1: You sign in with the same email for both Shopify stores.
Case 2: You have different emails for signing in to each Shopify store.

Steps to fix the connection issue

If yours is Case 1, you’re all set! You shouldn’t have any problems connecting your second store.

Important note. There is another possible scenario here:

The URL in your browser should display: “https://admin.shopify.com/store/abc,” where “abc” stands for the store name. After clicking ‘Connect’ in Synder, the URL should display: “https://admin.shopify.com/store/abc/oauth/request_grant?”.

By clicking ‘Connect’ in Synder, you can successfully install the app for your first store (“ABC”).

When you need to connect Synder for a different store, simply select the name of the other store in the upper right corner on the Shopify page.

However, you are redirected to the previous store (“ABC”), and the access token and parameters are lost.

Follow these steps to fix this:

  1. Ensure your first store (“ABC”) is connected to Synder.
  2. In Shopify (without initiating the connection flow by clicking ‘Connect’ in Synder), switch to the desired store.
  3. Ensure that Shopify is open only in one tab.
  4. Now, access the Synder settings and initiate the connection flow again.
  5. This time, Synder will direct you to the Shopify store you are currently logged into (the second one), facilitating a seamless connection.

Note: The connection to the first store will remain intact.

However, if yours is Case 2, follow these steps:

  1. If you see an error when trying to connect the second store, it means you’re signed in to the wrong store.
  2. Click the link on the error page to go back to your Shopify admin dashboard.
  1. Switch accounts: In your first Shopify store, look for an icon in the top right corner and click it. Then, choose ‘Log out’ from the menu.
  1. Sign in to store number two: Now, log in with the correct admin email for your second Shopify store.
  2. Connect the 2nd Shopify store/account to Synder: Go back to Synder and add Shopify by following these steps:

-Click on your profile icon in the upper-right corner;
-Go to ‘My Account’;
-Choose ‘Add Integration’;
-Select Shopify;
-Click ‘Connect’ and make sure to select the right account for your payouts.

That’s it! Now the right Shopify store is connected to Synder with the right admin account.

Reach out to the Synder team via online support chat, phone, or email with any questions you have – we’re always happy to help you!

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