What We Are Reading This Week - March 31, 2020


Moving paperless, recent IRS guidance and a review of QuickBooks for Mac covered in this week’s digest. Find out important updates on tax filing, tax documentation, and QuickBooks for Mac in 2020.

1. IRS releases guidance on tax deadline postponement

By Michael Cohn

You will be happy to know that the Internal Revenue Service posted a frequently asked questions page about the recently announced delay in tax filing and payments until July 15 because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The most burning questions are combined and answered in this helpful piece by the Editor-in-chief at AccountingToday.com.


2. What Tax Papers Should You Keep…and What Should You Shred?

Published on Score.org

Now, this is an article many of us have been wanted to read or to write. It is possible that you have more time on your hands right now, even if you are working (just not having a commute might be saving you up to 4 hours every day!). If you are about to embark on a major spring cleaning mission, check out what to keep and what you can toss (recycle). 

papers and documents

3. QuickBooks for Mac: Best Options for 2020

By Eileen Maki

Important updates for QuickBooks for Mac users in 2020. Check in to learn more about new features (refreshed reporting module, a new and customizable dashboard, dark mode and more), as well as about some bugs and fixes that still are pending. 

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