Join Our App Review Challenge: Your Shot at Winning iPhone 15

Join Our App Review Challenge: Your Shot at Winning iPhone 15

Share your honest and creative thoughts about Synder in a review that will shine brighter than the rest, and you could win the Grand Prize! All participants will receive a special gift from Synder as a thank you for your feedback.

Our team will handpick 10 standout reviews, and then a randomizer will decide who takes home an iPhone 15 128gb and a 1-Year Medium subscription.

We value your feedback! As a token of appreciation, every customer who shares their thoughts on Synder will receive an additional 1,000 free syncs on their account.

Synder review challenge prizes

Ready to roll?

Here’s how to enter:

  1. First off, hop over to this link and leave an honest review about your Synder experience. Remember, the more genuine, the better!
  2. Once you’re done, snap a quick screenshot of the confirmation page.
  3. Shoot that screenshot over to [email protected] and don’t forget to mention the nickname you used for the review.
  4. Hang tight! We’ll drop you a line to confirm we got it. You’ll get a bonus of 1,000 syncs on your account just for sharing your thoughts.

Synder challenge

On November 24th 2023, our team will carefully select 10 of the most heartfelt reviews. From these, a randomizer will decide who will be the proud new owner of an iPhone 15 128gb and a free year of the Medium plan.

N.B. In response to our clients’ requests, for those who haven’t had the opportunity to participate in our Review Challenge, we have extended its validity until December 13th. This way, every user will have a chance to share their thoughts on how Synder has impacted their lives.

Stay in the loop! Follow us on Instagram to see which reviews have touched our hearts and won that fabulous prize! 

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