When Synder integrates the payment processor with Xero accounting it creates a clearing bank account for the temporary storage of synchronized transactions (the same way as the payment processor holds the money for some time before paying them out to your bank). Auto-reconciliation feature allows to mark all the synchronized income and expense transactions in the clearing account as “reconciled” automatically, this will not affect your checking account reconciliation process. Learn how to reconcile your checking bank account in Xero.


  1. Enable auto-reconcile Xero transactions function

  2. Xero account reconciliation

  3. Rollback feature for auto-reconciled transactions

Enable auto-reconcile Xero transactions function

To enable Synder to mark transactions as reconciled follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings on the left side menu.
  2. Click the Configure button under your payment platform.
  3. In the General tab, enable the Auto-reconcile Xero transactions option. You will see a warning that says the rollback feature is not available for reconciled transactions*.
  4. Click the Update button to save settings.
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Xero account reconciliation

Where do I find reconciled transactions in Xero?

  1. Go to Bank Accounts tab in Xero and open the clearing account used by Synder (e.g. “Pin Payments Bank Account” or “Stripe Bank Account”).
  2. Go to Account Transactions and see all the transactions with “reconciled” status.
how to find reconciled transactions in Xero

Rollback feature for auto-reconciled transactions

*Why doesn’t the rollback feature work for auto-reconciled transactions?

Xero has a restriction that doesn’t allow deletion of the transactions marked as reconciled. At the same time, it doesn’t allow a third-party app to “unreconciled” a transaction, which means that the rollback feature will not work for “reconciled” transactions.

In order to Rollback synchronized data, you would need to mark them all as “unreconciled” first. Unfortunately, this cannot be done in bulk in Xero, so the only way to do so would be to go transaction by transaction.

Note: there is a quicker way to remove them from your Xero:

  1. Open Account Transactions tab for the clearing account in Xero.
  2. Select all the transactions you would like to delete and click Remove&Redo. This will delete transactions selected from your Xero in bulk in just several clicks. See the screenshot below. This will not delete all the customers and items created.
  3. Go to Synder and adjust fix the settings to make sure this time everything is recorded correctly. This will help to make your Xero account reconciliation perfect.
  4. Select transactions in Synder and click Sync to record them to your Xero account again (no worries, even if the status is “synced’ in Synder you still can record selected transactions in your Xero to meet the purpose of bank reconciliations).
how the rollback feature work for auto reconciled transactions

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