How to Market Your Online Courses

How to market your courses

Have you ever considered turning your knowledge and skills into a profitable business? Maybe you’re thinking about making the shift from a service industry to a knowledge one. In fact, it’s a very rewarding field for entrepreneurs. 

Why start a business in online education?

Before we discuss how to promote your online courses, let’s consider the pros of launching online courses. 


To promote your online courses for distance learning, your offerings must predominantly exist in digital form. Low production and distribution costs mean a significant return for you. The primary resource you’d be putting into making these digital goods is time. 


Your online business gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose, provided you have access to the Internet. Having a web store also ensures that your company never stops running, even when you do. It paves the way for you to get passive income. 

Position of power 

Because of the material you cover in the course, people will look at you as a trusted authority. You’ll get more respect as an authority in your field thanks to the online training materials you’ve created. 

Quick to set up 

Start-up time for your virtual school is minimal. To begin recording, grab a camera. Share what you know and love by instructing others on a skill or subject you’re knowledgeable about. After that, you can promote your online courses.


If you’re in the business of providing online education and you promote your online courses, you may quickly expand by creating an ecosystem to support your endeavor. Going worldwide, making additional online educational items and bundling them are all great ways to expand your exposure via social media marketing and other ways. 


If you start an online school, you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. Your assistance will be invaluable for their professional development. There’s nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than helping others out and having a positive effect on their life. 

Starting a business as a student

Now that you see how advantageous online business is, you’re probably wondering how to launch it if you’re still a student and how to promote your online courses. The thing is that your education takes a lot of time and effort, so you can’t totally devote yourself to entrepreneurship. However, there’s still something you can do to relieve the burden on your shoulders. You can turn to an essay writing service, where professional writers provide help to students. No matter what discipline you’re struggling with, you can ask experts to complete a paper for you and have more time to work on your start-up and promote your online courses. 

Why you need to promote your online courses on the market

Many people claim that promoting your online courses is as easy as printing money. You just have to put in the time and effort to create the course once, and then you may sell it infinitely. Why wouldn’t you enjoy it? 

To be honest, that seems too good to be true. Your online course is no different from any other service or commodity in that it has to be promoted in order to be successful. You need to put in the same effort into marketing a course as you would to market any other service. 

Since it’s often believed that offering courses online is a simple way to make “passive” money, the online education business has become quite competitive. As such, if you want your business to become a reliable source of cash, you’ll need a foolproof plan for promoting your online course. 

Of course, no amount of advertising will save a poor product. To be successful, your course must provide both the outcomes you advertise and a satisfying educational experience. 

How to promote your online courses on the market

In this piece, we’ll discuss methods for promoting your course using your own website. We’ll also briefly discuss the appropriate contexts for internal and external promotion.

Create a waiting list 

Marketing online courses and creating a sales funnel can benefit greatly from using a waitlist as a lead magnet. The opt-in bonus is the actual course material. This is an excellent strategy for attracting the attention of those who are most likely to make a purchase. 

Promising early access might be incentive enough to encourage people to sign up for your course if it has a limited number of slots available. 

Offer discounted enrollment to people on the waiting list before you open the course to the general public. As before, this is a strategy for encouraging the most promising prospects to take the next step right away. There will be less need for marketing efforts if you’re able to quickly fill all places available in your course or achieve your sales quota. If you want to move more copies of your course, providing a slight discount might also help. 

Use a presale as a marketing tool

Think about holding a presale if you have an established following to promote your online courses through your email list, website, or social media. 

You might think of a presale as a hybrid between a waitlist and a regular sale for your online course. However, with a presale, buyers have access to the course before the general public does. 

Presales allow course developers to see how much of an interest there is in their product before they even start making it. Putting together a comprehensive online course is no small task, so it’s important to target an audience that’ll value what you’re offering. Also, the money raised from a presale can be used to cover some of the development costs of the training. 

It’s a smart strategy for lowering the stakes while developing a brand-new product and wishing to promote your online courses. 

Using a plugin like WP Simple Pay, you can simply collect prepayments without establishing a full shopping cart or learning management system. Discount coupons, personalized payment confirmations, and even Buy Now, Pay Later options are all possible with WP Simple Pay. 

Complete a prelaunch poll online

You may also gauge interest in your course before you officially launch by conducting a poll for potential students. Prior to even beginning the development of your course, you may utilize a prelaunch survey to get valuable feedback. 

Prelaunch polls should be concise. Use the Yes/No option to first politely suggest that people take part in your survey. Inquire further about their requirements by asking something like, “What’s your biggest issue linked to … right now?” 

You may then inquire as to whether or not they’d like to be informed when your online course becomes available. Experts say that it’s a very effective way to promote your online courses.

Use online social proof to convince 

The concept of “social proof” refers to the universal tendency to observe and learn from the actions of others around us. Just think of it as the upbeat sibling of peer pressure. 

Customers will be more convinced that your course is worth enrolling in if they see that others are doing so. 

TrustPulse, the greatest social proof tool for WordPress and any other course platform you can use, makes it simple to showcase positive user reviews on your site. 

Recent course signups and other site activity may be displayed in real time using TrustPulse. Potential students can be persuaded that your course is worthwhile if you do this. 

Target active visitors to create a sales funnel

It might be tempting to promote your online course to everybody who will listen via social media marketing, but you’ll get far greater results if you narrow your focus to the most likely buyers. 

How? Observing how people interact with your website might help you deduce what they want from it. 

If a user reads many entries from the same category, they may be interested in reading more about that subject. Providing a course on the subject might be a great bonus for your site visitor if you happen to have one. But to someone who is set to leave your site after only a few seconds, it may look intrusive or irrelevant. 

People that spend a lot of time on your page or website are likely interested in what you have to offer. 

Create a sales page

One last piece of advice is to create a sales page for your digital program. Thus, you’ll have a designated location to which you may direct interested visitors. It’s also easy to elaborate on the course’s advantages. 

  • Course name; 
  • The issue that your course will help customers fix; 
  • How well your course’s graduates will perform the aforementioned tasks; 
  • Your course’s positive impact on their lives and how it will evolve; 
  • Cost, scheduling, and other practical considerations. 

Create a sales page for your online course using SeedProd. If you need a landing page, go no further than SeedProd. Similar to OptinMonster, it features a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that allows you to put together a landing page in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Final thoughts

Online courses may help you grow your business, but only if your target market is aware of them. Standing out from the crowd might be challenging, especially when you decide to create a sales funnel and market your online course. But these quick and easy ways to promote your online courses will help you get your business started!

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