How Synder Sync Helps E-commerce Brands Sync Transactions from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy to Their Books

How Synder Sync Helps E-commerce Brands Sync Transactions from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy to Their Books

Nowadays, it’s common for e-commerce brands to have not one platform, but many that they are selling goods from. Some common platform stacks include: Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay for sales platforms, plus Stripe, PayPal, and Afterpay in addition to Amazon Pay and Shopify Pay for their payment gateways. Of course, with each platform comes different transactions, fees, and data, which takes a significant amount of time to enter into accounting software. Many companies will try to enter large numbers of transactions at once manually, opening them up to potential typing errors, or some will even  wait until tax time to pull all their records together.

Whichever method a business chooses, one thing is sure…it takes many hours of manual data entry time to keep records completely up to date. 

Entering transaction data for multiple platforms is a logistical nightmare without Synder Sync 

It’s always a challenge to consolidate large amounts of data, especially when it’s coming from multiple sources. Companies need to have accurate books, but when it requires someone from their team to manually input or upload transactions, it often gets put off until the last minute. It makes sense that this would happen. E-commerce stores are busy doing things like managing inventory, marketing, and shipping items, so entering things like transaction amounts, platform fees, and even trying to do a proper currency exchange for those transactions in other regions becomes way too complicated.

Of course, sometimes after transactions are added, errors can be accidently input into the books, only to be discovered when it’s time to reconcile accounts at the end of the month. For businesses with a high volume of transactions, especially those that use multiple payment processors, finding where the error occurred and fixing it is an extremely time consuming process. So how to deal with it?

“Accounting for business with an online shopping cart that utilizes multiple payment processors was an absolute nightmare until I found Synder.”

Shawna C. – Synder Customer

Synder automatically syncs all data from all platforms correctly into your books

Synder Sync handles the syncing of data from all your sales platforms and payment processors automatically. Set it up once and it will run as transactions happen, ensuring that your books are always up to date. You can have peace of mind about your financial picture, because you can log into Synder at any time and have a clear view of your cash flow and expenses. 

Synder customers only need to set up their account once (it takes about 10 minutes or less) and then all their transactions will be synced to their books automatically. This can save 10-15 hours per week for busy e-commerce stores with 2-5 million in revenue. And yes, it can sync historical data as well! 

“What I like about Snyder is the idea of Snyder automating transactions from different platforms. It is amazing!”

Lisa P. – Synder Customer

“This great app helped automatically connect my Amazon, PayPal, Etsy, and eBay sales with QuickBooks. It helped me get current and organized.” 

John G. – Synder Customer

Synder Sync saves business owners time and removes the hassle out of their bookkeeping process 

With Synder Sync, business owners are able to manage their accounting with ease and have fewer headaches since they can rest assured that their data is accurate, and their books are always up to date. This saved time can be spent reviewing key metrics and KPIs, marketing, and growing their busy online business. 

Plus, there’s no delay in waiting for data to show up in their books, meaning they have an accurate picture of what’s going on in their business each day, not once a week, at the end of the month, or waiting until tax time.

There’s so much a business owner can do with that saved time! 

“Synder has saved us time and headaches! There are three things we love about Synder:

1. It brings over the customer information from Stripe to QBO. That was a game-changer for us because it saved us so much time and hassle.

2. It syncs in real time. We used to have to wait a few days with our old app.

3. The customer responsiveness is exceptional!” 

Brian B – Synder Customer 

Stay operational during the recession

By automating your back office and accounting activities, and helping to reconcile your books each month, Synder Sync can help businesses get through the recession and stay operational.

Not only does Synder Sync save you time so you can focus on other activities, but also by keeping your books correct, you’re able to optimize costs and see the right detailed data in your Profit & Loss statement. Being able to see your operational costs quickly means you’re equipped for better decision making, and maximizing your profits.

Ready to sync all your platforms and transactions to your books seamlessly? 

Book a call with our specialists and find out why customers say:

“If you need to sync your Stripe transactions with Quickbooks I would recommend this tool, it will save you a lot of time. The support is also very responsive, Tina was very helpful in helping us transition our profile from one Quickbooks account to the other.”

Johnny B. – Synder Customer 

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