Synder Updates for Perfect Transactions Synchronisation

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We are excited to share new features that have been recently implemented by our team into Business Payments app to make your process of syncing easier and more enjoyable! We pay great attention to listening to our customers’ needs and make sure our apps are evolving fast enough remain the best option for covering accounting automation pain points. 

New Updates and Improvements:

1. We expanded a customer name search for Stripe transactions. If the app can not find Customers or Vendors by DisplayName, it will change the sequence from “Firstname, Last Name” to “Last Name, Firstname” format. Besides, the app searches information at the billing details of the transaction. The user can see the list of priority search names in the settings.

2. Switch to “Sing in with Intuit” button. If you used to login into the app with your Business Payments password and login but decided to do it with the “Sing in with Intuit” button, you can switch to this option by confirming your Business Payments password. Please note: After confirmation, password access will no longer work.

3. Stripe transactions with delayed fees. Transactions with delayed fees get status “Pending” not to be synchronized without payment platform fees, in case the fees were applied with delay on payment processor end. After a fee has been processed, a transaction gets status “Not synced”.

4. A new status “Duplicated” has been created. This status will be automatically added to duplicate transactions. 
Note: duplicates are not counted as synced transactions either for a subscription plan users or a pay-as-you-go plan users. If duplicate transactions failed there will be a note: Synchronization skipped. Transaction already exists in your QuickBooks company.

5. The app made a huge step in Paypal flow automation. Now, there is no need to create PayPal transfers from clearing account to checking, once payouts are enabled. The app will create transfers automatically, and they will be matched in QuickBooks bank feed.

6. Square transactions with Zero amount. The app skips square transactions with zero amount, as well as skips zero amount refunds.

7. Changes to our pay-as-you-go plan. Now, there is a fixed fee of 1$ for a payout processing.

8. Stripe invoices that have discounts with a decimal. The app rounds an amount with decimals in the correct way to syncs Stripe transactions with Xero.

9. Tips updates: How-to guides section and processing tips for Square have been updated with the newest information. Also, there is a possibility to see all settings during the app setup. You can see the “Advanced options” section hidden on each step during the setup. Once you click it, all possible settings are showing (excluding multi-currency settings). 

We hope that these updates will make daily live of our users more productive and more convenient! If you have any questions, our friendly customer support team is always ready to help through the in-app chat or at [email protected].

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