How to Get Cash From Affirm Virtual Card: Step by Step Guide

How to Get Cash From Affirm Virtual Card: Step by Step Guide

Have you ever wished that you could have access to your money without carrying a physical wallet? Now, with the help of Affirm virtual cards, you can do just that! 

With a few easy steps, you can easily access your cash from your virtual card, making it easier than ever to pay for goods and services. This step-by-step guide will help you understand and navigate the process of getting cash from your Affirm virtual card, so you can make the most out of this convenient and secure payment method. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to get started; by the end of this guide, you’ll be a pro at using your virtual card.

What is an Affirm Virtual Card?

An Affirm virtual card is a card that you can use in place of a physical card. You can access it from your computer or mobile device and use it to make purchases online, even if you don’t have a physical card on hand. 

You can spend and repay on your Affirm virtual card just like you would a traditional credit card. However, since Affirm virtual cards are not traditional physical cards, you can’t use them at places that require swiping. But you can use them online, over the phone, and when paying with PayPal. 

Affirm virtual cards are a convenient way to use your credit and pay off your purchases over time, just like when using a regular credit card. And the good thing is, you don’t even have to have a credit card in your name to qualify for an Affirm virtual card. All applicants are eligible to apply and funding is available for qualified applicants with no credit history or consumers with less than ideal credit.

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How to Create an Affirm Virtual Card

To create a virtual card, you’ll have to go through a number of steps:

1.  Navigate to the Affirm website, and select “Log In” from the top menu. 

2. On the next screen, enter your password and click “Sign In.” 

If you’ve never created an Affirm virtual card before, you’ll first need to click “New Customer?” to begin the application process. If you have an Affirm virtual card, you can click “Manage Cards” to view information on existing cards. 

3. From there, select “Create Card” to begin the virtual card application process. 

4. On the next screen, enter your information, including your name, email address, and phone number. 

5. You’ll also be asked to select which type of virtual card you’d like to apply for. 

There are two main types of cards: 

– Basic Card. This card is best used for online purchases and is not recommended for in-person purchases 

– Advanced Card. This card is best used for in-person purchases as well as online purchases. It also allows you to receive email receipts and track your spending.

How to Add Money to Your Affirm Virtual Card

Adding money to your Affirm virtual card is easy:

– Log into your account, select your virtual card, and click “Add Money.” 

– Enter the amount you’d like to add to your account and select “Add” to complete the transaction.

Note: Keep in mind that you can’t use a credit card to add money to your account. Instead, you’ll need to initiate a bank transfer, online payment, or use a debit card to add funds to your account. The following transfers qualify: 

– ACH;

– Electronic direct deposit;

– Wire transfer; 

– Money order.

How to Get Cash from Your Affirm Card

When you’re ready to pay with your virtual card, do the following:

1. Select your virtual card and click “Make Payment.” 

2. On the next screen, select “Pay with My Card” and enter the amount you’d like to pay. Keep in mind, you can also select “Make a One-Time Payment” if you don’t want to make monthly payments on your virtual card. 

3. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive an email confirming your payment and indicating when the payment is due. 

You can also view your payment history and track your payments on the Affirm website, or by downloading the Affirm mobile app.

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How to Transfer Money From Your Affirm Card to Your Bank Account

Transferring money from your virtual card to your bank account also takes just a few clicks:

1. Select your virtual card and click “Make Payment.” 

2. Next, select “Pay with My Card” and enter the amount you’d like to transfer. 

Note that you need to have at least $20 in your account to make a transfer. 

3. When you’ve completed your payment, you’ll be transferred to your online banking account. From there, select “Transfer Money” and click “Transfer to a Bank Account.” 

4. Next, select the bank account you’d like to transfer funds to and enter the exact amount you’d like to transfer.

5. Click “Confirm Transfer” to complete the transaction and transfer your funds from your virtual card to your bank account.


If you’re looking for an easy way to access your cash, an Affirm virtual card might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. With this card, you can make online and in-person purchases, even if you don’t have a traditional card on hand. Best of all, you don’t even need a credit history to qualify for an Affirm virtual card. All you have to do is apply and you could have instant access to your cash.

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