What We Are Reading This Week - May 22, 2020

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Weekend reading

Today we will take a break from PPP loans and forgiveness rules and step back to look at what makes us happy and what makes getting up each morning worthwhile. Let’s look at the concept of learning: learning more about yourself and just how much you are capable of. 

1. How to Write Anything

By Ross McCammon

The executive editor at Forge looks at the most interesting stories connected to the art of writing. Do you know that you are a writer? Do you know that the word in your head is probably the right one to use and you can ease on Thesaurus (or Grammarly, it’s 2020, after all)? Whether you’ve been writing for your firm blog for ages or all you write is a shopping list for your husband and texts to your kids, this article will bring you closer to the writing self of yours. 


2. The Best Hobbies to Pick Up During Quarantine — and After

By Jennifer Nied

We know that this is not an easy time for everyone. Psychologists say that everyone is undergoing a collective trauma, so no pressure to do things, really! For many of us it’s about simply staying alive and waking up the next day tomorrow, so we understand that it is simply unrealistic to expect that everyone will pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill during the quarantine. But if you feel that this is what you need to stay sane, check out this beautiful article, filled with ideas of how to make your Covid and post Covid downtime bring you joy! 


3. 10 tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus

By National Health Service UK

And finally, once the dust settles, let’s look at how we are feeling deep inside. Do you detect anxiety? Do you feel the need to talk to someone? Many of us are feeling the same way now and we decided to end today’s digest with this helpful list of ideas that can be helpful for your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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