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Discover What Amazon Sales Rank Really Means

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Trying to make sense of Amazon Sales Rank? You’re not alone. Many online sellers and shoppers alike find themselves wondering what the number next to a product’s name truly means. Is a higher rank better? Does it mean more people are interested in the product? Is it an indication of how popular the product is? 

The answer to all these questions and more lies in Amazon’s Sales Rank. By understanding Amazon Sales Rank, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use it to your advantage as an e-commerce seller. Take a deep dive into the world of Amazon and Sales Rank to learn everything you need to know about these tricky numbers

What is Amazon Sales Rank and how does it work?

The Amazon Best Sellers calculation is based on Amazon sales, and is updated frequently to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on Amazon.


Amazon Sales Rank, also known as your Best Sellers Rank (BSR), is a numerical representation used by Amazon to indicate a product’s popularity and sales performance. It’s based on the number of sales and the velocity at which a product is being sold. 

Amazon uses its own algorithm to calculate the Sales Rank. The algorithm takes into account the sales history of a product, the number of reviews, the category in which the product is listed, and the number of competitors selling a similar product. The algorithm then assigns a numerical value to the product, which is defined as the product’s Sales Rank.

The algorithm is designed to be dynamic, so it takes into account changes in sales volume and reviews over time. This means that the Amazon Sales Rank of a product can change rapidly, depending on the number of sales and reviews. 

Learn what a good Amazon Sales Rank is. 

What can Amazon Sales Rank tell you?

The Amazon Sales Rank is a valuable metric for both online sellers and shoppers. 

For sellers, it can provide insights into the popularity of a product and how well it’s selling. It can be used to identify trends in demand and help sellers make decisions about pricing, inventory management, and marketing strategies.

For shoppers, this Sales Rank can be used as a tool to identify popular and highly rated products. 

In addition to the overall Amazon Sales Rank, Amazon also assigns individual product categories their own sales ranking. This allows customers to find the best-selling products within a specific category. 

Strategies for improving your Sales Rank

Note: Even though having the highest rank sounds really tempting, don’t forget that your main goal as a business owner is to increase your sales

There are several strategies that online sellers can use to improve their Amazon Sales Rank. 

Ensure that the product is well-priced

Amazon’s algorithm takes into account the price of a product when calculating its Sales Rank, so setting a competitive price is key.

Ensure that the product is well-stocked

If a product is out of stock, its Sales Rank will suffer, as customers will be unable to purchase it. Therefore, it’s important to monitor inventory levels and ensure that products are always in stock.

Ensure that the product has a high number of reviews

Reviews are one of the most important factors in Amazon’s algorithm, and a product with more reviews will generally have a higher Sales Rank.


The Amazon Sales Rank is an important factor in product visibility and sales performance on the Amazon platform. It’s used to determine the placement of a product in search results and the visibility of the product on the platform.

Keep in mind the strategies and tips outlined in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your Amazon Sales Rank and maximizing your success.

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