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Weekly Updates: What We Are Reading This Week - October 4, 2019


1. What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop for 2020

by Carrie Kahn

This is a great pro-overview of many of the great new updates coming into QuickBooks Desktop version in 2020. Among our favorite ones are the ability to collapse columns in reports for both classes and jobs (anything that declutters our working area is a major benefit), the ability to get paid faster and employee self setup.

Pro-tip: use Business Importer Desktop for instant imports of your accounting spreadsheets into QuickBooks Desktop. Click here to start your free trial. 

2. Seriously consider using Instagram for your firm

by Tyler McBroom, CPA, MBA

Connecting the dots between social media presence and business growth is always an exciting enterprise to undertake. We loved this article published in the Firm of the Future, describing the benefits of running a well-maintained Instagram account for an accounting firm. 

3. Here are the best ways to secure important financial documents

by Kelley Keehn for CNBC

With the recent increase of phishing emails coming from hackers pretending to be the IRS, it’s a ripe time to talk about financial record security. Kelley Keehn, a personal finance educator, and author talks about why passwords need to be both hard to crack but also easy to remember, why hard copies are still a must and what to do with your gadgets to prevent them from being hacked.

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