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How Synder Helps Busy Bookkeepers Get Back Valuable Hours and Ensure Accurate Books for Their Clients

Bookkeepers Synder user case

Bookkeepers only have so many hours in each day, so how can they make the most of their time and get more clients, while ensuring accuracy for each client they work with? 

While some bookkeepers have become concerned that tech is out to replace them, industry professionals like Marissa Stillwell of Bookkeeper360 know that using the right tech tools to their advantage is the key to future proofing their business. Using the right tools gives them peace of mind about the accuracy of their work. 

Or course, accurate books means happy and loyal clients, so not only do these bookkeepers have more time each week, but they’re able to keep their clients long term.

With Synder Sync, bookkeepers can save 10-15 hours on average each month per client!

By giving e-commerce bookkeepers the ability to take the manual data entry of transactions off their plate, they are freed up to take on more clients and ensure that the clients they have are happy.

They’re also able to avoid costly and time consuming data entry errors, giving them confidence in their work.Bookkeepers know their audit log will be accurate and clean, and if there are any changes needed, all they have to do is rollback a transaction in Synder without having to make changes in the books. 

Successful e-commerce businesses have a high volume of transactions which means a high volume of entries to their accounting software. The accountants and bookkeepers working with them must ensure accuracy in not only sales transactions being entered into their clients’ accounting software, but also taxes, fees, shipping costs, and refunds. With every manual entry made, there’s always the chance for an error to be introduced. Of course, even one error can create a huge headache, especially when it comes time to reconcile invoices and the books in general at the end of each month. 

It is possible to automate all your manual entry tasks. Not just some of them…all of them. Spend your time working with your clients, not manually typing in sales. If a bookkeeper doesn’t have the right tools, they aren’t going to do their best work. Helping them find the right tools and educating them on how to use those tools is key to their success. 

Technology can save us so much time. Synder can save us an enormous amount of time posting sales, updating lists, and getting things into our accounting software.

Marissa Stillwell, Bookkeeper360

How Synder Sync works 

In just a few clicks you can connect all your clients’ sales and payment platforms to Synder and start reaping the benefit of an automated system.

It’s also completely secure for both you and your clients’ accounts. You don’t need to have access to all the passwords for each platform, instead Synder will send emails to your client to add credentials to the account. Once a platform is connected, you’ll never need to log in on the platform. Instead, Synder will pull the data directly to your Synder account. 

Once all platforms are connected, turn on auto sync and Synder can sync transactions to your clients’ books as they happen, or once a day as a summary depending on what works best for their business.

Each transaction is detailed and there’s no risk of double entries. Transactions can be mapped and categorized so that products perfectly match from sales platforms to accounting software. 

In addition to accurate entry of all transactions and fees, Synder will also create key reports needed for business finance. Both a Profit and Loss report as well as Balance Sheet are easily accessible, making it simple to share your clients’ financial information with them whenever needed. 

Synder also takes the hassle out of monthly account reconciliation. When there are no errors in the books, reconciliation becomes a breeze. 

Get peace of mind for you and your clients

While other bookkeepers spend countless hours entering and re-entering data into Quickbooks or Xero, the bookkeepers Marissa works with at Bookkeeper360 are able to utilize that saved time to build their practices, and future proof their businesses by smartly utilizing tech to their advantage. 

Once you set things up, you never have to worry about logging into several platforms again. Set it and forget it. Just log into Synder and see all the data you need. It’s a full circle picture in one place. 

The biggest peace of mind with Synder is the customer support. You know that if you have any issues, all you have to do is ask a question and that person will make sure your issue is resolved from start to finish. It is top notch customer support. I haven’t experienced this with any other company in this industry.

Marissa Stillwell, Bookkeeper360

Ready to try Synder Sync in your bookkeeping practice, get back hours, and ensure accuracy for your clients books? Prefer to talk to someone first? Schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through how it works. 

You can get a free trial with no strings attached and no credit card required.

Try for free

Prefer to see Synder in action and ask your questions to an expert?

Book a demo and one of our specialists will show you how you can bring Synder into your bookkeeping practice to save time, ensure accuracy, and get peace of mind for you and your clients. 

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