What We Are Reading This Week - December 13, 2019


Continuing our holiday series

1. Confessions of a Generalist: My Journey to Specialization

By Lynda Artesani for Insightful Accountant

This helpful article might come in very handy in this transitional period, as you prepare for a new year, new tax season and might be thinking of introducing some changes in your career. Have a look at it in order to see how to study your field and implement changes in order to make next year bring in more value into your work life. 

2. Yes, There Are Things to Be Thankful for in Tech

by Shira Ovide for Bloomberg

2019 was a big year for big tech. With Facebook hearings in the U.S. Senate, Tesla Twitter kerfuffle or the continuous unfolding of the WikiLeaks case it seems that we might have let tech become too mighty for its own good. This piece, being still very sober, invites you to think about the reasons things aren’t as bad as you might think. We love the Number 1 — Gratitude for the boring stuff. Take a moment to think of countless boring routine operations that you can delegate to tech while reading this article. 

3. Christmas recipes

at BBC Good Food

Taking a break from the news, take a look at this collection of beautiful festive recipes, for the chefs and laypeople among us alike. Christmas punch, mince pies, roast potatoes, roast turkey breast — how come you’re still reading this and not putting together a shopping list? We sure are. 

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