Synder Releases Major Painkiller For Large Online Sales Bookkeeping

Synder Daily Summary Sync

SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2022 – Synder, an e-commerce accounting and analytics software, launches Daily Summary Sync – a long-anticipated feature enabling an unparalleled experience for accountants and bookkeepers that work with high sales volume merchants.

The Daily Summary feature allows the import of summarized daily totals of transactions from multiple sources, such as Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Clover, etc., into the accounting general ledgers like QuickBooks Online (and more) without overloading them with excessive data. At the same time, it ensures the accuracy in categorizing transaction details necessary for correct financial reporting, tax filing, and frictionless reconciliation. This way, accounting specialists that use Synder may profit from both the per transaction sync and daily summaries, choosing the most suitable way of bookkeeping for their clients.

Here’s what’s under the hood:

One solution for multi-client management

Many accountants and bookkeepers that work with multiple clients face the need to comply with their requirements for the data they want to have in their books. While some businesses might need to have product and customer details in accounting, others would only like to have purely financial records. It often results in the necessity to use different solutions to provide the required way of data synchronization.

Synder used to offer customers only automated per-transaction imports, allowing them to synchronize highly detailed transaction data from multiple e-commerce and payment platforms with accounting.

With the new Daily Summary feature enabled, Synder captures the daily scope of transactions, composing a single journal entry of purely financial data for each sales channel one might use to post to the books. 

This way, accounting professionals can now go with a single solution and choose the most suitable option based on the needs of each of their clients.

Better control of the books

Synder Daily Summary helps better understand and control the data that gets into the books thanks to some clever things:

  • Smart mapping that allows users to align JEs with the accounts they want to use in the books. Thus, it helps ensure the transaction details, such as sales, fees, taxes, SKUs, or expenses, are correctly categorized in line with the needs of a business. 
  • Breaking up the data by platforms by creating JEs for each connected data source separately, instead of a single summary for the day, so you can see and compare the performance of each of the company’s sales channels.
  • Flexibility in the level of automation you’d want to rely on. Available options include either allowing Synder to put the process on total autopilot or having the possibility to review the created journal entries before synchronizing them with the accounting system.

Scalability of the practice

Synder supports 25+ integrations, including Stripe, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Square, Walmart, PayPal, etc., making it possible to address the needs of any clients notwithstanding what platforms they use to run their business. It gives accountants an invaluable opportunity to painlessly grow their practices skipping the step of searching for solutions compatible with the e-commerce or payment platforms and accounting systems a client might use.

As Michael Astreiko, the founder and CEO of Synder says: “We’ve been listening to the feedback from accountants and bookkeepers who work with big clients during the last few months. And we want to assure you that we hear you, and we’re here for you. We’re doing this to simplify your life and move faster to CAS 2.0.”

At Synder, we believe that there are still plenty of opportunities to improve the workflows of accountants and bookkeepers serving several clients. Therefore, we’ve spent years analyzing and finding patterns in working with large amounts of transactions that can be efficiently automated with our software, reducing the stress accountants and bookkeepers have to face, especially during the tax season. However, it becomes possible only as we strive to go beyond mere tech and automation and provide the best customer experience and human communication.

About Synder by CloudBusiness Inc.

Synder is a top-rated and powerful e-commerce accounting and analytics software that allows for managing businesses’ finances within a smart ecosystem, storing all the necessary data and real-time numbers in one place for easy finance and operations management and informed decision-making. It offers automated synchronization and categorization of transaction data from multiple sales channels, up-to-date financial reports, multi-channel inventory tracking, the ability to receive instant credit card payments, and easy one-click reconciliation. It also provides comprehensive analytics of products and customers, helping better understand the performance of the products and customers’ behavioral patterns that affect sales and profitability.

Founded in 2019, it’s been gathering thousands of positive reviews at QuickBooks App Store, Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot, helping to level up accounting processes for business from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Learn more at or book an online demo. You can also follow Synder on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube) to get updates on recent news and innovations.

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