Tips To Present Your Business Insights In A Creative Way

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Creativity is the ability to look at the world from a new perspective and find meaning where others fail to see it. Creativity can be challenging, especially if you are stuck in traditional ways of thinking and fear coming across as gimmicky or unauthentic. When it comes to presenting your business insights, creativity can play a significant role in how you share that information with others. Even if you have no natural inclination for creativity, you can still find unique ways of sharing your insights about the company, its operations, future goals, and so on without being monotonous or disingenuous. After all, people might get distracted and tired of hearing the same presentation type again and again. 

So let’s look at some tips on adding a creative touch to a business insights presentation.

Keep reading to learn more about business insights presentation:

1. Why are business insights important?

2. Be a storyteller

3. Mix media

4. Be discreetly creative

5. Be dramatically creative

6. Be visually creative

7. How to present business insights: final words

Why are business insights important?

Before getting to business insights presentation how-tos, it’s worth mentioning why to present them.

Business insights result from analyzing relevant business numbers to understand how well it operates and see where change or improvement is needed. Getting business insights implies gathering and analyzing data and making insights based on the analysis. Business insights allow businesses to identify opportunities, set more realistic goals, and make data-driven actionable strategic decisions.

Business insights can work when everyone involved, management or employees, clearly understands them. That is why it’s critical to present business insights in an engaging yet easy-to-digest manner.At this point, you might consider the tips below to help you put forward your business insights creatively.

Be a storyteller

Storytelling is perhaps one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and share your ideas with people. We have been telling stories since the dawn of human civilization, and they remain as effective today as they were thousands of years ago. Try to capture the problem your business solves, the reason behind your business model, or the vision of your future. Then develop it into a story. 

Keep the story short and sweet, and don’t overload your audience with information. You don’t want to lose people in a long and complicated story. You want to engage people and pull them in with what you say. Once you’ve got them hooked, then you can start to provide the more detailed information they might be seeking.

Mix media

Mixing media in your presentation can help you share your insights creatively. It does not just entail having a few graphs and charts beside your PowerPoint slides. Depending on what you present, you can utilize many different media types, such as images, videos, music, and more. You can also be creative in the tools used for presenting your ideas: executive dashboards, a whiteboard or a flip chart, a sketch pad, a piece of paper, or whatever medium you feel most comfortable with. You can even use old-fashioned pen and paper to write your presentation if that works for you. 

The key here is to diversify how you create your presentation so that it is not just a traditional business presentation. For example, you can leverage a live-streamed presentation via a video platform like YouTube or Facebook Live or present your business insights as a podcast.

Be discreetly creative

Being discreetly creative means being creative without being too obvious about it. In other words, don’t try too hard to make your presentation creative if it’s not coming naturally to you.

For example, you can change the way you frame a problem or challenge your business is facing, or you can tell a story that illustrates the problem in a new light. You can also change the way you organize your presentation. If you are giving a presentation to senior leaders about your company’s strategic direction, don’t just use a bulleted PowerPoint presentation. Instead, try organizing your information as a table or a graph. You can also try exploring the idea of an interactive presentation where you engage your audience in conversation and discussion.

Be dramatically creative

If you want to go all out with your creativity and come up with a dramatic presentation, that’s fine! But just remember to keep it authentic. Don’t try to be overly dramatic and make your presentation unnecessarily flashy or gimmicky. Instead, try to be dramatically creative but in a way that makes sense and adds value to your presentation. 

For example, you can try experimenting with different ways of structuring your presentation, like using the three-act structure or a hero’s journey structure. You can also try creating a fake commercial for your company or a product your company sells. What you do is up to you, but try to stay true to your brand and be authentic and not cheesy or over the top. You can create an infographic that illustrates important insights or concepts in your presentation template.

Be visually creative

Visuals are essential for any presentation, so why not use them to liven up your insights? You can mix different visuals or use a particular one to offer your information creatively. Here are some examples of visuals you can use in a more creative presentation:

  • Iconic imagery. You might use visuals of crucial moments in history, iconic photographs, paintings, and drawings to illustrate certain concepts or ideas.
  • Infographics. You can create an infographic that illustrates important insights or concepts in your presentation.
  • Symbols or metaphors. You might consider representing key points in your presentation with symbols and metaphors.
  • Visual puns. Visual puns can be a great way to display concepts or ideas in your presentation.

How to present business insights: final words

Being creative is not always easy, especially when presenting business numbers. However, creativity often pays off, as it allows the audience to see the picture from a different angle and evokes more engagement. However, creativity for the sake of creativity doesn’t work. To bring value, it’s critical to power business insights with relevant and accurate data.

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