Synder Becomes Walmart Specialty Solution Provider

Synder Becomes Walmart Specialty Solution Provider

Synder, a top-rated accounting solution, is now a proud Walmart Specialty Solution Provider, ready to empower ecommerce businesses to thrive on the Walmart platform.

As a new member of the Walmart Specialty Solution Providers, Synder offers its cutting-edge accounting software to help merchants seamlessly operate on Walmart. With over 5,000 businesses in the US and Canada trusting Synder to handle vast quantities of transactions monthly, the software is a boon for Walmart vendors looking to elevate their profit margins and operational efficiency.

Synder integrates sales and payment platforms with accounting giants like QuickBooks Online/Desktop and Xero. This integration allows automating intricate accounting and bookkeeping processes along with providing advanced data-driven business analytics. Synder’s automation capabilities enable Walmart sellers and accountants to:

  • Accurately sync sales, manage taxes (including VAT, GST, HST, PST), and adjust for discounts and fees on an hourly basis;
  • Streamline and simplify the reconciliation process, supporting unlimited historical data import and multi-currency transactions, including inventory and cost of goods sold (COGS) synchronization;
  • Extract valuable insights from data to cut costs, forge new strategies, and increase revenue.

Walmart sellers can now access these robust services directly through the Walmart Seller Center.

Synder and Walmart

At Synder, we’re not just thrilled by what this means for business growth; we’re honored to align with Walmart’s impressive trajectory. “This partnership with Walmart is a testament to our vision of empowering merchants with top-tier tools and insights to expand their businesses and achieve new heights of success,” says Michael Astreiko, Founder and CEO of Synder. “Our dedicated team has meticulously engineered a suite of features that promises to transform our clients’ presence on Walmart, amplifying their earnings and customer satisfaction.

Synder’s main aim is to continue delivering excellence in accounting and bookkeeping experiences, now enriched by our partnership with Walmart, and to ensure our clients not only keep pace but set the pace in the dynamic world of ecommerce.

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